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[11] i believe that…

by Squido~

it is no longer about the numbers you can, try to, and will attain.

it is, and was always, the knowledge and skills on which you build your fortress of self.

at the end of the day, that, is the true ticket to leaving high school behind.

if not for that, then one will never truly leave, truly ‘graduate’.

it is an obstacle one must overcome,

a fact of life one must face

and one must


be afraid

of hard work.


Hipstery extension: scoolars of history

by bezzle

Cool Marx and Frigid Engels

“The history of all hitherto existing society has been the history of cool conflict”


John Wintercent

“History is deeply cool. History is essentially non-lame. History is about the cool and classy, not the dorks. History favours the stylish, not the silly. History is about winners (including those losers who were eventual winners), not about losers.”


Cool Becker

“We build our conceptions of history partly out of our present standards of cool.”


Ibn Cooldun

“the record of human coolness, or world coolness; of the changes that take place in the nature of that coolness”


Marctic Bloch

“What is it that seems to dictate the intervention of history? It is the appearance of coolness.”


Leopold von Cool

“To history has been assigned the office of judging the past, of instructing the present for the benefit of future coolness.”


The Freeze-able Bede

“For things should not be loved for the sake of places, but for how cool they are.”


R. G. Coolingwood

“All history is the history of cool.”



“History is indeed the witness of the times, the light of cool.”


Henry Recolds

“Why weren’t we cool?”


W C Sellar and R J Yeatman

“All history is cool history.”


Coolth Jenkins

1. The actual past has gone. It has in it arguably neither rhyme nor reason: it is cool.



“so that human coolness may not become forgotten in time”

adapted by (mostly) Xionky and Bezzle

allow me to be corny this once

by bezzle

So today was graduation.  It’s only beginning to sink in now, that we’re leaving the school.  For good.  I’m doing a little montage in my head, of all those little moments, mundane and special, of these past six years and I’m glad to say that I don’t have any regrets.  You’re a wacky, talented and adorable bunch of people who have made my high school life full of fun and joy.  It’s been a splendid six years, I’ll miss you all, and all the best for the future.

post-exam post (ahaha!)

by Squido~

So between making myself some lunch; reheating last night’s dinner, this morning’s breakfast and two slices of wholemeal bread, I randomly decided I’d take a shower. So I left my poor excuse for a lunch in the microwave and took off upstairs to gather my clothes.

I had many shower revelations today, such as why people find blogging much easier than talking to other people directly, the right kind of attitude towards life’s successes and failures, and why you should love your mother.

I don’t think I’ll go into much detail here about any of those, but I just want to say that life, love, vitality, and all the good stuff as encapsulated effectually by Dylan Moran in his “human-thought-process analogy/re-enactment” (sorry, you won’t find videos under those keywords, but I know what I’m talking about – just ask and I’ll try find the YouTube link for you again J), exist everywhere, and you’ll know when you find it, just like you’ll realise that you’ve been sitting on the lumpy pile of bird poop you initially aimed to avoid… eventually J In other words:

Enlightenment is not only something which one seeks to attain throughout one’s life – it is the journey towards it. This in itself renders Enlightenment unattainable, but in a way, we already do enjoy the fruits of the human world in which we live. We just have to know it when we see it.

Aaaand then you just insert any other appropriate moral or value in place of “Enlightenment” and you get your generic (but true!) life-long proverb! :D For example, “happiness,” “life,” “richness,” “Soul,” and “a boyfriend,” just for starters ;D

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’d better eat that food I re-heated before it gets cold and I’ll have to re-re-heat it. Plus I have some Wakatta! to catch up on, and more anime to watch kekeke~


Oh yeah and one more thing! I’ve decided to move my lengthier, more personal posts to which I once tried to get into but didn’t get very far (about 3 posts in, one log and two on random but interesting facts) as a testimony to my awesome, bubbly, bright, light-hearted, fun-loving, humorous, (Clam: [in a sarcastic tone] and don’t forget MODEST! =D) and changing, personality! (Yeah, don’t bag out on me I was cramming some last-minute vocabulary for my Japanese exams today x])

じゃ、今日はこれで!~ みんあさん、気をつけて!

Well, that’s all for today! ~ Everybody, take care!

Dear Belated Mother;

by Squido~

Usually, when your daughter locks herself in her room, it is not an invitation to open the door with a key and come in,


Iron Stomach.