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Month: October, 2010

cuttlefish [nb: freaking long.]

by cloudier

The Platypus Can Poison You in 80 Different Ways

We first started unraveling the platypus genome in 2008, when it was sequenced and revealed a long list of this marvel of monotreme evolution. The platypus lays eggs, but it also lactates and has hair like mammals, though it has no nipples. It has ten sex chromosomes, which resemble those of birds, but uses genes from mammals and reptiles to fertilize and lay its eggs, which are produced from only one of two ovaries (the left one). It also has fewer smell receptors than other mammals, but this diminished olfaction isn’t that big of a deal, because it hunts by detecting its prey’s electric current.

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more reasons not to (at least regularly) listen to pop songs or Of course I’m not a Music Snob.

by cloudier

Question: Why do pop songs all sound the same?

Answer: They’re all written by a few people – for example, Max Martin, The Neptunes, Dr. Luke.


More: youtube video (BJ Bond – SMBC Theatre), linkdump.

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after a while, people will begin to post with song lyrics/names as their blog titles. I will not succumb…!

by bezzle

YES I know it is the night before our maths yearly.  And yet I’m still posting, because I’m feeling a little sad.  Mostly annoyed at myself, for not studying at all for yearlies.  And I will not bash myself here. Or at all. 

I think it’s called helplessness?

It’s just that I’ve basically tuned out this entire year.  And obviously, that’s starting to become evident now.


One Saturday, I was walking through Carlingford Court (to go get a haircut at Carlingford Village) when we were stopped by a tall Novak Djokovic-lookalike selling Dead Sea rejuvenation nail buffers or something.  Mum wastes half an hour listening to his pitch of $49.95 a set, and ends up walking off smug with three boxes for $100.  

You know what sucks?  Trying to introduce someone to something (manga, a book series, etc.) and you can’t verbalise how awesomely awesome/funny/witty/plot-twisty/cute/squeeeee~ something is without sounding like you’re exaggerating or spoiling the plot, and then the person is like ‘yeah…ok’ and walks off without reading/watching what you were talking about.  And then you feel kind of sorry for them, because they’re missing out xD and sad because there’s one less person you can fangirl/fanboy with.

Victor’s quote corner:

“Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.”
– Evan Esar


by cloudier

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