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You lied to me !

by bezzle

Tuesday was not a very good day.  Started off with me missing my bus, so had to go back and drop my sister off, and on the way this person crashed into our car, so I had to take her to school, and then wasted more time waiting for Dad to pick me back up, then got to school hoping to make it a ‘good and proper’ late.  But noo, the roll call bell rang as soon as I entered the building.

English was stressful.

Watched Run, Fatboy Run in PE.  It was funny and cute (and a bit weirdly gross) and scabbed cashews off Ben, in exchange for Soothers.  Cold season is now in force, surprisingly late this winter.  So now my indulgence is blackcurrant Soothers, and I have a pack-a-day habit for tissues.

Commerce was just bludging around, and then after school physics was so…guilt-trippy.  None of us pay full attention to Jowa, who is such a nice guy and a good tutor too.  It’s just too easy to tune out, especially because his whiteboard markers have run out and it’s too hard to see the board.

Was adding songs to my library, and came across this song that I used to (and still?) liked a lot:

Also, I find the first verse of this song very witty/funny:

That’s why I might just celebrate tonight
and if you aint down with it then get on your bike
to saint elswhere, who the hell cares
I’m in great shape, you need healthcare
If you cant say something nice then keep quiet or come to the club, there’s girls there

Random thought: why don’t people put wardrobes in bathrooms?  Because it’s so annoying when you’re taking your clothes in for a shower, and you leave something out/forget. 


Uh, it’s Friday now, and I’m happy.  Had two and a half days off school, so it’s like two weekends in a week 8D  It was Ben’s birthday today –


and yes, I hope you appreciate your gifts, and have fun explaining the bear to your parents~  Just try to show that nice guy side more often, ‘kay? 

The bear which we sprung on Ben with at the beginning of science, and he was amazed that he didn’t find out about it.  Not surprising, seeing as I had it, and came to school today during recess. 

Ehehe I have somehow managed to make Jeffrey want to break a collarbone.  He says he wants to experience getting knocked out by anaesthesia, after questioning me during science.  It was somewhat amusing.  Here’s what happens:

– if you inhale happy gas, you inhale…nothing really happens…then you wake up after the surgery like nothing happened.

– if you get it through an IV needle, you feel it going through the vein in your arm.  Then you’re out.

Who’s going on ag camp?  I have somehow decided to do ag, and I don’t know anyone going…

What also makes me happy is something that happened after school today :)

Wait…that sounds dodgy.  IT’S NOTHING DODGY.

Victor’s quote corner:

Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking.
– Dave Barry


three days’ madness

by bezzle


I got up at BEFORE the crack of dawn to get to school.  Had to catch the bus to UWS.  Originally, we were all hardcore studying on the bus (which was quite empty), but I think we began to give up, mostly just due to sheer laziness.  Well, that was what I was doing.

Got to Granville station, picked up people and continued off on the journey to Campbelltown.  

Victor had gotten out his portable speakers, and was playing his music, when he went to the front of the bus to go talk to Richard.  Matt and Ben hijacked the speakers, with Victor still oblivious to the fact that Glee and Baby were playing at a rather loud volume…

The brain bee was held in the school of medicine on the UWS campus, and when we got there all of us really stood out – all the other schools had about three or four students, and there was this mass of about twenty people signing in and collecting free t-shirts :)

Went into the lecture theatre, and everyone did round one of the individual quiz – the questions were on a powerpoint, and it was over really quickly – about 20 minutes!  Forwarded out for morning tea with random tarts and fruit and sandwiches.  The bread is SOOO soft and tasty there.  And the tart had some sort of clear jelly on top that tasted like jam. 

Got some talks from a professor making bionic eyes and some honor/masters students about the joy of science, and then came the team challenge, where Richard, Beryl, Rachel and Vaish were in.  They came third, after the winners Baulko and the runner-up Presbyterian. 

Lunch!  The last third of the line (including me!) got vegetarian lunch boxes, but they were really nice!  The bread (and some Turkish bread too?) was really soft again…ahhh… and quiche!  I love quiche!  And some sort of caramel slice.   :D

Activity after lunch – shocking nerves.  Went into some computer lab, with massive HP touchscreen desktop computers.  Claudia fiddled with the tablet for a bit.  Ben volunteered to be the victim who got their nerve shocked with a current ranging from 8-20mA.  The transformer was connected to the computer, and all the data was automatically entered too.  Was cool.

