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good things come when you wave

by bezzle

there was originally a lot of stuff here, but i deleted it all because i can’t do drafts.

i know today’s sunday, but bear with me, okay?

first day of school:

– stupid extra two minutes of school in the morning.  messed up my schedule, ended up just in time for assembly.  felt guilty as first thing principal says is ‘don’t be late next week’  NOTE TO THAT PARENT WHO DROPPED OFF THEIR KID IN THE MIDDLE OF A TURN ON A ROUNDABOUT – NOT ONLY IS IT EXTREMELY LIKELY THAT IT IS ILLEGAL, BUT VERY ANNOYING FOR THE PERSON RUNNING LATE BEHIND YOU.

– i half like/dislike seeing everyone again on the first day.  it’s interesting seeing how people look different (was my tan really that obvious??) and the feeling of familiarity.  very bludgy day.

– yes!  everybody in our year 9 class in our year 10 class, but no newbies.  oh well.  sydo is now in our class!  yayayayay!

– speaking of newbies, annie (from primary school) is now at our school.

– little homework.  only got three questions for maths homework!


– chewbie, sydo, ben and geoffrey walking to my usual bus stop.

random things i have thought of/agonised over these past few days:

– why is there a magnet stuck on the ceiling of the verandah?

– whether i should rule my margins starting at the top of the page or at the top of the lines

i guess i’m not in a paragraph sort of mood.  it’s much easier listing, to me.

why did my dad label MY CALCULATOR???? 

oh yeah, that’s right.  it’s my life.
to be honest, i’m getting sick of jokes about the students at our school, and some of them are made up by us ourselves.  they aren’t really true or funny. 


if it’s a monday, you’ve gotten your uniform out of the folded clothes hamper and it’s covered with dust and the dust brush happens to be missing, your mum’s old stockings work very well in lieu.

New Moon

by car.

went to watch New Moon after skool today, coz it’s carbon kids week…no hw basically


third consecutive school day sitting in the lecture theatre doing nothing. well, trying very hard to listen and take it in. i know global warming and climate change is a big deal, but…you just cant force somebody to be interested in it. numbers after numbers of statistics, countless programming/engineering/technology recounts. i woke up at 8:15am this morning (pretty late…), and i couldn’t refrain from yawning all through the day. wat a shame it was raining… measuring trees is better than being stuck in the lecture theatre agn! i think i might start counting the number of bricks in there next… *FOCUS!!!*


so eight of us went to watch New Moon. you shoulda gone bezzle, coz there were sooooo many bad puns in there, like “well, now the wolf’s out of the bag!” and “i’ll be back, after you take the dog out” i shoulda sat next to chewbey, who was commentating through-out the whole thing. it was worth the $8 just to go and see/diss it together xD anyhoo, me and squid were also doing our own commentating…syd: “omgosh, they all have chin dimples!!” me: “stop staring at their chins!!” | me: “hey, jacob’s got a winnie the pooh nose!” syd: O_O ” why are the wolves topless? gee, put on a shirt…” me: “they’re supposed to be like that… *long explanation*” syd: “ohhhh, right. but still!!”

there were heaps of other stuff and comments that was passed around. we agreed that vampires generally have a good sense of fashion, but hey, why do they always wear a scarf?!?! *ahem @ carlisle and alice*  the suspense almost kills you, in the way that it’s PAST the good suspense length…they basically slow-mo everything… oh, and at one stage, syd sed to me “ewww, edward has chest hair!!” and i sed to has, “edward has chest hair!! gross!!” and then has passed it to becca, becca to rach…. etc, until the whole row was going “gross!!!” and then there’s a scene at the end where edward is topless… GROSS OMGOSH YUCK. arghhhh, my eyes!!! and jacob’s shoulder muscles looked weird =/ and no, im not obsessed with their abs/flabs, unlike some ppl further down the row….=P


ahhhh, you guys should go watch it. for entertainment, dissing it, the guys, the romance, the mega lame lines, or simply the pure enjoyment. (Y)

the little surprises

by bezzle

was walking home yesterday, drinkng my water, when i looked inside the bottle and noticed some writing on the inside of the label!

at recess i was eating an apple and i said ow i scalded my tongue and then ben goes o.O you scalded your tongue on an apple?  no actually i was microwaving a bowl of canned spaghetti and there was a sauce dribble and i licked it and the stuff was very hot so yeah that’s how i burnt my tongue.

english almond, cloud and i were drawing emoticons on my question sheet.  was fun =)


after lunch was commerce, where we all watched the devil wears prada and i got tired of it by the end because i had already watched it and nothing was happening.  sometime in my life i want to play cluedo.

funny how everybody has settled into the monotony of school life already.

wednesdays are long days because i have maths, science and english only.  during english:


kiran: i think that fly just hit the fan. [fly on the desk]

             [tries to swat it with matt’s ruler]

ben: let me at it!

