The Sad Tale of Mr McGee

A ravenous rat bit me on the leg –

He wasn’t getting enough pay,

To repair his leg and then drink from a keg,

It was his birthday in May.

I’m standing up, argyle drowns my socks,

With a taste of a silk cravat,

Steals fluorescent toilet paper and mocks,

My drunk famished sewer run rat.

Scorned wooden lake, seethe silently please,

Three square roots of Friday are nigh,

The cherry-topped aether is such a tease,

Music just highlights the lies.

Company of four, black peppermint tea,

To follow a wandering thought,

Wring out a bittersweet symphony,

The meandering sylph is caught.

cloudier says: this nonsense poem was written for an english activity. the first four lines were the randomly allocated lines that we had to have in the poem. the second set of four was written by both bezzle and I. the third one was written by me, and the last one was written by bezzle.

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