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Month: December, 2012


by bezzle







tickets were on sale since the middle of last month??

also look at all the cuddly teen top bohoho



she’ll be apples

by bezzle

Big congratulations to everyone!

I slept in this morning and momentarily forgot that HSC results came out today.  Spent the morning agonising over whether to dash it all to hell and check today, or wait for the ATAR tomorrow.  I was sitting in front of the computer deciding when my best friend’s mum called and excitedly wanted to compare, so I swallowed my fears and went on the Board of Studies website.

There were no nasty shocks for me, just a few letdowns and one or two pleasant surprises.

Also, thank goodness for positive rounding to the nearest number which has saved my bacon multiple times.

Well done RUSE12 who topped the state overall (and in maths AND english) in number of top band achievements!

Shelley is amazing, and bonus Daniel Guo and Jia Lu.  Both of them don’t seem to have changed since primary school :’) but I must admit I cracked up when Jia Lu came up on the screen.  Good job you guys /all the congratulations and applause




bent bus ticket

by bezzle

I am a tardy blogger who never blogs on the day things happen.

On Thursday, xionks and I went shopping for books (him) and yarn(me).  We met at Carlo Court, with him half an hour later after getting up at 10:30 (when were supposed to meet) and catching the bus in the wrong direction.

I had a semi-longish post about the day but it is rather dry and boring so I’ll just recount the worthy bits.

We went inside the Dymocks but we didn’t buy anything so off to Parramatta for my yarn we went.  However the Lincraft there didn’t have my yarn and xionk didn’t find anything he wanted at the Dymocks either so we decided to get lunch and he convinced me to go city.

I found a can with a picture of Taeyang on it in the Chinese supermarket at Parra:

20121129_135542At the Dymocks building xionk mooched around the poetry section while I read the latest sequel of Wimpy Kid, and he eventually bought two books with our pooled money.  We ended up walking the long way to Chinatown (the loop that takes us past imax, I’m rather sure if we just followed down York St? we would have reached it much quicker) and passed a screaming mass of people and limos on the street that I figured were the ARIAs.  Which also explained all the people in various semi to formal clothing.

A fashion aside: is this only something I’ve noticed as I’ve become older and more aware, or does everyone wear the same clothes?  Also, chartreuse-wearers, there is a special circle in hell for you.

Back to our general derpage about the city, where we argued over the tram/lightrail, in which xionk had to stop by the lightrail stop and gesture at the words ‘lightrail’ (obviously ignoring the much larger ‘tram’ written there) which took up precious time as we would find out later on, in the following story which was the highlight of the day.

We entered Central with two minutes until our train, and made a mad dash for Platform 16.  The whistle was already blown, and the doors were closing, but xionk just managed to jump into the carriage.  Leaving me on the platform.  Luckily, within two minutes there was another train bound for Parra, so I got on that and we agreed to meet up at Redfern to catch the same train.

So I got off the train, and there was xionk standing at the top of the stairs, to which I wildly waved back because there was another Parramatta-bound train due in two minutes, which we caught smoothly, and it happened to be an express one too.  The wonders of three trains in five or so minutes – that was probably the pinnacle of success with CityRail.

Got off at Parra and my bus was waiting at the bus stop so it was another lucky hit with public transport so I ran for the bus and all was well.

Wow I write recounts in monotone, or at least that’s how the voice in my head reads it.