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Month: December, 2010

plain material

by cloudier

Seriously, I suspect that the current economics of spam rewards propagation rate much more strongly than payload quality; and that the aspects of payload quality that are optimized are relatively uncorrelated with “pretending to be meat”. Otherwise, we’d certainly see much more higher-quality spam.

relevant: r/K selection theory

Designer’s block may only occur if a designer deliberately aims to create something original and extraordinary.
There is no way to think up an original and extraordinary design—it can only come as a result of pursuing a given task.


is this called “being grounded”?

by Squido~

i think i have literally been grounded.
for today.
i’m not allowed to ‘take flight’ and leave home in any way, shape, form, or mode of transport. mum’s rule.

well i ended up browsing the web for… how many hours? closing pop-up ads is such a pain when you’re on an ipod touch Dx

anyhow, i came across this and i thought it was interesting:

omg how do you insert images. screw it just click the link if you’re interested and hope it works.

this next one’s about graphology; deciphering the quirks of handwriting to reveal personality traits. not too complex.

good night !


good ni

here’s something else interesting about what your handwriting reveals about your personality:

face replace is amusing.

by bezzle

annanihilist:  francodave:  theprettyfacechase:magic-trick:   SHOOT ME!  …….what.  Draco would be Quinn   Oh   I had to.

thoughts of a breakfast

by Squido~

here’s a wandering thought…

can music make the food you’re eating taste different?

*…eating brekky…*

shop opping!

by Squido~

today i rode to hurstville and explored the streets
at st vinnies on the corner of treacy st and forest rd:

$5.00 – 1x brown leather/suede boots used “teemix” @ st vinnies
$6.00 – “la petite | francaise” black top stiff-collared fishnet sleeves AWESOME @ ” ”
$4.00 – “sussan” dark khaki pants light @ ” ” (visited sussan at hurstville. similar ones were $79.95. that’s like 95% off!!)
$6.00 – set japanese “kodomo modical story” boys pjs (flannel shirt + shorts) @ ” ”
$6.00 – 3x ties – gangster tie black grey plastic shiny mi japan – beethoven tie – jazz yellow+blue saxes tie

this was my first time at an op shop (since i was by myself ie. no parents) and boy was it exciting! i had initially wanted to duck in there to take a break from the hot sun but i found myself browsing all the corners, from menswear to furniture. :P
i’ll be back.
op shops are the best… but they smell funny D:

and now… something from SQUIDO’s quote corner:

“Brain: an apparatus with which we think we think”. (a misquotation i read just now on Wikipedia ^^)