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ups and downs

by car.

i forget so much that happens during the day… esp all the funny stuff ==

i actually got some pe theory work done, and we tried organising our class teaching session thing, but that sorta failed ==”

but syd and i had plenty of fun planning bezzle’s wedding xD or rather, discussing it… victor sed something about bezzle in pants, so we decided maybe they could have an opposite-gender-clothing theme =DD victor in a dress, and bezzle in a tux mwahahahahhaha

of course, all this is hypothetical, so not to worry, bezzle xD im not gonna make such a crap wedding for u == plus, i dont wanna be in a tux for ur wedding -.-

we had a vocab quiz in german today. when the bell rang, we all walked to T2.1, and we were waiting outside, when rkim tells us that our teacher wasnt gonna be coming…

me and vase: “why?!”

rkim: “i walked past their staffroom and mr w_____ was on the phone saying that she killed her ankle…”

us *mixed emotions*: “WOOT NO TEST!!” and “aiyooo, she’s ok, yeah?”

then shaz and rach comes, and we tell them… everybody (when i say everybody, i mean 6 ppl) jumping up and down and going “NO TEST YAY!!” while wondering if she was actually ok…

then after our little bout of celebration, rkim goes

“you know im joking, right??”

us *mouth drops*: “ARE U KIDDING?!”


turns out she was just late == but hey, it was only a vocab quiz…


at musical, one of the teachers held up a scarf that was left there on saturday, and sed

“wat a shame that’s not reeli my style… well, not reeli, but i do have a pair of fishnets at home…” (i think thats wat he sed)


then after musical, syd and i were feeling sorta high, and we started waving at bezzle’s phys class. some ppl waved back :] then syd decided to do the YMCA dance… we got the Y and the M, but we did the C backwards, and i collapsed laughing during the A. ahhh, wat utter failure. they had no idea wat we were ‘signalling’, but at least we turned plenty of heads :D


debate: do you think capital punishment (ie. death penalty) should exist??

(we did this in com… gahh)


Vaccinations make us high.

by car.

the title says it all.

but ill say more xD shazzie laughed/cried for 2 pds straight, all through german and commerce, and our comm sub got a bit….annoyed. but it was pretty funny, esp since the rest of the class had no idea what she was laughing at xDD


then i kept laughing randomly at the beginning of science, and poor cloud thought i’d gone nutty. ah well….

then jane m told me that she stacked it while playing handball, while waiting for vaccination….i laughed so bad, i feel mean xD


YAY I GOT A STICKER!!! ahahahahhahah


and dont you just hate it when somebody tells you something, or says a random line, or meant to hint at something, and you had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what they’re talking about??!


and btw, for that person out there who wants to know, almonds are as cool as macadamias, peanuts, brazilian nuts, cashews, pistachios…etc. and walnuts.

you know who you are.


i feel random S:


by car.

hey y’all!! we’ve reached 100 posts =D this one’s the 101st. wooot!! nice to see we’re still going….slow pace….but we aint dying YET =P

Mannnn, so hot over past week, then this week is so cold. brrrrr… 

heh, yesterday, i decided to begin a session of stoning during double ag. so i dragged poor squid to stone with me, and we stood there in the middle of the plots staring out at the farm. then johnny comes and stares at us staring at the farm =D and he goes “… is somebody taking ur photo?!” and bezzle was like “no! they’re stoning, and they told me to get out of the way!!” hehe it was awesome. poor squid, i dont think she enjoyed that as much as i did xDD


nawwww ppls are at camp from today till thurs, they had canteen beach day yesterday, va excursion is today… there’s NOBODY LEFT in this skool!!! arghhh i want holidays ~


ohh, han came back today (Y) and then we found out he was gonna join our german class, since he liked it, and couldn’t continue with SDD. so the general opinion from our deutsch class:

cool, new person (and we have nothing against him ;])

nooooo!! breaking the ‘dynamics’…no more 6 ppls, which was good for pairs… meaning somebody will have to volunteer to go with him/walker for partner work. its complicated.

we’re a pretty close bunch already, and we know each other. like, me and vase basically predicted everybody’s reaction to this news.

