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the other side

by bezzle

To my best friend out there, I don’t think you read this blog, but no matter. 

I think it’s hypocritical of parents to deem us too young, and too adult at the same time.  I’m pretty sure all of us have gotten very irritated when told we’re too young to understand something, and then too old to act like a kid.  This particularly applies when you’re a teenager.  For arguments’ sake, you’re a child when it suits the argument, then for the same purpose you’re an adult. 

The meaning of adolescence is basically becoming an adult.  But we aren’t there yet. 

I previously had several paragraphs here musing over why teenagers are treated like we are. 

But then I realised the futility of the argument.  It just goes round and round in circles.

You know, maybe the fact that we’re never treated our own age may be one of the reasons why we’re viewed as angsty, moody teenagers.

And maybe because we aren’t adults and we aren’t kids makes it so much harder for our parents to know how to treat us.


today was dreary and drizzly.  it couldn’t thunderstorm or something exciting, could it?  no, just constant showers. 

started off the morning with a double science.  jumbled up prac with victor (how were the counters supposed to work???) and the very old video on biology failed but mr k didn’t seem to care.  he picked on me a couple of times though.

lunch was time well spent playing set with carmen, geofferey and ben.  i’m slow at it though.  after lunch we just fooled around playing cards and talking, and rkim built this awesome house of cards which he knocked down anyway.  and then my japanese teacher called matthew and i off to go stamp letters.  400+ letters in less than half an hour, he managed to stamp one sideways, and i managed to stamp one upside down xD


i was tempted to quote a taylor swift song, but i’ll refrain/ EASTER SHOW!!!

by bezzle

today was my birthday.  i don’t feel any different from being fourteen, and i keep forgetting.  HAHAHA i feel young XD  thanks to all birthday wishes!

although matt did comment on the irony of my birthday on senior day at the easter show.

so i went to the easter show today, along with carmen, albert, richard, emery, geoffrey and matt.  daniel was supposed to come, but don’t know what happened to him. [ARGH MY ‘B’ KEY IS STUCKKKKK]

as i was walking to the bus stop, i saw emery on a bus, and i think we both looked confused.

got there, and carmen and i finally realised what the overflow was.  that waterfall thing.  BECAUSE IT OVERFLOWS!

(yeah we’re slow.  shhhhh)

all four guys (matt was late) were wearing black, and looking very gangster.  carmen tried to take a photo as they all walked in a line, but noooo geoffrey wouldn’t… bummed around, then went to the MJ tribute show, which i think was meant to be for seniors, but meh.

and it involved an old woman called joy in sparkles [her name was joy], and lots of awesome dancers doing routines to songs.  they were mostly in sync and looked very good.  YES ONE OF THE DUDES LOOKED LIKE KURT FROM GLEE AT A DISTANCE [YES CARMEN NOTICED IT FIRST.].  and then when we were going joy was telling us not to ditch her and i felt a bit sad.

woolworths fresh food dome?  nothing happened the first time we went in, except for albert and richard trying the 10++ chilli.  albert ended up finishing his entire bottle of water and richard had to buy a $6 dollar ice cream cone >:D and the icecream lady said “you look like you’ve been eating chilli, your nose is red” HAHAHAHA

managed to dog matt, albert and emery, who managed to dog matt ALBERT.  we made our way to the main arena to watch the hilux stunt drivers, who i thought were pretty talented, but that didn’t manage to stop me from yawning.  then the bmx freestylers, one of whom mentioned facebook, and matt cringed.  but they seemed to defy gravity, and there was this girl near us who went “AHHHHHHH” every time they did a jump.  and then robosaurus!

who also seemed to make me tired.  I MEAN HE DIDN’T EVEN EAT THE CAR, JUST CRUNCHED IT.  but the hosts were funny – “MAYBE IF WE PUT ON A SAFETY VEST, IT’LL BE SAFER…THERE WE GO, SAFE AS HOUSES”.  and he wouldn’t roast anything until the end. 

we looked at those tacky t-shirts with stuff like i’m a #%%#$ing ray of sunshine, i have a PhD, people tell me i’m like a god, too bad it’s buddha, etc.  you know, those shirts.  i can’t remember them all, they’re better with pictures.  oh and the moove and dare people with this big jet pack full of milk!  they’re cool.

then went on rides!!  albert, matt and emery split off from us again, so geoffrey, carmen, richard and i went on the ferris wheel, which i think was the best value at the easter show because we went round about six times.  it was a good view of a yucky looking swamp and midgety people and an awesome looking rollercoaster that went 90 degrees and loop the loop.  it was cold up there.  and windy.  goosebumps.

