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by bezzle

Teen Top is adorkable, and my sister and I just love this song :)

I love how they’re all just messing around at the end xD

I think they would be SPECTACULAR live.

And I’m glad to see that with Crazy, they’ve evened out the parts a bit more – and the other members get to sing more ^^

Like in No More Perfume On You, it was basically Niel and Chunji singing everything :/

That doesn’t change the fact that they are all perfect together~

EEEEE THEY’RE ALL SMILEY AND HAPPY seriously they’re all beaming and stuff


(Especially Ricky teehee.  And C.A.P.)

I was going to link the times at which they were smiling extra-meltingly but there were too many so boo watch the whole thing.

Er yes there are a lot more videos I could put in here, but I think I’ll go and continue being unproductive now.

P.S I find it funny that Changjo has the most mature sounding voice out of them (well maybe except CAP) and he’s the maknae.  But his voice is still hot.

P.P.S. CAP is ripped O___O  How do I know?  Watch Clap >D

P.P.P.S. I still worry about will happen when they start turning 20.  WHAT WILL THEY BE CALLED THEN ⊙﹏⊙


this song was stuck in my head for each exam, but i don’t regret a thing

by bezzle

HNNNG HOT GUYS and the song is just :3 :3 PERFECT



continually pressing the replay button

my favourite parts of the video are taemin’s straight hair and jonghyun’s aloha shirt



Why I wish I could have been a Japanese high school student

by bezzle

– sailor uniforms, ribbons and gakuran.  OMG why do their uniforms look so much better.  GAKURAN~

– field trips.  They look like so much fun!  Like camp, I guess, but school camp (at least at our school) doesn’t seem to focus on just having a good time and bonding with friends.  Also being able to wander about/sightsee 8D

– cultural festivals.  The closest our school got was the 50th anniversary fete…and that was not very fun for me.  I love the idea (again based on deepening relationships with classmates) of having classes work together and plan stalls and cafes and eep it sounds so exciting!  At our school it’d probably take too much energy/time away from studying or something.  *sigh*

– after-school clubs >:D I’d totally want to start an animanga/otaku club! gahaha *fangirl mood ACTIVATED* OR OR something like the friendship club in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and lounge about playing games

– I’d be in Japan.

on a high from watching gintama, and now i can totally see where the gintoki/toushirou fans are coming from

by bezzle

what i’m watching

by bezzle

Even the opening is badass.