the little surprises

by bezzle

was walking home yesterday, drinkng my water, when i looked inside the bottle and noticed some writing on the inside of the label!

at recess i was eating an apple and i said ow i scalded my tongue and then ben goes o.O you scalded your tongue on an apple?  no actually i was microwaving a bowl of canned spaghetti and there was a sauce dribble and i licked it and the stuff was very hot so yeah that’s how i burnt my tongue.

english almond, cloud and i were drawing emoticons on my question sheet.  was fun =)


after lunch was commerce, where we all watched the devil wears prada and i got tired of it by the end because i had already watched it and nothing was happening.  sometime in my life i want to play cluedo.

funny how everybody has settled into the monotony of school life already.

wednesdays are long days because i have maths, science and english only.  during english:


kiran: i think that fly just hit the fan. [fly on the desk]

             [tries to swat it with matt’s ruler]

ben: let me at it!

matt: hey, not my ruler! [snatches it back]

kiran: [swats the fly and it flies and stays onto his shirt]

ben: it’s on your shirt!

kiran: don’t you think i can see that?  it’s on my shirt! (contradiction, haha!)

ben: [snatches a handful of kiran’s shirt and the fly, walks back to desk with the fly]

matt: that’s not how you get girls.

ben: [releases fly out the open window]

sometime later on the same period, with possibly the same fly;

rebecca: ARRRRRRRR!!!!!  there’s a fly in my hair!!!!

ben: [unrelated] ARGH a fly went in my mouth!

chorus: did you eat it?

softball was non existent because it was way too hot.  so we watched moulin rouge instead, and sydo and me spent the first hour or so trying to remember the name of juliet’s cousin in romeo and juliet because in moulin rouge (which, incidentally, is directed by the same person) there was a midget man who looked exactly like the guy who plays him in romeo + juliet.  we both knew it started with a t , and my mind kept on going back to ‘tarantino’ and ‘tristan’.  sydo kept on getting ‘tabitha’.  finally i realised it was tybalt, and when i said “I GET IT!” everybody looked at me.

what’s worse, hot and dry or hot and humid?  i don’t think i’ve tried hot and humid weather, it must feel gross…

just then i heard a chicken sneeze!  twice!