and carmen wouldn’t go on the haunted house one, and we didn’t really want to anyway, so spent the rest on dodgem cars!

i opted for the passenger seat, as did carmen, because i suck epicly at bumper cars.  except for this one time when i gave my dad a bruise on the knee.  anyway, geoffrey, you’re very pro at driving :)

met the 10k people at the outside band place but no one was listening to them anyway.  we left soon after to go see diving pigs, and albert was telling richard to go get alice’s friend’s email XD and cue general guy teasing/shipping. 

the queue to watch the diving pigs was humongous, so carmen, emery and i left to catch the bus home.  i saw a leopard-print nanny trolley bag.

good job to all that read up to here!  i think i should type with the first letter of each sentence capitalised as it’s easier to read, but i’m rebelling against letters i think are useless except for emphasis.

the only thing i know that happened on my birthday is that teflon was discovered.

happy birthday ray!


~ almonds2 edits ~

which taylor swift song, bezzle?

and i still think ‘the overflow’ is a stupid name.

yes, i shall soon upload a photo of the guys minus geoffrey looking gangster. unless i decide the richard-only photo is more gangster >:]

bezzle has a weird obsession with that woman ‘joy’. she reminded me of dame edna minus the glasses. and the dancers were NOT in sync, and were hideous in fluro orange and pink costumes, altho their black and white gloves were doubly cool :] AND I NOTICED THE KURT GUY FIRST!!!

its blurry coz they were all dancing so fast… doesnt he look a little like kurt?!?!

tut tut, we dogged matt, albert and emery, and they dogged ALBERT, who apparently was being a cheap asian and kept being surprised at $3, $4 and $5 things.

the stunts were boring. i was not wowed. the motorcross was o-k, but the hilux stunt ppls werent very stunning. they managed to drive backwards in a line with less than a metre between them, for a lot of the show. woohoo.

the robosaurus!!!!

LOL the ferris wheel xD we chose the rickety old one, coz it seemed more… scary. plus, it went faster, and cost one coupon less :P great photo opportunites once up there in the air, but nooooo, u guys wouldn’t smile. bezzle: “nobody smiles when u tell them to smile for a photo. duh..” me: “DONT SMILE” richard cracks up. *click*

*ahem* i wouldn’t go into haunted house, coz we only had enough coupons for um, 2 of us? i am NOT going on a ride alone with richard. plus, it’ll be a let-down for him, since i dont scream like chewbie or alex do. but somehow, i ended up in a dodgem car with him. ahhhh…. and i didnt ‘opt’ for the passenger seat. just that both the guys wanted to drive, and we only had enough for 2 cars ==” but mehh. an experience ill NEVER forget xD

K PEOPLES!!! that bit was awesome :] so we joined them for a little bit and swapped stories. the guys were playing with fake weapons which still looked pretty dangerous to me, while the girls were just… talking and stoning xD  i forgot to take a photo at this point =(

nooooooooo missed the diving pigs again. at least ive seen them years b4, but poor bezzle *patpat* not to worry, we have yr 12 x)


darn, doesnt that font get any bigger? i forgot how to do it… bezzle, pls fix it for me x)

and btw, im sure u’ll love ur prezzie x)\


~ bezzle edits~

ahahaha we shall just have a conversation here.

duh, fifteen.

underneath the buttons for bold and italics and stuff there’s something that says paragraph, yeah?  click the down arrow and there are different ‘headings’.  the size is a bit different when you publish it though.

no, joy was awesome >:D


~ almonds2 edits ~

where?! there’s bold and italics etc, but underneath is this box, where im typing stuff… weird. darn it bez, just make it bigger ==” and it sucks how we cant have multiple authors on one post

and i cant believe we forgot to mention the geese!!!! they were the cutest, most-adorable-est, silliest little gooseys ever

good things come when you wave

by bezzle

there was originally a lot of stuff here, but i deleted it all because i can’t do drafts.

i know today’s sunday, but bear with me, okay?

first day of school:

– stupid extra two minutes of school in the morning.  messed up my schedule, ended up just in time for assembly.  felt guilty as first thing principal says is ‘don’t be late next week’  NOTE TO THAT PARENT WHO DROPPED OFF THEIR KID IN THE MIDDLE OF A TURN ON A ROUNDABOUT – NOT ONLY IS IT EXTREMELY LIKELY THAT IT IS ILLEGAL, BUT VERY ANNOYING FOR THE PERSON RUNNING LATE BEHIND YOU.

