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“I don’t need to prove my manliness by shooting guns. My guns are right *here*.”

by bezzle

Today is Sunday. 

Woke up *early* to make some pastries for Octoberbash, and mum got up and hour later to blearily tell me that dad could take me, instead of my expected two hour public transport trip.  Finished baking, played some Undercroft and misplaced my iPod.

Yes.  I lost my iPod in my house somewhere.  Or my mum could have sneakily took it in a moment of my absent-mindedness.  ==’

Edit – put my coat on afterwards and found it in the pocket.  My bad.

Octoberbash – came just after noon, to find people playing brawl already, and then came…singstar.  They were at that for HOURS.

What: Octoberbirthdaybash

Where: Kynan’s house

Who: thirtysomething people, a lot of nerf guns + ammo, a lot of food (especially chips, pastries and cheesecake…)

After lunch, which was *square* puff pastry pizza, I learnt how to play mahjong!  Actually, I still make a lot of mistakes, haven’t learnt the terms you’re supposed to say to sound authentic and the point system.  But whatever.  I get it now.

Me: What are you supposed to say when your tiles are all in a combo?

Charmaine: ‘Winnn!’

It was raining sporadically through the day, so only a few went into the pool.

Eh, what else?  The highly anticipated Humans Vs. Zombies game pretty much failed?  Went to the park late, to find the rain had decided to turn on again, and everyone ran for shelter.  Then ran from shelter to shelter, shooting at everyone else.  Then went back. 

And the cake!  It was really nice.  Well, obviously, seeing as it was gelato cake.  There was cheesecake too, but I didn’t bother getting any.

After that, fed my newfound mahjong addiction, while people continued to play guitar hero and watch Titanic.

As a backing track to all of this going on, there were the screaming/singing from the singstar people, and people just singing/playing guitar for the sake of it.  Yeah, those songs were so…similar…and…repetitive…

But yes, it was a great day, regardless of the weather, and


and, of course,


because chances are I won’t remmber/know when your birthdays are.


Here’s a link to a special crossover manga chapter!  Fairy Megane Crossover of FAIRY TALE and YANKEE-KUN TO MEGANE-CHAN woot two of my favourite manga 8D

Here’s Victor’s quote corner, and quite aptly because I should be studying…

80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read.



poached eggs

by bezzle

short post here about one of the cutest and fun-nest games ever!


Currently the top paid app in the App Store, Angry Birds is a physics-based game involving throwing birds at pigs in castles, because the pigs have stolen their eggs.   And each type of bird has their own use!  The red one on the icon is a normal one, the small blue one can split into three mid-air, the yellow one can zoom, the black one’s a bomb and the white one lays eggs which are bombs.  Did I forget any?

If you didn’t get that, it doesn’t matter.  If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone (and soon in Australia, iPad) go onto the App Store and get the free lite version.  Trust me, you’ll get addicted.

alpha dog and omegalomaniac

by bezzle

it feels like ages since, i’ve posted, what a busy week!

bludge today, however english was erlack.  ag was down at the farm, and sydo, cloud and i looked for four leaf clovers.  and we got freaked out by everybody, sitting next to each other down on the farm, with their laptops on their laps, playing games, watching movies and listening to songs.  it was SO NERDY and SCARY the way everybody used them.  it’s the example of giving somebody something they never needed nor wanted and they never look back afterwards.  wouldn’t giving every schoolkid a copy of adobe cs4 and microsoft student been better?  thank you mr. PM for the laptop though.

went to get aforementioned laptops in period five, second half of a japanese double in which i was flooding-it and watching howl’s moving castle.  classmates scared us by saying that the bell had rung fifteen minutes ago, so matt, cloud, ben and i sprinted to the library, and when we were almost there the bell for period five rang!  was quite tedious, the process.

english everybody was bludging and the teacher couldn’t do anything about it.


the PE teacher :

“i know your parents are poor, but can’t they afford one staple?”

just because the guy hadn’t stapled his project together. 

history, watched all quiet on the western front.  it really angered me when the main guy, a german soldier, visits his dead friend’s mum and she asks him how he died and he says quickly and painlessly.  and she doesn’t believe him and abuses him for coming back while her son is dead, and makes him swear to not return (i.e. from the battlefront) if he is lying.  gosh.  can you imagine how that guy felt seeing his friend die?  having to kill other people?  the conditions he had to live in?  and having to face you?


there was this remembrance day assembly.  i don’t think our generation really grasps the point.  and why do they have to talk like that, going quiet then booming?  there is so little shade in the quad, oh no it’ll be worse next year.

sport we lost again, went to glenwood which is one of those suburbs where there are little trees and all the houses look new and the same.  and there was a playground at the oval, and sand!  the sky was so blue.  and a bench just perfectly positioned under the shade of a tree. 

i’m looking forward to the rest of the term; it’s the time to relax!  i’m glad that the longest holiday season is summer, and not anything else.  i want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, although maybe not literally…

and three certain people keep on looking at me funny.  stopping looking at me like i’m growing a toothbrush moustache.  the confused, you-are-nuts look.  especially when i’m not being nuts.

music i’m currently liking:

i realise that my posts are very disorderly.  oh well.  ‘variety’. 

yay, scotch fingers!  you know, i can never manage to crack them in half cleanly.

i went out to dinner last night and my friend told me that apparently there are to be no more year ten formals starting from next year, because senior years are now compulsory.  why does everything seem to happen to our grade?


by bezzle

LIKE is watered-down love.

