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after a while, people will begin to post with song lyrics/names as their blog titles. I will not succumb…!

by bezzle

YES I know it is the night before our maths yearly.  And yet I’m still posting, because I’m feeling a little sad.  Mostly annoyed at myself, for not studying at all for yearlies.  And I will not bash myself here. Or at all. 

I think it’s called helplessness?

It’s just that I’ve basically tuned out this entire year.  And obviously, that’s starting to become evident now.


One Saturday, I was walking through Carlingford Court (to go get a haircut at Carlingford Village) when we were stopped by a tall Novak Djokovic-lookalike selling Dead Sea rejuvenation nail buffers or something.  Mum wastes half an hour listening to his pitch of $49.95 a set, and ends up walking off smug with three boxes for $100.  

You know what sucks?  Trying to introduce someone to something (manga, a book series, etc.) and you can’t verbalise how awesomely awesome/funny/witty/plot-twisty/cute/squeeeee~ something is without sounding like you’re exaggerating or spoiling the plot, and then the person is like ‘yeah…ok’ and walks off without reading/watching what you were talking about.  And then you feel kind of sorry for them, because they’re missing out xD and sad because there’s one less person you can fangirl/fanboy with.

Victor’s quote corner:

“Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.”
– Evan Esar



by car.

today was mentally chaotic. It felt like somebody died and i didn’t know.

in com, as we were entering the room, a guy in the class asks “sir, when are our laptops coming?” then the teacher whipped around and started screaming at him. amongst many things, he called him an “arrogant, insolent moron” and slammed the textbooks down onto the table. it was dead quiet after that. very scary. maybe something went wrong in the morning, or the whole laptop thing was bugging him, but, as my friend sed, it’s unethical for a teacher to take it out on a student like that. half the class had geo with him next, and were going “ohgosh, aiyaa”, but he’d mostly calmed down by then thankfully. we did more sketching ^^ here’s last time’s school farm =) (its blurring from the scanning…sorry)


school farm sketch


we got our maths yrlies back (cant they take longer to mark them!? haha) and at recess, heaps of ppls were crying. i guess i cant empathize with them, since i dont have strict parents and i dont set such high standards for myself. yay, i improved :] but hey, all those who were unhappy with their mark prob beat me… at the beginning of recess, i felt high (prob coz of the choccy i was eating) and by the end of it, i felt like crying too =( gosh, it was depressing. i wont say anymore, coz then u might all think im insensitive =/

heyy, its the 20th anniversary of the taking down of the berlin wall today, i think. we spent a while in german reading up on articles about it… and talked about clothes in deutsch. we spent a while talking about the difference between jumpers, jackets, windcheaters and sloppy joes. ARGH. I like wearing a t-shirt, shorts and thongs -> Ich trage gern ein T-shirt, Shorts und Flip-Flops. see? it’s pretty easy =P

and wats wrong with “servus” ?? (besides it sounding like servant in latin…)


by bezzle

LIKE is watered-down love.

Like is mediocre.

Like is the wishy-washy emotion of the content.

Athletes don’t do it for the like of a sport.

Artists don’t suffer for the like of art.

There is no I like NY t-shirt.

And Romeo didn’t just like Juliet.

the above came from a blackberry ad in the sunday life magazine.  i thought it was funny.

yesterday, finished our yearlies!  well duh, i guess. 

wasted twenty minutes of our history exam time yesterday because we got lost and no one in the HSIE block had the grace to put room changes into the daysheet.  the supervising teacher was odd, i thought he was drawing emoticons on the board, but instead it meant to read:

“0 for looking at other papers and hearing”

and on the first 0 he drew a sleepy face and ears, and another sleepy face on the o in other.

more football after recess (where we played cards and no one found us!) and it was less painful than last time, and everyone started trying to kick goals.  cloud jarred her fingers.  found a new (or was it the same?) frank, and now we will recognise him

double history was just watching gallipoli (it was funny.  it is sad, but i think more funny on the surface, until you think deeply about war.  and yes, the guy who looked like mel gibson was mel gibson.) and then another movie about the german side of the war.  i was playing with cloud’s touch and then victor came along and started playing.

then came the funny bit.  i was walking up to carmen and started chatting, then it turns out victor is behind us.  so we keep on walking, and i split to the stairs while victor follows carmen.  then he yells across to me

“aren’t i your favourite grandson?”

and me, being deaf (yes, getting old) takes a while to digest what he just said.  meanwhile, a random year seven guy in front me says, with genuine disbelief,

“you have a grandson?!”

my gosh he believed him!

