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Month: May, 2010


by lavenderbluf


Pokemon. Gotta Buy Em All

by lavenderbluf

the other side

by bezzle

To my best friend out there, I don’t think you read this blog, but no matter. 

I think it’s hypocritical of parents to deem us too young, and too adult at the same time.  I’m pretty sure all of us have gotten very irritated when told we’re too young to understand something, and then too old to act like a kid.  This particularly applies when you’re a teenager.  For arguments’ sake, you’re a child when it suits the argument, then for the same purpose you’re an adult. 

The meaning of adolescence is basically becoming an adult.  But we aren’t there yet. 

I previously had several paragraphs here musing over why teenagers are treated like we are. 

But then I realised the futility of the argument.  It just goes round and round in circles.

You know, maybe the fact that we’re never treated our own age may be one of the reasons why we’re viewed as angsty, moody teenagers.

And maybe because we aren’t adults and we aren’t kids makes it so much harder for our parents to know how to treat us.


today was dreary and drizzly.  it couldn’t thunderstorm or something exciting, could it?  no, just constant showers. 

started off the morning with a double science.  jumbled up prac with victor (how were the counters supposed to work???) and the very old video on biology failed but mr k didn’t seem to care.  he picked on me a couple of times though.

lunch was time well spent playing set with carmen, geofferey and ben.  i’m slow at it though.  after lunch we just fooled around playing cards and talking, and rkim built this awesome house of cards which he knocked down anyway.  and then my japanese teacher called matthew and i off to go stamp letters.  400+ letters in less than half an hour, he managed to stamp one sideways, and i managed to stamp one upside down xD

WHAT: ‘Project Bee’

by car.


because you are all coming to watch a group of awesomely awesome high schoolers put on a very special play for you (:

WHAT: ‘Project Bee’

WHERE: north epping (i shall give u exact address laterrrrrr)

WHEN: sunday june 27th, 11am – 12:30pm (approx. times only. i shall confirm closer to date); if u cant make that date, then june 25th (maybe)

WHO: 180 youth group

WHY: coz im telling you to. mwahahahahah. actually, it’s an evangelistical play written by our two of our leaders, and we want to share God’s message with everyone (: doesn’t matter if you’re not Christian – there will be heaps of other teenagers there toooo. and btw, our director was a ruse 09 guy (yes that’s supposed to make you wanna come even more hahah)

plus, you’ve got to come see the awesome backdrops that i’ve helped paint >:]

got questions, come ask me or sandra :)

its no ruse musical, but eh.



Heels (:

by car.

why is there a smiley face in my title? ehh.

yeah, so i bought my first pair of heels for musical :) and they werent that bad to dance in, until about after 4 hours onstage =/ then they start killing D: at least i didnt get any blisters (yet… i mean, there’s another 3 nights in a row to go…) i soooo prefer flats :D

oh mann, irene and lank’s duet is HILARIOUS!!! m-rated, but yeah. *highlight for sample spoiler*

*lank kisses irene on impulse*

*breaks away*

irene moans: ‘OMG’ *grabs lank and kisses him*

*music starts*

*more vulgar actions*

hahahahahahaha xD ppls, come watch musical – i rkn it’s better than last yr’s (not hard?).

and lmao at that cardboard car, that somebody always randomly pushes it onto one side of the stage, and then the teacher would start yelling ‘GET THAT THING OUTTA HERE!!!’ and i love bobby’s mum’s costume. omgosh, it is totally awesome. another reason to come watch musical :]

i dont think im describing the musical that well… it was pretty hectic. we started rehearsal an hour later than planned. and the make-up is actually ok this year. no more bright red lipstick and blushing cheeks. at least, not as expressive as last year anyway :D


cast: does anyone know if we’re in mufti for tuesday or normal skool uniform? MUFTI YAY!!