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i was really REALLY bored, ok?

by bezzle

So I took some quizzes

YES I know it’s a dating site.  NO I didn’t go on it for any other reason than wanting to do some quizzes and avoid my maths homework.

Oh, and HI EMILY I found this on tumblr one day :D



by cloudier

i love how they look but i’m too scared to use them

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I propose:

by cloudier

changing the theme of this blog to Ambiru with a modified header image and the categories, weblog and archives moved into pages.

is this called “being grounded”?

by Squido~

i think i have literally been grounded.
for today.
i’m not allowed to ‘take flight’ and leave home in any way, shape, form, or mode of transport. mum’s rule.

well i ended up browsing the web for… how many hours? closing pop-up ads is such a pain when you’re on an ipod touch Dx

anyhow, i came across this and i thought it was interesting:

omg how do you insert images. screw it just click the link if you’re interested and hope it works.

this next one’s about graphology; deciphering the quirks of handwriting to reveal personality traits. not too complex.

good night !


good ni

here’s something else interesting about what your handwriting reveals about your personality:

First day of holidays

by bezzle

Today sucks.  It’s meant to be all chillaxing and sleeping in, but no.  Mum expects me to do more chores ‘because I have the time’, and about 50% of what she has said to me today has been nagging of some sort or the other.  About how I can’t have a screenshot of Narimiya Hiroki/Shinagawa Daichi making a cute face as my desktop.  About how I can’t close the study room door because I’m probably doing something ‘that shouldn’t be seen’ (I was reading manga).  About how I look like I don’t have a family (???) and should go and be a loner somewhere else.  About how I’m not allowed to watch stuff on the computer. 

I think more people in the house dilutes the attention, which is good.  But I like the house quiet.  Dilemma…

Also.  I’ve gotten away with reading manga/watching dramas/watching anime more on school days than I have last night and today.  There’s something wrong with that, not just my daily procrastination.

You know what hurts?  Something someone calls you when they’re angry, like ‘hopeless’, or ‘bitch’, when you know it’s not true/they don’t mean it, but you still take it to heart.

I shouldn’t be complaining about my family on a blog like this. (Yes, I don’t like angst either, if this is defined as angst.)But hopefully, at the end of these two weeks, I can look back on this post and delete it, because the holidays turned out to be much better.  Which they should be, with the amount of time I’m going to be away from home.

“My cup of sorrows is a whine glass.”