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Month: July, 2011

by cloudier

recently i’ve borrowed this book of short stories by f. scott fitzgerald (author of the great gatsby). the offshore pirate is one of the most adorable romances i have ever read and there’s plenty of stuff to think too deeply about too!

razorblade – the strokes: catchy chorus and guitar riff but the lyrics of the majority of the song suck

shark magnets

You shut your goddamn carbon-taxin’ mouth (via, also) Read the rest of this entry »


quick and dirty guide to equation shortcuts in Microsoft Word post-2007

by cloudier

You can use shortcuts when using equations in Word by typing a character or phrase then pressing space. For example, typing \times then space gives you a multiplication sign ( × ), typing -> then space gives an arrow and typing x_1 then space gives you x1. Note that there are different ways of typing the same symbol.

There’s a full list of these shortcuts and a description of exactly how they work in the PDF file here (via). The phrases for symbols can be found by hovering over that symbol when selecting it in the Equation tools.

Also if you press the show more button for the Symbols, you can switch between sets of symbols by pressing the white arrow on the grey title-bar.

Some more shortcuts

  • / + space gives a fraction
  • x^1 + space gives x1
  • /gamma + space gives δ (lowercase gamma) while /Gamma gives Δ (uppercase gamma)
  • /sqrt or /cbrt or /qdrt + space gives the square root, cube root and 4th root sign
  • for an arrow that says ‘phrase’ on top of it, type -> space \above space phrase space



This was going to be a post about how frustrating it is to post on Blogspot with a WordPress account but:

To get your username to link to your blog, go to users > your profile in your dashboard and under “contact info” change the URL in the “website” field to the URL for your blog.

We need a link to the blog. We do not even know for sure that it is a wordpress.COM blog. If it is a self-hosted wordpress blog hosted on a third-party hosting service, your password and username from here will not work. There is no connection between blogs here and self-hosted blogs. Self-hosted blogs stand alone.

Support forums: You do not own that identity

I wish the error page gave some more information on this.

what i’m watching

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Even the opening is badass.


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by cloudier

jake gyllenhaal wins the universe (via)

A half-male, half-female butterfly has hatched at London’s Natural History Museum.

A line down the insect’s middle marks the division between its male side and its more colourful female side.

Failure of the butterfly’s sex chromosomes to separate during fertilisation is behind this rare sexual chimera.

Once it has lived out its month-long life, the butterfly will join the museum’s collection.

Only 0.01% of hatching butterflies are gynandromorphs; the technical term for these strange asymmetrical creatures.