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Month: December, 2011

by cloudier

Midnight in Paris is excellent.


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by cloudier

This is a long post entirely about manga.

1. How to quit reading manga:

  • Use Google Chrome for reading manga and download this extension.
  • Use the extension to read manga until you cannot read manga any other way. (It formats a whole chapter into one long page and it is so convenient.)
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by cloudier

I’m trying to find my neighbour’s lost cat, but he hasn’t told me what it looks like. After a couple hours of looking, I’m pretty sure his cat isn’t white, because if it was white I would have found it by now. It’s also possible that his cat got eaten by a cougar and isn’t here at all, but I really hope that isn’t the case. I heard some noises in the corner of my back yard, so I think his cat might be somewhere over there, but it’s possible that all I heard was the wind blowing leaves around.

The “everything you need to know about the Higgs boson” thread

cleaning up my room

by squido


今年、おつかれさまでした みんなさん!

by bezzle

Nickhun – in a sock monkey!

Having a bad bout of homesickness already – I’m even worse than a primary school kid at a sleepover!  I have downloaded episodes of Gintama to watch on the plane, and hopefully I don’t run out.

By the time you read this, I’ll be up in the air~ or even in China already.

Happy holidays everybody! :)