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something i came across…

by bezzle

…that perfectly sums up how I feel about Glee

Things About Glee That Bug the BAP (based on my having sat through the whole of season 1, and then a handful of season 2 episodes)

a.) No continuity. I’m willing to turn a blind eye to a lapse or two, but sometimes when you sit down to watch Glee it feels like last week’s episode never even happened. What about the aftermath of Kurt’s Beyonceliciousentrance into the football team? What about Artie and Tina’s brief flirtation/betrayal, which was never touched upon after the episode in question, as far as I know? QUINN’S BABY, HELLO? Characters make huge breakthroughs, there are major plot upheavals, and then after that it’s like none of that stuff ever happened,until another episode suddenly decides to bring it up again, and then the character/incident in question is conveniently brought back to the light. And it pisses me off.

b.) The show seems more interested in who the next big-name celebrity guest star will be, or which chart-topping song of the week will feature in an episode. I am not calling “sell-out”, not at all ; by all means, bring on the famous people (the more Neil Patrick Harris the better). But what annoys me is that having a coherent or relevant plot appears to have taken a backseat in the process. In other words, they work the story (any story, whatever story, however repetitive or contrived) around the song choices, instead of having a good solid storyline with song choices that complement it.

c.) The songs performed on the show (with a few exceptions) are pretty much the studio recorded versions of the originals, but with different vocals. A little reinvention or re-interpretation wouldn’t kill anyone, would it? I haven’t been really truly impressed since the pilot episode’s Don’t Stop Believing, and then The Warblers’ version of Train’s ridiculously annoying Hey Soul Sister (but then I like everything The Warblers do; those matching blazers are HOT).

d). I simply cannot like any one of the characters, with the exceptions of Sue Sylvester, Puck, and maybe Kurt’s dad. Based on my personal TV-viewing history, having a truly great character or two (and by “great character” I don’t just mean “capable of inducing lady-boners”) can redeem a show in my eyes, even if everything else about the programme has apparently gone down the toilet (hey there Supernatural). But no one on Glee fits that role. The Glee club in itself is meant to a be a refuge from the rest of the school, a haven of acceptance from the outside world which judges traits like being fat, or being an over-achiever, or being disabled, or having the wrong skin colour. But when the Glee kids themselves are giving each other shit for petty reasons , how am I supposed to muster any level of empathy for any of them? I don’t get the impression that any of the Glee kids like or even enjoy being in each others’ presence. The writers themselves are guilty of pushing certain characters into the background; for practically the entire first season, the character of Mike Chang was known as “Other Asian Kid”, which was kind of funny but oh wow did it drive me up the wall. So when these kids get on stage and sing an empowering song at the end of the week’s episode and are suddenly all bonding and everything, I’m supposed to buy it? Yeah. Not happening. I’m not asking for anything Hallmarkian and trite or High School Musical-ey (in which EVERYONE loves EVERYONE else); of course the Glee kids can have their competitions and conflicts. But the way it’s being done now is making pretty much everyone (except Puck, because he is as adorable as he has always been) come across to me as being way too mean, selfish, bitchified and petty. And that’s not cool.


i was tempted to quote a taylor swift song, but i’ll refrain/ EASTER SHOW!!!

by bezzle

today was my birthday.  i don’t feel any different from being fourteen, and i keep forgetting.  HAHAHA i feel young XD  thanks to all birthday wishes!

although matt did comment on the irony of my birthday on senior day at the easter show.

so i went to the easter show today, along with carmen, albert, richard, emery, geoffrey and matt.  daniel was supposed to come, but don’t know what happened to him. [ARGH MY ‘B’ KEY IS STUCKKKKK]

as i was walking to the bus stop, i saw emery on a bus, and i think we both looked confused.

got there, and carmen and i finally realised what the overflow was.  that waterfall thing.  BECAUSE IT OVERFLOWS!

(yeah we’re slow.  shhhhh)

all four guys (matt was late) were wearing black, and looking very gangster.  carmen tried to take a photo as they all walked in a line, but noooo geoffrey wouldn’t… bummed around, then went to the MJ tribute show, which i think was meant to be for seniors, but meh.

and it involved an old woman called joy in sparkles [her name was joy], and lots of awesome dancers doing routines to songs.  they were mostly in sync and looked very good.  YES ONE OF THE DUDES LOOKED LIKE KURT FROM GLEE AT A DISTANCE [YES CARMEN NOTICED IT FIRST.].  and then when we were going joy was telling us not to ditch her and i felt a bit sad.

woolworths fresh food dome?  nothing happened the first time we went in, except for albert and richard trying the 10++ chilli.  albert ended up finishing his entire bottle of water and richard had to buy a $6 dollar ice cream cone >:D and the icecream lady said “you look like you’ve been eating chilli, your nose is red” HAHAHAHA

managed to dog matt, albert and emery, who managed to dog matt ALBERT.  we made our way to the main arena to watch the hilux stunt drivers, who i thought were pretty talented, but that didn’t manage to stop me from yawning.  then the bmx freestylers, one of whom mentioned facebook, and matt cringed.  but they seemed to defy gravity, and there was this girl near us who went “AHHHHHHH” every time they did a jump.  and then robosaurus!

