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by bezzle

I’ve just gotten up from my nap after coming home and


okay now I’m all sorts of uncomfortable why is it so warm it feels odd not having to pile layers on because that’s what my mum kept telling me to do

I am so proud to see our blog had stuff happen while I was unable to access it in China :’)

I’ll try and post stuff from my vacation, but it most of it was just shopping and restaurants.

Wow why does it feel odd having access to internet

The manga I will have to catch up on T.T

EEEE I wanna go swimming~~


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cleaning up my room

by Squido~


is this called “being grounded”?

by Squido~

i think i have literally been grounded.
for today.
i’m not allowed to ‘take flight’ and leave home in any way, shape, form, or mode of transport. mum’s rule.

well i ended up browsing the web for… how many hours? closing pop-up ads is such a pain when you’re on an ipod touch Dx

anyhow, i came across this and i thought it was interesting:

omg how do you insert images. screw it just click the link if you’re interested and hope it works.

this next one’s about graphology; deciphering the quirks of handwriting to reveal personality traits. not too complex.

good night !


good ni

here’s something else interesting about what your handwriting reveals about your personality:

…and the biggest バカ of 2010 award goes to…

by Squido~


*a cricket chirps*

just kidding. it’s me, of course.

*the crowd goes wild*

thank you, thank you. let it be known that today, something unimaginably, ineffably and undeniably idiotic happened to me. by me.

*dramatic pause*

i ran my bike’s rear wheel over my left foot. somehow while still seated on the bicycle seat with most of my weight.

today, i went swimming. i calculated that out of the total 5.5 hours i was at hurstville aquatic leisure centre, 4.5 was spent in the water. out of the 4.5 hours spent in the water, 4 was spent getting in, out, standing around, avoiding old people (especially hairy old men and saggy old ladies. i saw an old plump lady bouncing up and down bobbing in water up to boob-level. it was disturbing enough as it was, but on top of that she needed a new swimsuit. it was so grotesque i think i stared for an entire minute.), huffing and puffing, considering whether i should do another lap or not, telling myself doitdoitdoit, saying nonofine, and doing maths calculations in order to work out how much time i had wasted not-swimming in the pool. and so forth.

that leaves approximately half an hour of doing actual laps. and boy did i do laps!

i’m so proud of this figure… wait for it…
*fanfare randomly plays*
at least!! *hugs self*

freestyle – 18+
breaststroke – 20+
backstroke – 18
squidstroke – 4<
get-to-the-other-end-stroke – 6<

i had done most of the above in the fast lane (no breaststroke allowed). this really good-looking guy entered the lane and swam really fast. i was really impressed. (by the way, i say good looking because it was unexpected and most of what i had seen up to that point had disgusted me… including forlorn bandaids and gum in the water). so when it was just us two at one end, i asked how old he was. i was curious and wondering how long it would take me to get that good, honest! he said he was nineteen and i complimented his swimming skills. that was all we said. he stayed in the same lane until the pool closed. i bet he thinks i'm a weirdo admirer/fangirl now. cool.

i walked to mum's place in a t-shirt and bike shorts because i had to retrieve my bike (she dropped me off at dad's and i forgot i had left my bike at her place). at least 3 men at least twice my age gave me up-down looks. i hate that. it's like they rake you thoroughly with their eyes. and the unfairest part is, i can't get them back by doing the same. it just doesn't work that way :(

i'm so tired :)

did i mention i invented a new stroke? :P squidstroke is fundamentally breaststroke on your back. it's very relaxing.
oh yes and those laps. the pool is 25m long xD

feeling the love

by bezzle


Spread the Christmas cheer, turn up those carols and dig into the box of chocolates!

To the fellow bloggers on here, THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER YEAR and even though I can’t remember all these milestones, this blog is still alive and kicking (with arthritic knees, in my case…) so don’t forget to blog all your adventures this holidays :D

To everyone who reads this site, albeit once in a while, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments!  And to our two subscribers/followers, you deserve a special mention xD.  There.

And just to everyone out there, happy holidays!