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by bezzle

this week has been quite uneventful, but in a reassuring sort of way.

the loudest people (no offence, it’s in a nice, not-in-your-face kind of way) were away at a camp thingamabob for three days, so the class was a bit more empty too.

thursday was quite funny, as our science teacher attempted to get our class to shut up (haha nice try) to get a low reading on the decibel-measure-o-meter, and we didn’t get below 42dB, and the loudest remaining dudes in our class made noises at the decibel-measure-o-meter and it apparently measured 122dB, and then broke.  and 120dB is the threshold of pain.

today was bludgy, managed to play big two with ben, carmen and geoffrey during a maths double!  during PE we watered trees and our teacher said people were stealing trees.  o.O WHY WOULD SOMEBODY BOTHER DOING THAT???  prickly stuff kept on getting stuck in my socks, and then we had ‘free time’ and so carmen and i played badminton under the sails, then moved onto the road, where i generally will not go on as THERE ARE CARS! but yeah it got fail so we went back into the storeroom and i saw pooper scoopers and it turns out they’re actually lacrosse sticks.  oh.

double history, watched a movie called hitler: the rise of evil.  it was good, compared to other history movies i have unfortunately have seen in my life. 

i like basketballs.

i’m listing to the radio right now and the hosts are trying to get bert newton to DJ.

i’m feeling whimsical, so here are some drool-y pictures:


i don’t watch australian idol, because it’s so overrated but no one rates it anymore, if that makes sense, but i like this song:

and this is for ben.  the song tik tok, which i have previously mentioned but never found out how to embed videos:

and the song fireflies, about insomnia (very relatable, i must say…) it’s awesome, and the video clip is cool – there’s a moving model of brum!

heehee more videos to come!

word of the day/week/a long time to come: wampee

wampee.noun. a chinese fruit tree species that my dad has bought two of and planted in the backyard.  should be spelt wongpai to correct pronunciation, as most people unfortunately unaware of the cantonese name call it by exactly how it looks like.  which is why it is the word of the day/week.


by bezzle

yet another carbonkids day.  gawsh, everyone used to be so excited at a week of bludge, and now i think most people want school back.  so it’s not only me who’s nuts!  (if everybody has the same problem, is it a problem anymore?)

also, everybody generalises our school.  that’s because its got an academic reputation and all, etc.  but the unfair expectations of people who visit our school (and sometimes people inside it) is really annoying.  we are ordinary teenagers.  we are sometimes rowdy, especially when you do not need our attention.  we are not people who are obsessed with maths (well, not most of us).  we are not all living in poverty.  we are reasonable if you listen to us.  sometimes all we need is a bit of respect.  just don’t treat us differently.

we were supposed to invent something to ‘stop climate change’.  but you can’t get creative juices running on demand.  so most people just did other stuff on their laptops.

and about ‘climate change’.  the global climate is constantly changing.  please use a more descriptive term.  and carbon does not do anything to the atmosphere, as far as i know.  correct me if i’m wrong.  it’s carbon dioxide that we’re worrying about. 

we’re all just getting so jaded to this ‘global warming’ thing.  YES I DO BELIEVE HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING IS IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE THE TOP OF OUR PRIORITY LIST, WITH THE ECONOMY A CLOSE SECOND.  however, with everyone telling us this and all the information and warnings bombarded at the public in general, maybe this is contributing the inaction of some people. 


wait, i’m not finished…


okay i think i’m finished.

stupid moment of the day: picking up a ball in the bushes, and getting stabbed a centimetre from my eye with a stick.  it was in front of me and still i got scratched.  hmph.

Blasted Heat

by car.

Maybe i should have saved this title for later, but GEE. it’s so hot. heatwave ~ lucky we had two days of SLP, sitting in the air-conditioned lecture theatre… but it was actually getting sorta cold at the end. and sitting there for a whole TWO days is…phew.

but it was aiite interesting, the bit where we learnt wat sorta worker we were, half the communication stuff, shaz’s speech was WOW.

shame bout having to do a community project tho xDD ohh, guy from last year hosted (and is hosting) a one-hour radio show. WHOAH. makes me feel like we can actually achieve something. i’ve always thought that we were…still young and insignificant xD


watching twilight finally. i remember why i didn’t want to watch it in the first place, and im only watching it coz we’re going to see new moon on monday x) i have so many…complaints?…disagreements with the movie. the casting is all wrong. bella should have a slightly higher voice, edward shouldn’t look like he wants to puke half the time he’s with bella & he shouldn’t be literally sparkling and white from the body glitter in the sun. yuck. and in the scene where he’s first in biology, he looked like he had wings (and wants to puke…). billy, carlisle, rosalie, jasper =/ i totally dont agree with the casting. i hope its better in new moon, which ive heard it apparently is, coz taylor lautner cuts his hair and… yeah. yucky hair. i shall always remember him as the ‘murtaugh’ kid from cheaper by the dozen =) now there’s a good movie xD


term 4 is SUCH a bludge. these two days is SLP, next week is carbon kids, week 7 has 20 ppl going on camp & end of yr concert?, week 8 has canteen picnic, german excursion, music ppls going to see wicked (ME SO JEALOUS), cadets on annual. and week 9 ends on tues!!! yay!!

