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by bezzle

Yesterday we went to Luna Park.  I thought it would be fun.  It wasn’t really because I only went on four rides and not the Ferris wheel.  Oh well.  I also got in trouble for wearing shorts, instead of tracksuit pants.

I don’t think the day was really worth a recount of tedious waiting in lines, so I’ll just post a rage on our school’s uniform policy.

Firstly.  You (being the co-ordinator of the excursion, the Head of Science and the School Principal) have stated on the permission note given to us that we were to wear PE uniform with a tracksuit.  That I will acknowledge.  But later on, the last school day before the excursion, you gave us another note. Which stated that we were to wear sports uniform.  Which is the one with the shirt and shorts.  I consider the later one to be the information I should have gone by.

Also.  Is it really sensible to make people wear a fleece-lined pair of pants on a sunny day outside?  I think this slight degree of comfort should come before making everyone wear ‘uniform’.  Not to mention the ‘bottle green shorts’ are part of our sport uniform, as stated.  Saying that I can’t wear shorts, which still ‘match’ our uniform and tracksuits, is like saying that all girls should wear the skirt in winter, and not the slacks, because that means some of the students aren’t wearing the same as the others!  Maybe some girls will find it cold, and wear pants.  That’s a logical reason.  So why should I wear trackpants when I know that I can’t tolerate the heat if I do?  Oh, that’s right.  It’s school policy to make us all look uniform.

It seems to me that our school has a very image-oriented way of running.  Countless times, I’ve heard the deputy or principal tell us that we have to remember how other schools will see us, and that we have to appear our best.  I understand that, because we are such an elite school, we have to appear the best.  But I don’t think this is a very efficient way.  If you were to simply tell a student to be on their best behaviour because we’ll be judged on it, this does not really register because you haven’t really justified it in a way that appeals to the student.

Victor’s quote corner:

“A good sermon should be like a good skirt, long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to retain the interest.” – Anonymous


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah i’m still not over it XD okay a random thing that ticks me off

by bezzle

i am going to do a short post on one thing that annoys me insanely.  it might annoy a normal person a bit, but for me it JUST DRIVES ME NUTS when people (almost always my sister) starts eating loudly near me.  inside i go BALLISTICMUS.  it is worse when they do it almost nonchalantly.   occurs worst with:

– cornflakes

– apples

– cartilage (gosh i hate it when my sister does this !  ARGH STOP CRUNCHING ON BONES FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE !)

– chewing gum (yes i reserved that for you GUM-CHEWER !)

i realise i’m being a hypocrite, i like eating cartilage and apples (not together though) but yeah.  the way my sister does it almost rudely loudly at me just really irks me.

slurping doesn’t really don’t annoy me though…

tell me i’m not alone xD

Rage quit

by car.

ow ow ow

i hate tummyaches… how do u spell stomach aches? stomachache or stomache? GAH


gosh, why are all the moves in the musical so hard this year?! you choreo ppl are too pro for us!! actually, the complicated moves dont look as good when it’s performed by a whole group, esp since we cant all seem to get it, which makes it look un-uniformed. hence, pro moves = suck. simple moves are good for musicals!!! and we KNOW the current moves will look good in the end, coz we would’ve practiced it so much by then. but at this rate, we’re NOT gonna finish all the songs. and its very tedious. and if its not in sync, nothing will look good. we’d rather simple moves in sync than complicated pro moves with half the ppl a beat behind.

we know we’re here because we want to. stop using it against us. without us, ur musical is dead. unless u have a yr 11 only musical, which will break the tradition, and prob be not as good. and since we’re ‘here because we want to”, it’s our musical too, as u kindly pointed out to us. so dont we get a say in it?!!? EASIER MOVES PLS. otherwise, our whole grade will srsly threaten to quit. (but prob wont…shhh)

but choreo ppls, you guys are amazing =) even though ur not great teachers, you’ve got a lotta patience and if we were pro-er, ur moves would look reeli good right now. but pls listen to us when we say “it’s too bloody hard”. and i reeli want to see the teachers try the dance.


p.s. popping balloons dont work.

p.p.s. try the microphone.


by bezzle

was at parramatta yesterday, and i saw this on a guy’s t-shirt:

i thought it was quite funny.

on the same day, also in parramatta, i saw this written on another guy’s t-shirt:

“all true wisdom is found on t-shirts”

i couldn’t agree more.

although i do dislike shirts that have words that are just for marketing purposes, such as chain store t-shirts with princessy type mottos and supre-style shirts that have loud block letters that announce meaningless messages.  brand names are okay though.

[i was going to post some examples, but it didn’t seem right…  there was one that said “i s2 my boyfriend” and another that said “boys love girls”.  seriously.]

i think i have quite moderate insomnia now.  it used to be mild, but now worse.  i hate it when you can’t sleep and your bed sheets are neither hot nor cold but not comfortable warm/cool and your sleeping position doesn’t feel right and your parents are watching tv loudly and you think there’s a mosquito in your room and you’re being paranoid and ARGH okay i’ll stop now.  once it was about midnight and i was awake and annoyed as there was a hollow dripping sound.  i thought it was a leaky tap dripping into the sink (it was that hollow thudding noise, you know?) and i got up to investigate. 

it turned out to be the backing beats of the timbaland song morning after dark, playing on the stereo which my dad had turned on in the study room, across the house from my bedroom.  and i couldn’t be bothered telling him to turn it down because i might have scared him.

last night i was raging about something to myself and i was going to blog it.  but i kept on rebutting myself and i forgot what it was anyway.  so, students, what does this prove?

