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The Importance of Penmanship

by Squido~

My recently strained wrist brought to attention how inadequate and incorrect the way I hold my pen is.
After a bit of research this morning, I found this site:

I’m sure there are plenty of other useful sites out there in the vast world of Internet, but if you’re lazy like me, here’s a picture!


Holding a pen/pencil correctly can reduce fatigue during extended periods of writing – something all students undertaking the HSC anytime soon should take to heart! If you haven’t quite worked out what’s wrong yet, start by relaxing (forcefully). It’s difficult to change something so fundamental at first, but I’m trying because I’ve been cornered into it by my condition (so there’s no obligation for anyone else to try) however you may just find a way to write that allows you to write even faster, for longer, or more legibly, who knows?

If you’re comfortable with the way you write then, by all means don’t bother :).

Squido~(c) and associates accept no liability for misunderstandings or failed attempts at altering penmanship. You can rage at me after November the 6th if anything goes wrong on October the 15th and dates following. :)


by cloudier

Remember the next year, sitting in a diner when we finally talked about it? You were so much better than I was, but we were both trying, getting our lives on track. You said that cigarettes would kill me, a clinger-on from our past lives. We looked at our meals and said that we were strong enough to eat them; we realized that our love for each other didn’t depend on an eating disorder. We entered back into each other’s lives and this time we took up more physical space than emotional space. It felt liberating and warm. We laughed when we thought about how unreal that year had been, then two girls walked in and ordered hot cups of tea and complained that they had eaten too much the day before, one girl announcing that her diet of an apple and a coffee had left her bloated. We stopped laughing then. Looking at a mirror of our past didn’t seem so funny anymore.

best belonging creative ever.


On discussion

by cloudier

The recent discussion on feminism, much of which has been neatly summarised in Kerrie’s post, has been very fun. It also makes me feel like I’m very shit at discussing things clearly and convincingly but I suppose the only solution to that is to discuss more.

As far as I can tell, discussion involves:

  1. Comprehending the other person properly and understanding how their view of the subject is different from yours and why.
  2. Writing a response that conveys your ideas to another person in a convincing manner – not in a succinct and English-essay-esque manner, where the responder already knows what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

Also, I don’t intend to offend people and dislike offending people, so tell me if I do.

All this discussion reminds me of Michael Su’s dead grade forum, as well as how inefficient forums are – it was difficult to tell who was replying to who. WordPress comments are better than forums: wordpress comments have a basic form of threading. (However, unlike blogger, you can’t edit the CSS for free.) I reckon reddit’s comment system trumps forums and wordpress comments for discussions but I doubt that we could get enough people and activity on a private subreddit for people to overcome the (small) learning curve and then continue to return. Haha and there’s no ego OHH MORE BLOGVIEWS factor, but I’m still going to put that out there and hope that enough people are interested. (:

Irrelevantly I don’t think I understand belonging and I think I shouldn’t have stayed at home if only for English.


by bezzle

today was over really quickly.  i’m surprised.

i had to walk home, because i forgot my bus pass at home and i felt exercise-y, and strangely i didn’t regret it!  give yourself a pat on the back, bezzle!

started off the day doing my homework before rollcall, as usual.  and it turned out i didn’t need to do it, but it made me look good in front of my english teacher (:  don’t you think that there’s a lot of excessive nudity in movies?  what directors will do to get more viewers…

then ballroom dancing.  salsa.  before, i thought of the dance, but now i think of nachos.  we had a dance teacher (!) and she was the same person as the one who taught us hiphop last year (!!).  it was at least much more productive than what i did in year six, which involved a teacher telling us to step forward, back and side to side with our arms out when we stepped so we looked like marionettes and her moving her hips and saying ‘flair!’ and yeah.  *cringe* 

like carmen, i started with cold hands and ended up with warm, more-than-slightly sweaty hands.

japanese was funny.  ben: “thank you captain obvious!”  the loft is awesome.  even ‘THE LOFT’ sounds new-yorky.

commerce was blah.  our teacher is really good at explaining stuff though.  i think we’re actually going to do work this year.  gulp.

hey!  ‘gulp’ is ‘plug’ backwards!

i just heard zac efron on the radio.

dad is watching the vancouver olympics and it just amazes me how fast people can ski downhill.  the skiers look like they’re holding bent sticks.  i want to visit vancouver, i have an aunt there.  she used to live with me, but she says it’s even better at canada.  mum entertained the notion of us going to canada last year, but instead we went to the gold coast.  i want to see the snow.  i like it how everyone on tv looks cosy and warm in their coats and mittens and scarves.  mum probably thinks i’ll get frostbite or something. 

to the person who told me that all i did was rant about life, i’m going to file this under ‘school’. 

and you know who you are.

[and here’s a smilie to offset any rant xD]


by bezzle

i wish i had quiet.  i’m very tightstrung right now, i’m sick of loud, nonstop voices.  and inconsiderate people.  GIVE ME SOME ROOM.

today was weird, as everyone was antsy and talkative and not in the mood to do work and stuff.  the science teacher was in a happy mood and was insulting people.  he has a very bad sense of humour.

there was a free barbecue at lunch, which was also a very rare one and a half hours long.  i was bored and went down to get an icy pole-which tasted like actual fruit!  then came the tsunami relief concert, which was quite mediocre, and it WASN’T FAIR because sydo and abbi’s song got bumped off.  grr.  i wanted to hear don’t stop believin’.  it was kinda awkward because we had to stand on our chairs and then people sat down and when the band got encored back onto the stage we all had to get back on our chairs. 

but it was cool that somebody from our school got signed on with a band and they’re called road to canaan and the MCs kept on plugging their merchandise.  the year seven dude who sang some michael jackson song was really good.  wow, if only i could be as brave as those people.

as it was meant to be a christmas themed mufti day, i wore a santa hat to school.  and so i kept it on my head as i was at the bus stop, and blair remarked that it was a funny (but in a cool way, i hope) sight to see a person at the bus stop with a santa hat, jeans, a banana and reading a book.  i love santa hats.

but they still give you hat hair.  ):

am going to be reading the lost symbol, as it just happened to be available in the library.  and you know the newest alex rider book is out!  it’s called crocodile tears.  i want to read it, but it is beginning to worry me when the main character is younger than you.  i also want to read brigands m.c.

finished baking and icing cupcakes for the bake sale tomorrow. they do taste quite nice, if i may say so myself.

and this is one of the songs that has been stuck in my head recently:

i think the line on his jawline looks strange.

yesterday was funny.  after playing ping pong in PE (who knew table tennis could be so exhausting?) it was the end of school but ben, cloud and me had to stay back to do some filming for english.

victor came along to, because we needed extra people.  and so we were at the drama room, me playing with a bed sheet and cloud standing near the sides, looking suspiciously like she was taking photos/videos with her phone.  and then we started filming and it was funny in general, and especially at a certain point which i won’t mention.  ben looked like a lamp and victor looked like he was wearing a toga.  gar was very thirsty that day.    thank you to ben and claudia for staying back, even though it meant you guys had to be late to swimming and had less time to get home.  and a big thank you to victor for helping us, even though you weren’t in our group.