ohhh, and my dad just had his bday, so we had a seafood dinner at home…prawns, scallops, oyster, CRAB. WOW BEST CRAB EVER!!! srsly. fresh, big, meaty…and yummy….im so full x)


gl surviving this summer ppls ^^ (and i apologise if i offended anybody with the twilight rant. i like the books, but the movie is eurgh)

alpha dog and omegalomaniac

by bezzle

it feels like ages since, i’ve posted, what a busy week!

bludge today, however english was erlack.  ag was down at the farm, and sydo, cloud and i looked for four leaf clovers.  and we got freaked out by everybody, sitting next to each other down on the farm, with their laptops on their laps, playing games, watching movies and listening to songs.  it was SO NERDY and SCARY the way everybody used them.  it’s the example of giving somebody something they never needed nor wanted and they never look back afterwards.  wouldn’t giving every schoolkid a copy of adobe cs4 and microsoft student been better?  thank you mr. PM for the laptop though.

went to get aforementioned laptops in period five, second half of a japanese double in which i was flooding-it and watching howl’s moving castle.  classmates scared us by saying that the bell had rung fifteen minutes ago, so matt, cloud, ben and i sprinted to the library, and when we were almost there the bell for period five rang!  was quite tedious, the process.

english everybody was bludging and the teacher couldn’t do anything about it.


the PE teacher :

“i know your parents are poor, but can’t they afford one staple?”

just because the guy hadn’t stapled his project together. 

history, watched all quiet on the western front.  it really angered me when the main guy, a german soldier, visits his dead friend’s mum and she asks him how he died and he says quickly and painlessly.  and she doesn’t believe him and abuses him for coming back while her son is dead, and makes him swear to not return (i.e. from the battlefront) if he is lying.  gosh.  can you imagine how that guy felt seeing his friend die?  having to kill other people?  the conditions he had to live in?  and having to face you?


there was this remembrance day assembly.  i don’t think our generation really grasps the point.  and why do they have to talk like that, going quiet then booming?  there is so little shade in the quad, oh no it’ll be worse next year.

sport we lost again, went to glenwood which is one of those suburbs where there are little trees and all the houses look new and the same.  and there was a playground at the oval, and sand!  the sky was so blue.  and a bench just perfectly positioned under the shade of a tree. 

i’m looking forward to the rest of the term; it’s the time to relax!  i’m glad that the longest holiday season is summer, and not anything else.  i want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, although maybe not literally…

and three certain people keep on looking at me funny.  stopping looking at me like i’m growing a toothbrush moustache.  the confused, you-are-nuts look.  especially when i’m not being nuts.

music i’m currently liking:

i realise that my posts are very disorderly.  oh well.  ‘variety’. 

yay, scotch fingers!  you know, i can never manage to crack them in half cleanly.

i went out to dinner last night and my friend told me that apparently there are to be no more year ten formals starting from next year, because senior years are now compulsory.  why does everything seem to happen to our grade?

Fav. Newsletter

by car.

that’s right my little minions… my favourite skool newsletter is this week’s. so much thats interesting in there =D

from the unveiling of our past principal’s portrait, to a change of reports for next year. from building new buildings to language learners. it’s all in there darlinks…

(yeah, im feeling slightly high)

so reports. there is gonna be ONE WHOLE PAGE for each subject…and a record of extracurricular activities…and a student learning profile…? i dunno what that is…

blahblahblah. to interesting stuff.

we’re having a new building?!?! is that the bit next to the music room that alex nearly ran into?? looks sqishy…so maybe not…’sides, i liked that place :] so i wonder where this new building is … hmm…

and hey! we’re finishing skool on tuesday YAY

ohh, and of course, i forgot to mention – YEARLIES 09 OVER!!

we’ll of course be looking forward to next yrs…heh heh.


also in the newsletter was a bit on language learners. so on behalf of the german class, i would now like to classify us as “visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learners”. We like to look at piccies and talk to each other in spouts of grammatically-incorrect german (we’re getting there…). We like to learn by “touching and manipulating objects” – a wonderful example would be tuesday’s lesson, when our teacher brought in magnetic “kath & kim” with attachable clothing. im proud to say that we spent one whole period putting different clothes on them, taking piccies, laughing at some of the weird and ugly styles of clothing, and had fun in general =) Kinesthetic, you say? yes indeed. We “like movement and need frequent breaks” during our lessons. Since the end of last term, we have been asking for getting 5 mins breaks during double lessons, to check out what fun the other classes are up to freshen up and re-energise, i guess. *shhh* Yes, these breaks are mandatory for our learning and our health too ;] esp. as summer is nearing…ARGH hot… Ohh, and now the french class is going to complain and ask for breaks as well =D

ahhh, ich liebe meine deutsch klasse =P