Like is mediocre.

Like is the wishy-washy emotion of the content.

Athletes don’t do it for the like of a sport.

Artists don’t suffer for the like of art.

There is no I like NY t-shirt.

And Romeo didn’t just like Juliet.

the above came from a blackberry ad in the sunday life magazine.  i thought it was funny.

yesterday, finished our yearlies!  well duh, i guess. 

wasted twenty minutes of our history exam time yesterday because we got lost and no one in the HSIE block had the grace to put room changes into the daysheet.  the supervising teacher was odd, i thought he was drawing emoticons on the board, but instead it meant to read:

“0 for looking at other papers and hearing”

and on the first 0 he drew a sleepy face and ears, and another sleepy face on the o in other.

more football after recess (where we played cards and no one found us!) and it was less painful than last time, and everyone started trying to kick goals.  cloud jarred her fingers.  found a new (or was it the same?) frank, and now we will recognise him

double history was just watching gallipoli (it was funny.  it is sad, but i think more funny on the surface, until you think deeply about war.  and yes, the guy who looked like mel gibson was mel gibson.) and then another movie about the german side of the war.  i was playing with cloud’s touch and then victor came along and started playing.

then came the funny bit.  i was walking up to carmen and started chatting, then it turns out victor is behind us.  so we keep on walking, and i split to the stairs while victor follows carmen.  then he yells across to me

“aren’t i your favourite grandson?”

and me, being deaf (yes, getting old) takes a while to digest what he just said.  meanwhile, a random year seven guy in front me says, with genuine disbelief,

“you have a grandson?!”

my gosh he believed him!


by cloudier

(i) going through BrotherSister addiction, obsession, craving or bent again

The Wunder Tales is…You know how most albums have the really awesome songs, and then the fillers? Well this one doesn’t have any fillers…

(…although this is entirely subjective.)

You can listen to the whole album (for free) here.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted something like that up somewhere before.

(ii) lena lists lots

I don’t know how to continue or finish or make it sound as accepted, accredited, acknowledged, admissible, appropriate, authorized, canonical, certain, cogent, consistent, correct, customary, fair, innocent, just, justifiable, lawful, licit, logical, natural, normal, official, on the level, on the up and up, orthodox, probable, proper, real, reasonable, received, recognized, regular, reliable, rightful, sanctioned, sensible, sound, statutory, sure, true, typical, usual, verifiable, warranted, well-founded as it does in my brain because I forget where I’m going with my argument and what else I wanted to say

(yeah I copied and pasted that from an online thesaurus because I didn’t know what word to use there)

(quote from 1st Oct)
and it’s very fun.
the almost thing is very awesome.

(iii) Basslovers United – Double Decker (Marco van Bassken mix)

0:42 onwards makes me want to jump up and start dancing

[via chaos in technicolour]

(iv) finished bakemonogatari.

(i.e. episodes 10-12)

i like hanazawa tsubasa. she’s…endearing…

BUT. senjougahara hitagi and arararagi, i mean aragi, i mean araragi koyomi have to be together. why?

  1. they are hilarious when in close proximity
  2. they are ridiculously cute

hachikuji mayoi‘s arc, mayoi snail, is also awesome. especially when araragi blacks out mayoi.

also. blogpost on nadeko snake arc over at “pink and blue~”. lots of screenshots. (ignore the nude shots of nadeko.)

(v) watched 500 days of summer. very refreshing movie.

(i haven’t watched that many “chick flicks” though, i wouldn’t consider my opinion a very authoritative one. is authoritative even a word?)

i cried in it though. twice, although the second time shouldn’t really count; there really wasn’t anything to be sad about the second time i cried.

there was one thing that i didn’t really get; why did summer get frustrated after the movie-in-the-movie?

Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely accidental.

Especially you, Jenny Beckman.



(i quote straight from the movie)

(vi) stay for iphone/ipod touch

current highscores.

easy medium hard survival
2:45 2:46 1:42 1:10

(vii) 恋愛サーキュレーション – 4th opening theme from bakemonogatari

(viii) apologies for any inconvenience caused by the unusually high amount of youtube videos in this blogpost.

(ix) reading GE – good ending (manga).

(x) still going to align number of points to post number until number 14.

(xi) you know what i think is beautiful? numbers written in large words, like so;

ten thousand, two hundred and twenty-seven