who also seemed to make me tired.  I MEAN HE DIDN’T EVEN EAT THE CAR, JUST CRUNCHED IT.  but the hosts were funny – “MAYBE IF WE PUT ON A SAFETY VEST, IT’LL BE SAFER…THERE WE GO, SAFE AS HOUSES”.  and he wouldn’t roast anything until the end. 

we looked at those tacky t-shirts with stuff like i’m a #%%#$ing ray of sunshine, i have a PhD, people tell me i’m like a god, too bad it’s buddha, etc.  you know, those shirts.  i can’t remember them all, they’re better with pictures.  oh and the moove and dare people with this big jet pack full of milk!  they’re cool.

then went on rides!!  albert, matt and emery split off from us again, so geoffrey, carmen, richard and i went on the ferris wheel, which i think was the best value at the easter show because we went round about six times.  it was a good view of a yucky looking swamp and midgety people and an awesome looking rollercoaster that went 90 degrees and loop the loop.  it was cold up there.  and windy.  goosebumps.

and carmen wouldn’t go on the haunted house one, and we didn’t really want to anyway, so spent the rest on dodgem cars!

i opted for the passenger seat, as did carmen, because i suck epicly at bumper cars.  except for this one time when i gave my dad a bruise on the knee.  anyway, geoffrey, you’re very pro at driving :)

met the 10k people at the outside band place but no one was listening to them anyway.  we left soon after to go see diving pigs, and albert was telling richard to go get alice’s friend’s email XD and cue general guy teasing/shipping. 

the queue to watch the diving pigs was humongous, so carmen, emery and i left to catch the bus home.  i saw a leopard-print nanny trolley bag.

good job to all that read up to here!  i think i should type with the first letter of each sentence capitalised as it’s easier to read, but i’m rebelling against letters i think are useless except for emphasis.

the only thing i know that happened on my birthday is that teflon was discovered.

happy birthday ray!


~ almonds2 edits ~

which taylor swift song, bezzle?

and i still think ‘the overflow’ is a stupid name.

yes, i shall soon upload a photo of the guys minus geoffrey looking gangster. unless i decide the richard-only photo is more gangster >:]

bezzle has a weird obsession with that woman ‘joy’. she reminded me of dame edna minus the glasses. and the dancers were NOT in sync, and were hideous in fluro orange and pink costumes, altho their black and white gloves were doubly cool :] AND I NOTICED THE KURT GUY FIRST!!!

its blurry coz they were all dancing so fast… doesnt he look a little like kurt?!?!

tut tut, we dogged matt, albert and emery, and they dogged ALBERT, who apparently was being a cheap asian and kept being surprised at $3, $4 and $5 things.

the stunts were boring. i was not wowed. the motorcross was o-k, but the hilux stunt ppls werent very stunning. they managed to drive backwards in a line with less than a metre between them, for a lot of the show. woohoo.

the robosaurus!!!!

LOL the ferris wheel xD we chose the rickety old one, coz it seemed more… scary. plus, it went faster, and cost one coupon less :P great photo opportunites once up there in the air, but nooooo, u guys wouldn’t smile. bezzle: “nobody smiles when u tell them to smile for a photo. duh..” me: “DONT SMILE” richard cracks up. *click*

*ahem* i wouldn’t go into haunted house, coz we only had enough coupons for um, 2 of us? i am NOT going on a ride alone with richard. plus, it’ll be a let-down for him, since i dont scream like chewbie or alex do. but somehow, i ended up in a dodgem car with him. ahhhh…. and i didnt ‘opt’ for the passenger seat. just that both the guys wanted to drive, and we only had enough for 2 cars ==” but mehh. an experience ill NEVER forget xD

K PEOPLES!!! that bit was awesome :] so we joined them for a little bit and swapped stories. the guys were playing with fake weapons which still looked pretty dangerous to me, while the girls were just… talking and stoning xD  i forgot to take a photo at this point =(

nooooooooo missed the diving pigs again. at least ive seen them years b4, but poor bezzle *patpat* not to worry, we have yr 12 x)


darn, doesnt that font get any bigger? i forgot how to do it… bezzle, pls fix it for me x)

and btw, im sure u’ll love ur prezzie x)\


~ bezzle edits~

ahahaha we shall just have a conversation here.

duh, fifteen.

underneath the buttons for bold and italics and stuff there’s something that says paragraph, yeah?  click the down arrow and there are different ‘headings’.  the size is a bit different when you publish it though.

