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because they can’t do it themselves

by cloudier

I am overtly promoting the blog Lesser Vindications.

Lesser Vindications is a feminism blog run by two students who should really be studying instead of blogging.

This blog was created on a whim by Xionky and Bezzle because they both just had too many opinions about things.  Feminism was one of those things.

They’re both young and stupid, and perhaps will look back and wonder what this blog was all about.  In the meantime, they will continue to be unreasonable, obnoxious and self-righteous in their quest to hate men, burn bras, kill unborn children and spread socialism.


by cloudier

i love how they look but i’m too scared to use them

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by bezzle

Ok tiddlypeeps who regularly blog on here or not, our formspring has some how got some sort of action, so go and make it lively for me, will y’all?

Like following people, making a witty bio, answering/asking questions, etc. etc.

If you forgot/don’t know what the password is, remember it’s under the ‘Pages’ section and in a private page marked ‘formspring’ or something like that that should be dead obvious.  The link to our page is at the bottom of this blog’s home page.

AND for those readers…reading…GIVE US QUESTIONS HAWHAW anon or not, anything you want to ask about at all :)


by cloudier

I just wanted to say that using ‘Anonymous’ commenting on wordpress blogs doesn’t hide your email address.

On discussion

by cloudier

The recent discussion on feminism, much of which has been neatly summarised in Kerrie’s post, has been very fun. It also makes me feel like I’m very shit at discussing things clearly and convincingly but I suppose the only solution to that is to discuss more.

As far as I can tell, discussion involves:

  1. Comprehending the other person properly and understanding how their view of the subject is different from yours and why.
  2. Writing a response that conveys your ideas to another person in a convincing manner – not in a succinct and English-essay-esque manner, where the responder already knows what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

Also, I don’t intend to offend people and dislike offending people, so tell me if I do.

All this discussion reminds me of Michael Su’s dead grade forum, as well as how inefficient forums are – it was difficult to tell who was replying to who. WordPress comments are better than forums: wordpress comments have a basic form of threading. (However, unlike blogger, you can’t edit the CSS for free.) I reckon reddit’s comment system trumps forums and wordpress comments for discussions but I doubt that we could get enough people and activity on a private subreddit for people to overcome the (small) learning curve and then continue to return. Haha and there’s no ego OHH MORE BLOGVIEWS factor, but I’m still going to put that out there and hope that enough people are interested. (:

Irrelevantly I don’t think I understand belonging and I think I shouldn’t have stayed at home if only for English.