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Month: August, 2011

sydo? dodo? hi.

by Squido~

i just wanted to say that more and more people refer to me now as sydo. below are some of the most recent and notable:

–> mr yeo
–> mrs mayers

actually correction. mr yeo called me squido.

it’s only a matter of time before they start calling me dodo.



by cloudier

I propose:

by cloudier

changing the theme of this blog to Ambiru with a modified header image and the categories, weblog and archives moved into pages.

The way I dress is not the product of my sexuality; it’s the product of the culture I grew up in.

by cloudier

I’m not saying that the culture I grew up in is perfect. Its fascination with skin and bones has led to the death of many people, and it’s a culture that propagates the idea that if you dress in a certain way, you are promiscuous.

It’s disgusting how the staff at our school are shaming the people around them into dressing in a way they feel conforms with the whims of the ignorant and the bigots of our society.

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by cloudier


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