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[8] i believe that…

by Squido~

those who have the courage to declare their dreams out loud,

and to remain loyal

and abide by them, are

truly strong.

[this has been a demonstration of the use of enjambment, courtesy of squido! well done squido!]

[why, thank you :D]


[6] i believe that…

by Squido~

the older we get, the more consciously aware of time passing we become.

that took you about 5 seconds to read, but took me just short of 18 years to observe.

Mr Yeo’s Back! [email excerpt]

by Squido~

Classic Mr Yeo-ism

Top Overheard [mX 2012.04.12]

by Squido~

GRANNY 1 looking at a man’s low-rise jeans: “Look at this chap’s pants.”

Granny 2: “Better be careful, sonny. If you fluff they’ll fall off.”

– Fluffy

[5] i believe that…

by Squido~

if i write enough of these, i’ll be able to rewrite Savage Garden’s “Affirmation” with them :D.

also that emoticons and full stops, commas, were never meant to get along.