– i rage too much

– i am too good at rebuts for my own good.  i even reason with myself

– i have a VERY bad memory span.

gah, this stuff is so random and ragey and whiny. 

 sometimes i find it easier to talk to strangers than to people i know. 

how old do you reckon the cookies are at cookie man?  i mean, they make so many, i doubt they manage to sell them all.  woah, can you imagine having to eat all the leftover cookies?  you know they weigh the dough of each cookie?  i watched one of the workers do it.

cheese+pasta=very nice

also, easyway is very very filling.  and i think the general consensus within the easyway-consuming part of my family is that pearls>rainbow jelly.  i’ve never tried any other topping other than pearls, because pearls are awesome!  i called them ‘dinosaur poo’ to my brother so before he wouldn’t eat them.  don’t worry, he eats them now.

now that i’m on a food tangent, things that taste very nice:

– chunky dips on toast (especially the one i’m eating right now, tomato+cashews+parmesan)

– french toast.  my version is just egg and oil for frying, then honey drizzled on top.  yummmm.

– frozen oranges.  they don’t taste better or worse than fresh oranges, but are a nice frozen treat

– snickers sandwiches.  hello?  peanut butter+nutella spread.  except if you put spread on your bread the way i do (i.e. very thick) it might taste too rich

– custard tarts.  the world is split into two groups, those who like custard and those who think it’s disgusting glop.  i’m definitely in the first category.  and if you ever want to know what soured custard tastes like, it tastes EXACTLY like vomit.  not that i’ve eaten vomit.  like you people say something tastes like sawdust but they haven’t eaten sawdust before and nor have you.

-chinese radish cake.  i’m not sure if that’s it’s name but the stuff that’s made of chinese oriental radishes, which i generally dislike, and sesame seeds and shallots and bits of meat and stuff, etc.  i love this stuff though.

– white chicken feet.  i’m on a yum-cha topic now.

okay.  seeing as i’m in a typing frenzy (of a very fast estimate of twenty words a minute.  shhh) here is bezzle’s lists regarding yum cha foods:

what i like:

– white chicken feet.

– spring rolls (but they differ slightly, some are better than others)

– fried tofu and eggplant in sauce

– fresh bean curd rolls

– milk flavoured crullers.  and crullers are these delicious things, in case you didn’t know:

– mango pudding.  it was nice the first time i tried it, but all other times made me feel nauseous.  hope springs eternal that i’ll find another good one

what your parents will force on you:

– steamed beef meatballs

– prawn dumplings

– spinach dumplings

– chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

 i’m not sure what they’re called in english. 

stuff you wish you could order:

– the battered and fried octopus legs

– the battered and fried chicken wings that look like they came from KFC

detritus in my head

by bezzle

my holiday plan (updated):

– try and get the guts to find a job for work experience

– slow down my inevitable demise into couch potato

[i love the word potato.  it looks especially funny when you type it in this draft font – times new roman]

i was on the computer this morning and was going to rage about something, then i forgot what.  well, here it is.  it isn’t very ragey, though.

dear those two people with two netlog account usernames, one describing your beauty in a very positive light and the other one with inappropriate connotations,

i would really appreciate it if you deigned to do me the simple courtesy of changing your settings of your netlog account so that i do not receive ‘updates’ about how both your profiles received grand totals of one view each during the past 30 days and how you have made ‘friends’ via other ‘friends’.  it might have occurred to you as you deleted your email account that the next person using it might have to deal with these totally unnecessary junk emails.  sure, it’s only junk and not spam, but it’s the thought behind the gesture that counts. 


thank you,


so that stuff was yesterday.  today, went to the pool party late-ish because mum had to stop off at the motor registry.  people playing halo, barbecue, the usual portions of sausages, kebabs and chicken drumsticks, water balloons!, etc.  then changed to go into the water and i have found out three things:

– when i go into the sun too long, my skin looks like i poured dirt into tanning lotion and put it on

– you can get a tan through a rash shirt

– swimming pools can be very dangerous


Happy Birthday Kevin!

am feeling very chilled and mellow right now.

however, i am also capped, so sorry maggie, cannot youtube mychonny.

i was re-reading eldest yesterday, and i feel compelled to quote what i found the funniest part of an unfunny book (not that’s necessarily a bad thing.  humour wouldn’t suit the story.)

‘”But who, or what do you worship?”


“You worship the concept of nothing?”

“No, Eragon.  We do not worship at all.”‘

edit: i am currently annoyed at the largeness of my feet and my uncoordination right now.  just banged my toes on the stairs (granted, i was skipping stairs.  but i normally never misjudge.) and i have tripped over my own feet/shoes countless times.  i also have a tendency to hit my shoulders into doorframes and those stupid bits of wall that stick out.