Fav. Newsletter

by car.

that’s right my little minions… my favourite skool newsletter is this week’s. so much thats interesting in there =D

from the unveiling of our past principal’s portrait, to a change of reports for next year. from building new buildings to language learners. it’s all in there darlinks…

(yeah, im feeling slightly high)

so reports. there is gonna be ONE WHOLE PAGE for each subject…and a record of extracurricular activities…and a student learning profile…? i dunno what that is…

blahblahblah. to interesting stuff.

we’re having a new building?!?! is that the bit next to the music room that alex nearly ran into?? looks sqishy…so maybe not…’sides, i liked that place :] so i wonder where this new building is … hmm…

and hey! we’re finishing skool on tuesday YAY

ohh, and of course, i forgot to mention – YEARLIES 09 OVER!!

we’ll of course be looking forward to next yrs…heh heh.


also in the newsletter was a bit on language learners. so on behalf of the german class, i would now like to classify us as “visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learners”. We like to look at piccies and talk to each other in spouts of grammatically-incorrect german (we’re getting there…). We like to learn by “touching and manipulating objects” – a wonderful example would be tuesday’s lesson, when our teacher brought in magnetic “kath & kim” with attachable clothing. im proud to say that we spent one whole period putting different clothes on them, taking piccies, laughing at some of the weird and ugly styles of clothing, and had fun in general =) Kinesthetic, you say? yes indeed. We “like movement and need frequent breaks” during our lessons. Since the end of last term, we have been asking for getting 5 mins breaks during double lessons, to check out what fun the other classes are up to freshen up and re-energise, i guess. *shhh* Yes, these breaks are mandatory for our learning and our health too ;] esp. as summer is nearing…ARGH hot… Ohh, and now the french class is going to complain and ask for breaks as well =D

ahhh, ich liebe meine deutsch klasse =P


by bezzle

there are just too many painful memories in my head right now.  if only there was something like the pensieve in harry potter that exists.  but then to recall a memory you put in it wouldn’t you have to remember it first??  ah paradox!!

i hope you all reading this actually enjoy reading our blog, and it’s not just us accidentally logged off and reading our posts racking up the views…  but whatever, it’s a way of venting the rubbish in my brain.  thought regurgitation?  reminds me of the time carmen was talking about a softer way of saying spat (as in ‘spat out gum’) and i said ‘plop’ and she said ‘ploop’ and then i said ‘regurgitation’.  regurgitation reminds me of toilets ok i’ll stop now.

today was fast.  everything past by so quickly, thank goodness that’s happening in yearlies week.  my gosh, do you reckon my parents will let me watch glee this week?  no i don’t want to miss it!

anyway, english/drama was urgh.  hey maybe i should make that a tag.  not going to go into details, but argh drama irritates me, i can’t put my finger on it.  science was weird why did the teacher refuse to teach us anymore incase we got more information than the other class he teaches?  there should not be a limit to how much a teacher does.  that goes against ethics.  man he was saying (literally) that he was a better teacher than the other class’ main science teacher at physics and that it would put them at a disadvantage.  what?!

haha dad has bought a tool like those rubbish picker things you use to pick up stuff.  it has rubber cups on the ‘fingers’, which is good because he bought it so i could pick up eggs but he already bought a perfect sized golf ball picker upperer but i don’t care because this one is even cooler.  and it even says ‘wear eye protection’ on the tag!

kate miller heidke’s caught in the crowd is really good.  her voice and lyrics are so sweet.

i think either everybody is trying to drive me up the wall, or i’m just really really short-tempered right now.  i mean it.  every little thing is annoying me right now, and no it’s not stress.  far out listen to me when i tell you something! 

mm dinner smells goooooood…….

arrrrr my pen keeps on running out of ink while i’m writing my ag stuff up, and then when i scribble on a piece of scribble paper it works instantly!  this has happened exactly ten times, even when i got a new pen!!  arrrrrrr