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questionable plastic objects

by bezzle

WordPress image editting is the worst (it said it saved my crop!  And then the image reverts back to the original!) so here is the original screenshot:

Pokemon XXX

by lavenderbluf



by lavenderbluf


This was the first photo I have ever posted on a public Facebook page and it got over 1000 likes!!!

BTW never attempt squats in cargo pants you WILL rip them

Thanks to Jerry, my sister’s boyfriend for providing me with such a funny picture moment

irrelevant things on youtube

by bezzle

Transliteration: kore ga ima wadai no ianfu desu ka?

Translation: is this the comfort women (which are the current topic)?

I found this on a leaked Kara Speed Up music video on youtube.

let me interrupt your studying with some rick santorum

by bezzle

Yeah, hating on Rick Santorum is unoriginal, but it still incenses me every single time.  Yeah, the internet is a free place for everybody.  Yeah, there’s stupid people on the internet.

This site.  Makes you want to kick things.  Cuss, strangle, stab, etc.

I actually read the entire first FAQ page wondering if this was some very exaggerated troll RPer…but nope.  Either they plan on taking this RP very seriously…or someone actually shares Santorum’s views.

If anyone reads that site, hopefully you’re at least progressive enough to realise ALL most of this person’s views are considered ultra-conservative/idiotic.

But the insinuation about socialists being racists grates me so much because I’m a left-left winger.  Not only is it hypocritical, it’s just plain wrong.

Also I’m guessing the “most of my gay friends” must mean ‘most of his nonexistent gay friends’.

Some gems I found on the site.

Respect, My Little Pony fandom.

Because that's what we've spent several weeks learning in Modern History...

And this one is a little mean…

edit – ARGH why is there an error in the 2011 3u answers?!  Okay, better get off this tumblr before I flood this post with a lot of ‘gems’; I’d probably end up screenshooting the whole site.

edit edit – I can’t resist.  Here’s the last one.

edit edit edit – I see why I can’t stop reading now.  All this idiocy…it’s sorta amusing.  In a ‘let’s find the most irrelevant and blatantly wrong reasons for social phenomena and try to annoy as many people as possible who aren’t male white-supremacist Christians who hate blacks, non-heterosexuals, sex, women, etc.’ sort of way.