– i half like/dislike seeing everyone again on the first day.  it’s interesting seeing how people look different (was my tan really that obvious??) and the feeling of familiarity.  very bludgy day.

– yes!  everybody in our year 9 class in our year 10 class, but no newbies.  oh well.  sydo is now in our class!  yayayayay!

– speaking of newbies, annie (from primary school) is now at our school.

– little homework.  only got three questions for maths homework!


– chewbie, sydo, ben and geoffrey walking to my usual bus stop.

random things i have thought of/agonised over these past few days:

– why is there a magnet stuck on the ceiling of the verandah?

– whether i should rule my margins starting at the top of the page or at the top of the lines

i guess i’m not in a paragraph sort of mood.  it’s much easier listing, to me.

why did my dad label MY CALCULATOR???? 

oh yeah, that’s right.  it’s my life.
to be honest, i’m getting sick of jokes about the students at our school, and some of them are made up by us ourselves.  they aren’t really true or funny. 


if it’s a monday, you’ve gotten your uniform out of the folded clothes hamper and it’s covered with dust and the dust brush happens to be missing, your mum’s old stockings work very well in lieu.


by car.

i cant think of anything else to post, ok??

and i haven’t posted in a while, so here i am. i cant remember much of this week either =/

so we got our laptops on friday, and they are so tiny. the screen is tiny, the keyboard is tiny, the scroll pad is tiny, the whole thing is reeli tiny. heh. now ive gotta remember to bring my 8GB usb to skool.


time for more predictions ~

in 20 years time, the world will recognize us as the first grade to get these DERvices. how? we, the guinea pig year, will have:

1. hunched backs, bent heads

2. squinty eyes

3. twitching fingers

4. lack of concentration at everything that doesn’t involve technology (yeah, that involves a lack of listening)

but im glad our grade got these laptops – its cooler than missing out xD


im running out of things to say – this week was reeli normal (surprise surprise)

ahhhh, oh yes, one last thing. ty to bubbles, i have now victimised another person with a nickname. say helloooooo to SUPERGLUE !!! ( all credit goes to bubbles ;] and btw, i didn’t make up “bubbles”, and i dont call bubbles “bubbles” – i call bubbles “bin”. AM I MAKING SENSE?!?!?!)


by car.

read it as bludge, or bludgy or watevs. WOW. since it’s the week b4 the yrlies, i’d never have thought that we would get a day like today. did basically NO WORK.


first up, yr meeting AGN. nothing much, but once agn feel like we’re the guinea pig year… and hey, wat have i achieved these past three yr?! O_O

so missed out on german, which was the only thing i was looking forward to, since we’re only getting our test back (stop stressing vase)

then pe, teacher late, realised we had to memorise stuff on …driving??/alcohol. which we have basically not touched on all yr. then we had maths. and i was once agn reminded that sitting between ben and bezzle and geoff is NOT a good thing if you want to feel calm. blahblahblahblahblah!!! ARGHH

library duty yay. circulation is way more fun than shelving. and i think i zapped those barcodes pretty fast today =D

double geo was surprisingly bludgy. teacher late-ish… and he was HIGH. i quote: “i should not have had that last cup of coffee…coffee makes me highhh!!!” O_O and whoah! since va ppls were on excursion, our class was smaller, and we had 5 girls. vaish started giggling like CRAZY, and then she was like “he looks like a little kid!” i mean, the teacher was SRSLY that high. so funfunfun. and we all started giggling too… then the duty officer gave him these envelopes, he opened them…stoned while reading them, and then went out of the classroom. we thought he was just getting something, but he didn’t come back for the rest of the period =DD so we were just playing on our phones, taking piccies, chatting, and richard was calling kiran…. all while trying to scan thru the textbook for notes… it was AWESOME. most high moment of the day.

lunch, me and bea went to collect stamps for jr award. we saw heaps of other ppls holding diaries, and it was hilarious, coz usually nobody uses them.

more maths…more jabber jabber…sorry ben for hitting u =D was feeling very frustrated about _____ … yeah. cloud, can i contract u?? u know for wat ;]

then ag. went down to the farm, thank goodness it wasnt raining. teacher was fixing the top of the net on the peach orchard… and as usual, we helped him do a little bit, then went and played cards. coz there srsly wasnt much we could do. two groups of ppls playing cards, guys bashing each other with bamboo poles, just general bludge. and then johnny came and was like “omgosh u lucky ppls” coz his class actually had to work…ahhh…

ohohoho, victor had an awesome silverbeet =D it was long/tall…


yay, so that’s today. must go do more cramming now ^^