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by cloudier


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What are some claims by Malcolm Gladwell that are incorrect?

  • Thinks that “Igon Values” exist (he means “eigenvalue”, but he doesn’t know it) [2].
  • More generally, he tends to misuse and misdefine technical terms – e.g., “homology” [3], “sagittal plane” [4], and “power law” [5].
  • He has also famously discussed Paul Ekman and the science of being able to determine whether someone is lying by looking at snapshots of their face – this is a major part of the book Blink. Unfortunately, it all seems to be false [7].
  • That 10,000 hours of practice will turn you into a genius on the order of Mozart or Michael Jordan [8].
  • More generally, Gladwell’s methodology seems to be to oversimplify problems until he can wrap them up with a tidy, attractive-sounding, and pseudo-scientific explanation [9].
  • It’s also not true “that cognitive skills don’t predict a teacher’s effectiveness, that intelligence scores are poorly related to job performance or (the major claim in “Outliers”) that above a minimum I.Q. of 120, higher intelligence does not bring greater intellectual achievements.” [11]

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Why Ruse Kids Have No Life

by Squido~

Ok so I just did all the Maths homework I got on the same day in the one night (for the first time in like 2 years) and HOLY CRAP it took sooooooooo long!!!

I believe I started at about 4:30 and revised a bit of theory had some dinner finished at 8:30 and at the rate that I’m going I have almost no time for my other 3 subjects!!

Hence this leads me to conclude that:
Our school Maths teachers must be sadists and we who do this every afternoon must be masochists. What a beautiful relationship :'(

P.S. I am sincerely hoping that the person to whom the stubborn booger in the bathroom sink belongs realises quite soon it belongs to her, and endeavours to remove it before too long. It quite irks me every time I use that sink.

badminton – yaiy!

by Squido~

today, i found myself awake at 06:00.

did so much maths this morning D: i’ve used up about 11 loose-leafs and i’m still only three-quarters of the way through… that mrs briggs…

i went to badminton at 15:02 8D at the north ryde “russell” club, as mum likes to call it [for those that can’t tell, she meant to say “RSL”]

badminton, despite what i had previously believed, is a very, VERY aggressive sport.

it also turns out to be very bad for previously-operated-on knees.

to emphasise my former point: the girls play like boys, the boys play like men, and the men play like monsters.

the women tend to be craftier, and sorer when they miss.

the rules are pretty whacky; this is what i learned so far:

1. play until 21. if the score is 20-20, play until 22, and so forth.

2. to start the game, someone says “kai shi/begin” and hits the shuttlecock randomly so that the head points to the starting team. if that hasn’t happened yet, you’re in practice mode. so pay attention.

3. the score is vital to determining to serves and from where. if your team [doubles] is on an even score, the player in the right half serves. to serve, stand as close to the net so that the moment of service is within the boundary line before the net, then proceed to hit upwards. the first serve must land in the vertically opposite portion of the opponents’ court – the boundaries are the entire width, the cropped length [minus the end and the bit closest to the net]. so pay attention.

4. during the game [after the serve], all of the court is in.

5. a loss is when the receiving team misses and it lands in their court, when they fail to hit the shuttlecock over the net, the shuttlecock fails to land in the court. also, a loss is when the serving team fails to serve correctly. when a loss occurs, possession changes and the score determines who serves and from where. so pay attention.

6. do not talk or ask questions when serving. pay attention.

7. when the serving team wins consecutive rounds, the person serving remains the same, but the two players on that side switch halves every consecutive serve. if you weren’t paying attention, follow the more-experienced player. if that’s you, look like you know what you’re doing even if you don’t.

8. hit as hard and far as you can. reflexes are very HANDY.

9. “hao qiu/good ball” is often said after a good serve/return.

10. bring a change of clothes if a shower is available. and a towel. and heaps of water.

yeah i just thought 10 would look better than 9. but you sweat A LOT. so do NOT wear jeans. [i didn’t wear jeans. i’m just saying.]

more maths to do…


I intend on dropping maths.

by cloudier

Maths is the only subject that I hate. It stresses me out.

after a while, people will begin to post with song lyrics/names as their blog titles. I will not succumb…!

by bezzle

YES I know it is the night before our maths yearly.  And yet I’m still posting, because I’m feeling a little sad.  Mostly annoyed at myself, for not studying at all for yearlies.  And I will not bash myself here. Or at all. 

I think it’s called helplessness?

It’s just that I’ve basically tuned out this entire year.  And obviously, that’s starting to become evident now.


One Saturday, I was walking through Carlingford Court (to go get a haircut at Carlingford Village) when we were stopped by a tall Novak Djokovic-lookalike selling Dead Sea rejuvenation nail buffers or something.  Mum wastes half an hour listening to his pitch of $49.95 a set, and ends up walking off smug with three boxes for $100.  

You know what sucks?  Trying to introduce someone to something (manga, a book series, etc.) and you can’t verbalise how awesomely awesome/funny/witty/plot-twisty/cute/squeeeee~ something is without sounding like you’re exaggerating or spoiling the plot, and then the person is like ‘yeah…ok’ and walks off without reading/watching what you were talking about.  And then you feel kind of sorry for them, because they’re missing out xD and sad because there’s one less person you can fangirl/fanboy with.

Victor’s quote corner:

“Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.”
– Evan Esar