After came the team challenge final, and the individual final.  The team placings ended up the same as what they were before, and the individual one was won by a Baulko guy, with a Presbyterian girl coming second and Jim coming third (good job :D).  Note the order was the same ==

However, the prizes were pretty neat.  Teams who came second and third got 2gb ipod shuffles, winners nanos.  Individual division third got shuffle, second nano and first a touch.  They all got a brain textbook too.  The poor guy who came first has to study this massive textbook for the next stage (nationals?).  Ahh, the price for coming first…

Bus home…


Science and Engineering Day!  Got to Macquarie Uni quite early, waited till the thing actually started (our school was the only one there in the beginning…wondering if we were gonna end up going against ourselves…) and off to activities!

I was in a full day activity – mission to Mars.  Involved building a ‘buggy’ that would traverse an extremely bumpy surface – the highest bumps were 4cm tall O__O  So that took the whole day, and we didn’t do too bad (Tree, Sandra, Steven Phan and me).  OOOOH orange tree!  TEEHEE SORRY.

At the end of the day, bridge tests!  Just at the end, our school got usurped by Roseville College in points, so we came second and got a glass trophy and a framed award that had a picture of some students from last year ==

I think it was cool how all of us joined together in playing a game of sit-down volleyball – even the scorers joined it :D

Caught a bus to Epping with Sydo.  On the way, a large group of boys in school uniform got on.  And then Syd noticed Timothy O_____O  He’s a former classmate, who I hadn’t talked to/seen since the end of Year Six.  We shiftily watched as he boarded our bus and walked past out seat, ending up just a seat away across the aisle (but people were in standing in between because the bus was packed).

So we both loudly debated whether or not to say hi – Sydo on the affirmative, as she’d feel ‘guilty’.  I thought he wouldn’t recognise/remember us.  Soon, Tim says hi to Syd, who he does remember and they start a conversation. 

Soon we’re at Epping, and we all disembark.  Timothy begins to walk away, Syd rebukes me about how I should have said something.  I say that he won’t recognise me.  So Syd runs up and pushes me over, and asks Tim – “Do you know her?”.  To which he goes “Errrr….”, and I helpfully supply “Hi, I’m *insert name here*.”  His eyes widen and looks shocked.  ==”

Syd cracks up.

So far, this fits in with my previous meeting with a primary school classmate.  Beginning of the year, I said hello to Annie and she didn’t know who I was either.  “You look familiar… do I know you? Charmaine?!”  I introduce myself.  “OHHH…!”  [note: not the Charmaine from our school]

I conclude my face is much different from my Year Six days.


First day of school for the term!  Started off with a nice 1.6km run in nippy noodle weather.  Urgh.  I should have known several weeks of inactivity would take some sort of toll.  Did some more fitness testing.  Had a sub for English and breathed a sigh of relief – I hadn’t finished the assignment.  Recess was intense – had to find Julia/talk to the head of science about the speech in two periods time/write the speech/fix up commerce project/do maths enrichment.  So was also very glad when we didn’t have to present our comm today, so spent the time writing a very hasty speech.

During assembly, sat at the front with Johnny and Rachel, who were talking about brain bee, and Tree, who was doing the speech about science and engineering day with me.  He’s awesome.  Talking in front of the whole school is a bit weird.

Today was such a horrible day stress-wise, so when I found out today is 7/11 one dollar day (Kettle chips, flavoured milk, mother, Cornettos, donuts and other baked stuff all one dollar!) I decided to take the opportunity to *reward* myself.  My normal walk to the bus stop (on which 7/11 is en route) was joined by a mob of people eager to get bargains too xD

By some stroke of luck, the counter had NO QUEUE when I got my double choc Cornetto.  Except for three Cumbo guys, who kept buying packets of Kettle chips ==  They kept taking armfuls of packets, and running back for more.

Got home happy as I ate my icecream on the way.  Except it dripped on my shoe.



a black comedy

by bezzle

this morning, i slept through my alarm (so what else is new?) and finally dragged myself up at 7:40, with bball training started at 8.  hence a lot of mental cursing, and rushed breakfast (thank goodness i ran out of that uncle toby’s stuff.  it doesn’t taste as good when you’re rushing).  made it on time.  phew.

had to watch a debate in period 3, so the guys’ bball teaching thing got cut short.  the debate was about streaming classes, alex, suraj, beryl and shaz against some very tall and buff looking stratfield girls.  our school lost.  has anyone ever noticed that debate adjudicators are always young women?  i’ve never seen an old man, or, even a male do the adjudicating.  hmmm.  i thought it was a close debate (although the stratfield girls’ arguments were a tad random) but i personally don’t like streaming classes.  maths class makes me miserable.  so i’m glad that i sit near funny and helpful people :)

commerce was amusing.  felt a bit dissatisfied with my own mark, but nothing there wasn’t anything i could do about it, so i just played mr squiggle with julia while everyone unsuccessfully scabbed marks.  it was very fun :D BUT BUT that chick was cute… [i mean the bird – oh wait that still means- the BABY CHICKEN.  geez.]