matt: hey, not my ruler! [snatches it back]

kiran: [swats the fly and it flies and stays onto his shirt]

ben: it’s on your shirt!

kiran: don’t you think i can see that?  it’s on my shirt! (contradiction, haha!)

ben: [snatches a handful of kiran’s shirt and the fly, walks back to desk with the fly]

matt: that’s not how you get girls.

ben: [releases fly out the open window]

sometime later on the same period, with possibly the same fly;

rebecca: ARRRRRRRR!!!!!  there’s a fly in my hair!!!!

ben: [unrelated] ARGH a fly went in my mouth!

chorus: did you eat it?

softball was non existent because it was way too hot.  so we watched moulin rouge instead, and sydo and me spent the first hour or so trying to remember the name of juliet’s cousin in romeo and juliet because in moulin rouge (which, incidentally, is directed by the same person) there was a midget man who looked exactly like the guy who plays him in romeo + juliet.  we both knew it started with a t , and my mind kept on going back to ‘tarantino’ and ‘tristan’.  sydo kept on getting ‘tabitha’.  finally i realised it was tybalt, and when i said “I GET IT!” everybody looked at me.

what’s worse, hot and dry or hot and humid?  i don’t think i’ve tried hot and humid weather, it must feel gross…

just then i heard a chicken sneeze!  twice!

Whole New Look

by car.

Haven’t reeli blogged in a while….ok….

dienstag ~ got braces taken off – they dont feel as slimy as everyone says. and got a haircut. so now i have a bit of a side fringe and shoulder length hair. O_O very long day that was.


mittwoch ~ um….wat did i do?! i think i just bummed around the house…and played comp/wii games. ohh, i went to dinner at this awesome place in belmore. oh wow, i dont even know wat its called, but i remember its address?! weird. *looks up place on google*

AHA! ok, its the Canterbury Leagues Club (wow) and we ate at the Dynasty (chinese restuarant). the architecture is amazing. i cant even find a proper picture of it, and it’ll prob not do the place any justice, so u’ll have to go there to see it. arghh!!!  oh, and the food was ok.


donnerstag ~ the big day. uh huh, 5 hours of window/prezzie shopping at parra. so yeah cloud, me and becca got u a prezzie (suggestion = dont open at skool) (its nothing bad, ppls, just something tooooo good) ;] 

so yeah, after we got cloud her prezzie, we went to sportsgirl coz vase had to use her voucher….a year old voucher o.O but like chewbey (becca) sed, wat can u get at sportsgirl that vase would wear?? and thats not big and poofy. i swear, heaps of clothes there poof out at the sleeves or the waist, then is skinny at the end agn – u know that type?? well, we came back later coz vase couldn’t figure out wat to buy, and we took piccies of us in different hats/ funky headbands. then the lady told us we weren’t allowed to take piccies. hmmm. and she kept advertising the 15% sale that was on ‘today only!!! we rarely have these sales, so yeah!!’

in between those two trips to sportsgirl, we walked all along that level, and basically walking into any store that had dresses. we catergorized these dresses yeah? the ‘nice soft silky’ ones, the ‘omg wat is that?!’ ones, the ‘OMG WOWEEE’ ones,  the ‘look at the price tags’ ones, the ‘slutty’ ones, and the ones that made u wanna twirl around in summer in the middle of a meadow. so we oooh-ed and ahhh-ed and made chewbey model a lot of them…well, she has the best body ==’  wanted to take those dressing room piccies (==’) of us three, but then somebody (ahem VASE) wouldn’t come out wearing any of the dresses coz she sed she looked hideous in them. we’re NOT going formal dress shopping with u >=( 

hehee jokes ^^ and oh yeah, we pretended we were actually going formal dress shopping, and dont u find it annoying when those sales ladies comes up to u and ask you ‘how are you’ & ‘do you need help’  ?!?! so we just go ‘we’re good’ & ‘just looking’  ARGH. too much customer-service-ing is a bad thing.

Short termbreak much.

by car.

uh huh. the title says it all. second week already, like bezzle mentioned. didn’t even feel the first week pass. >=(

alex’s bday party yesterday…uhm. her bday was a couple of weeks ago?? heh heh. singstar O_O yeah, not my thing. but it was fun =) omgosh, luv ur cozzies, mexican lea & nerdy shaz & granny-looking lj & slutty skool girls ahem i meant rach and becca & vase’s harry potter drawn-on glasses ;) *high5* to the rest of us looking normal xDDD ohhh and fairy alex.

omgosh alex’s sister is so pretty. =O and her guy friend/bf?? i dunno…he’s funny.

didnt do much else cept have dinner at friend’s house… yeah…

ohohoh, so proud of myself for finishing maths and updating half my ag book… (i was stuck in washington navel b4…) =) happy happy happy

i think this is the first termbreak that i will actually start making notes for yrlies and tests coming up o.O ahhhh, so proud.