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[11] i believe that…

by squido

it is no longer about the numbers you can, try to, and will attain.

it is, and was always, the knowledge and skills on which you build your fortress of self.

at the end of the day, that, is the true ticket to leaving high school behind.

if not for that, then one will never truly leave, truly ‘graduate’.

it is an obstacle one must overcome,

a fact of life one must face

and one must


be afraid

of hard work.

[10] i believe that…

by squido

you can produce your best work, only if you give it your utmost undivided attention.

in doing so, you learn to prioritise,

and in doing that, you can gain a clear, fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

[9] i believe that…

by squido

there are no accidents in life. the way things are, is the way they ought to be.

that there are no mistakes about who and what one is,

and that everything that will be, originates from one’s own will.

[8] i believe that…

by squido

those who have the courage to declare their dreams out loud,

and to remain loyal

and abide by them, are

truly strong.

[this has been a demonstration of the use of enjambment, courtesy of squido! well done squido!]

[why, thank you :D]

[7] i believe that…

by squido

hard work does not come naturally, but enthusiasm does.

And that it is a personal choice, whether we bridge the gap or not.