our whole class will slow down while we wait for him to catch up, then he’ll ACE IT and BEAT US ALL. ohh, and one more person to compete with =/

i think it’ll be cool to have a new person to talk to during our lessons xDD and han’s pretty interesting, u know? and we wouldn’t wanna have any other person join our awesome class!! but i guess the marks are gonna be pretty unfair from now. he’ll have heaps to catch up on, and the tests wont be fair. vase thinks he shoulda chosen something like va. watevs – it’s not something we can change :]


heh, it was cold today, so most of our grade was in W1.6 at lunch. oh yeah, i remember wat i was gonna say. my msn hasnt been working properly since i downloaded the newest version, and it usually doesn’t work ….and now, ebuddy doesn’t work either!!! ARGHH. my contact list wont show up!!!

i feel like ive been raging a lot recently =(


by car.

today was mentally chaotic. It felt like somebody died and i didn’t know.

in com, as we were entering the room, a guy in the class asks “sir, when are our laptops coming?” then the teacher whipped around and started screaming at him. amongst many things, he called him an “arrogant, insolent moron” and slammed the textbooks down onto the table. it was dead quiet after that. very scary. maybe something went wrong in the morning, or the whole laptop thing was bugging him, but, as my friend sed, it’s unethical for a teacher to take it out on a student like that. half the class had geo with him next, and were going “ohgosh, aiyaa”, but he’d mostly calmed down by then thankfully. we did more sketching ^^ here’s last time’s school farm =) (its blurring from the scanning…sorry)


school farm sketch


we got our maths yrlies back (cant they take longer to mark them!? haha) and at recess, heaps of ppls were crying. i guess i cant empathize with them, since i dont have strict parents and i dont set such high standards for myself. yay, i improved :] but hey, all those who were unhappy with their mark prob beat me… at the beginning of recess, i felt high (prob coz of the choccy i was eating) and by the end of it, i felt like crying too =( gosh, it was depressing. i wont say anymore, coz then u might all think im insensitive =/

heyy, its the 20th anniversary of the taking down of the berlin wall today, i think. we spent a while in german reading up on articles about it… and talked about clothes in deutsch. we spent a while talking about the difference between jumpers, jackets, windcheaters and sloppy joes. ARGH. I like wearing a t-shirt, shorts and thongs -> Ich trage gern ein T-shirt, Shorts und Flip-Flops. see? it’s pretty easy =P

and wats wrong with “servus” ?? (besides it sounding like servant in latin…)

Fav. Newsletter

by car.

that’s right my little minions… my favourite skool newsletter is this week’s. so much thats interesting in there =D

from the unveiling of our past principal’s portrait, to a change of reports for next year. from building new buildings to language learners. it’s all in there darlinks…

(yeah, im feeling slightly high)

so reports. there is gonna be ONE WHOLE PAGE for each subject…and a record of extracurricular activities…and a student learning profile…? i dunno what that is…

blahblahblah. to interesting stuff.

we’re having a new building?!?! is that the bit next to the music room that alex nearly ran into?? looks sqishy…so maybe not…’sides, i liked that place :] so i wonder where this new building is … hmm…

and hey! we’re finishing skool on tuesday YAY

ohh, and of course, i forgot to mention – YEARLIES 09 OVER!!

we’ll of course be looking forward to next yrs…heh heh.


also in the newsletter was a bit on language learners. so on behalf of the german class, i would now like to classify us as “visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learners”. We like to look at piccies and talk to each other in spouts of grammatically-incorrect german (we’re getting there…). We like to learn by “touching and manipulating objects” – a wonderful example would be tuesday’s lesson, when our teacher brought in magnetic “kath & kim” with attachable clothing. im proud to say that we spent one whole period putting different clothes on them, taking piccies, laughing at some of the weird and ugly styles of clothing, and had fun in general =) Kinesthetic, you say? yes indeed. We “like movement and need frequent breaks” during our lessons. Since the end of last term, we have been asking for getting 5 mins breaks during double lessons, to check out what fun the other classes are up to freshen up and re-energise, i guess. *shhh* Yes, these breaks are mandatory for our learning and our health too ;] esp. as summer is nearing…ARGH hot… Ohh, and now the french class is going to complain and ask for breaks as well =D

ahhh, ich liebe meine deutsch klasse =P