had physics again.  i’m still feeling ambivalent about it.  of course, finding out i got top in the class for the test i didn’t know much about and getting a block of chocolate from jowa definitely helps.  sydo joined our class yayayayayayay! 

remember when i mentioned the talkative dudes in our class?  yeah well today they were talking about farts and stuff (it varies from girls to other puerile topics xD) and they started talking about ‘sharting’.


if you don’t know what that means, i’m pretty sure you can guess.  anyhow, that word kept randomly popping up in my head for the whole of the lesson.  chris, i’m mentally scarred.  don’t talk so loudly ==’

a song i like:


Ethics? Morals?

by car.

Our blog is going pretty lazy right now… i should post up something about musical… but i reeli cbb. there’s only a few interesting things about it anyway xD


2. LMAO at the sound effect on friday night – it was supposed to be a ricochetting bullet sound, but the s&l ppl accidently made it into a car-revving sound xDD so it was like… *clicks fake gun in air* VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!

3. the random hyper yr 7 girl!! omgosh, at the food fair (which was overpriced and sorta a fail) this girl – i found out her name was Holly – came up to me and started gushing ‘OMGOSH HIIIIIIIII!!!!’ i gave her a withering wtheck look, and she was like ‘omgosh, soooo sorry!! i thought u were somebody else.. bye!!’      i thought that was the end of it, but she came back THREE MORE TIMES to say ‘HIIII HEIDI!!!!’     WTHECK?!?! MY NAME IS NOT HEIDI!  (I DO NOT COME FROM YOUR PRIMARY SCHOOL! geez, sandra’s stalking-ness is totally rubbing off on me :S) at least it’s a nice name tho. cept it reminds everyone of germany/switzerland, mountains, pigtails and sheep >.>  carmen  Heidi the Shepherdess. great.


oh yeah, so that thing about ethics and morals. havent we always learnt in pe and history and english etc, that our values/morals/attitudes are influenced by our education, background, culture, status etc??? Of course, wat im talking about refers to our laptops. the charter we signed was so vague. there was no clear line between wat was right and wat was wrong. heck, i didnt even know that using other ppls’ accounts was identity theft. of course, i know that using a teacher’s account to access certain websites was ‘wrong’, but wat about if you were given permission? and we werent supposed to use our own internet accounts on other ppl’s laptops either. how is that ‘wrong’?? it wasnt in our charter. if it was, i dont remember.

i think the best way to move forward now, is to introduce a program that will explain to us the exact boundary between wat we can do on our laptops, and wat we cant. wat’s illegal, and wat’s not. coz half the ppl who did something ‘wrong’ on their laptops, had no idea that it was wrong. like the identity theft thing.

and wat’s ‘wrong’ for one person, might be ‘right’ or ‘ok’ for another.


the emotions of ppl around me affect my own. like when my sister gets pissed, i do too. we both stomp around the house and have a grey cloud surrounding us. when i see my friends happy, i am too (altho i might not necessarily show it, since i might be ‘conserving energy’; ie. stoning xD).

so when ben and geoff were arguing today in science, i got pretty upset. i hate conflict. i dont know why. i cringe when teachers start yelling at us in class. maybe thats why i dont like our commerce sub, coz he cant control us, and he uses random techniques to try to get our attention, like keeping us in for lunches, making us rip out a piece of paper, scrunch it up, then chuck it into the bin… wtheck?!!, and making us sign a stupid contract, which says we werent allowed to talk, misuse laptop, listen to music, watch videos, play games, wander around the classroom, breathe.


i shall hereby stop ranting (:

OH but b4 i do, i have something to say… a small sentence that has a BIG IMPACT!

here goes….



sorry sun, i WAS gonna take a piccy of that cool rubber band and blog it, but it was very very blurry =( oh yeah, so for those who dont know, sun wrote ‘vain’ on a piece of stretched-out rubber band like, 20 times… when it sprung back to it’s normal size, all you can see are vertical lines :DD it’s epicly awesome xD


by cloudier

hey non-commerce people !

i have an idea. we should get a group of people to jig during period 6-7. going to the lecture theatre sounds extremely boring.

if you want to tag along, comment please (:

destinations, avoiding teachers etc. will be decided when enough people comment