no, joy was awesome >:D


~ almonds2 edits ~

where?! there’s bold and italics etc, but underneath is this box, where im typing stuff… weird. darn it bez, just make it bigger ==” and it sucks how we cant have multiple authors on one post

and i cant believe we forgot to mention the geese!!!! they were the cutest, most-adorable-est, silliest little gooseys ever


by bezzle

there are just too many painful memories in my head right now.  if only there was something like the pensieve in harry potter that exists.  but then to recall a memory you put in it wouldn’t you have to remember it first??  ah paradox!!

i hope you all reading this actually enjoy reading our blog, and it’s not just us accidentally logged off and reading our posts racking up the views…  but whatever, it’s a way of venting the rubbish in my brain.  thought regurgitation?  reminds me of the time carmen was talking about a softer way of saying spat (as in ‘spat out gum’) and i said ‘plop’ and she said ‘ploop’ and then i said ‘regurgitation’.  regurgitation reminds me of toilets ok i’ll stop now.

today was fast.  everything past by so quickly, thank goodness that’s happening in yearlies week.  my gosh, do you reckon my parents will let me watch glee this week?  no i don’t want to miss it!

anyway, english/drama was urgh.  hey maybe i should make that a tag.  not going to go into details, but argh drama irritates me, i can’t put my finger on it.  science was weird why did the teacher refuse to teach us anymore incase we got more information than the other class he teaches?  there should not be a limit to how much a teacher does.  that goes against ethics.  man he was saying (literally) that he was a better teacher than the other class’ main science teacher at physics and that it would put them at a disadvantage.  what?!

haha dad has bought a tool like those rubbish picker things you use to pick up stuff.  it has rubber cups on the ‘fingers’, which is good because he bought it so i could pick up eggs but he already bought a perfect sized golf ball picker upperer but i don’t care because this one is even cooler.  and it even says ‘wear eye protection’ on the tag!

kate miller heidke’s caught in the crowd is really good.  her voice and lyrics are so sweet.

i think either everybody is trying to drive me up the wall, or i’m just really really short-tempered right now.  i mean it.  every little thing is annoying me right now, and no it’s not stress.  far out listen to me when i tell you something! 

mm dinner smells goooooood…….

arrrrr my pen keeps on running out of ink while i’m writing my ag stuff up, and then when i scribble on a piece of scribble paper it works instantly!  this has happened exactly ten times, even when i got a new pen!!  arrrrrrr

what rhymes with heard?

by bezzle

today was the bludgiest day of my fortnight timetable.  history, we did more work, egad!  commerce was spent down in at the computer lab, and victor introduced me to this evil overlord list (© This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached)

that put him into a laughing fit when he found it during the holidays.  click it!  click it!  click it!  it’s HILARIOUS!!! also, here’s the sequel, also copyright of peter anspach (i wrote that because he said attach the copyright notice, whatever, it’s attached).

in the library, at japanese, and this senior guy starts yelling at us because sydo’s computer is making beeping noises.  couple of minutes later he comes over and asks us civilly for a pair of scissors.  me: “isn’t that the guy who just yelled at us?”

i think we’re all getting deafer as we age, and me also going a bit senile. 

at the bus stop my friends were going a bit nutty and talking about jiggling/shaking bottoms and singing badly.  then one realised that the icons on her iphone menu jiggled (which started them off again) and then when another told her she realised it meant you could move them around.  and then somebody else accidentally slapped herself on the face too hard. 

i just got deprived of my weekly dose of glee.  harumph.  ah well, might as well do something productive then…

cloud, thanks for introducing me to the arrow of time.  now i can find another way to waste my time and bandwidth.  at least it’s fun, i guess.

thirteenth day

by bezzle

some days ago i made this recipe because i had no butter so i decided to make cheese and onion muffins but then i found one piece of mouldy cheese among the shredded stuff so then i had no cheese either, but i had already fried my onions so i found another recipe for spinach and onion muffins that did not use butter or cheese and they turned out really nice, even though they took a very long time to bake but wait there was mean to be parmesan cheese on the muffin tops but whatever.

whew.  talking without full stops is fun. 

talking of parmesan cheese, reminds me of at the sleepover when my best friend was putting parmesan cheese on her sister’s spaghetti and i say “you know parmesan cheese has the same stuff [as in a chemical] as vomit?”  and then she goes “oh yeah, it does smell like vomit…”  so now we call it vomit cheese.

i’m feeling paranoid now, because i ate heaps of these flavoured baby peanuts which came from china.  because of the contamination thing.  and how dodgy the labelling can get and all.  i’m still hungry.

got addicted to risk last night, and got busted for playing computer games by my dad.  but sometimes i think the computer’s against me.

monopoly tally is 7-5, i’m winning!  wait, why doese 7+5=12 but this the thirteenth day of the holidays???

the whole week i’ve been waiting for thursday, so i could watch glee, but now all i can think about is that i have three days of holidays left!

i hate chapter 3 science.

when i watch glee on the tv, everybody looks pink – rachel’s face and hands and finn’s face especially.  is there something wrong with my tv or are they just really embarrassed?