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Month: September, 2009


by car.

this is going to be a relatively short post. i just wanted to quote something.


we were given back our tests in science (after a day, whoah fast marking). yesterday, the periods were shortened, so the teacher cut out some questions so that we had less to do. so today, when we got the tests back, he told us that some of us did those questions even tho he told us not to…yes, i spose some of us didn’t listen, but we were doing test??

ok, i quote “there’s obviously something wrong with you all and your learning.” and he went on to say that we didnt do as we were told, that we were rude, that we only memorise everything without reading it properly, that it was poor exam techniques.  again, with the stereotyping. i personally call that verbal abuse. it was much worse during the actual lesson; here i just summarised. why is it that some people always think it’s others doing wrong and never themselves?


and somebody made fun of my name again >=(


otherwise, it was an alright day… yay, me and vonny did lotsa newspaper puzzles after circus sport =) hula-hooping around your legs is fun!! cept it hurts…my body hurts…==’


so much to say.

by bezzle

in a very good mood today!!

hiphop was last today, and we had only just finished choreographing!  however we got many compliments while practising – thank you guys =)  yay it’s over over over!  everyone’s dances were very good. 

had to get up early to bake a slice for a competition and do my maths homework this morning.  heehee i was late to class so the people in my dance group thought i was away and freaked out.  it’s all good, guys.

three days of school left!  three!  one, two, three!  nothing much is going to happen in the holidays for me though…

was walking towards the bus stop and two year eleven dudes (from our school, might i add!) were behind me, and here is there conversation (i can’t remember it all, ‘blah blah’ means some other talk) :

dude 1: … blah blah… as you like it…  blah blah…

dude 2: as you like it… what’s as you like it?

dude 1: it’s shakespeare

yes i realise i need a good pair of casual shoes – i’m a terrible shopper.  well, you know how everybody wears converses?  i like the adidas superstars better (not that i’ve ever worn them) because they look cooler.  but converse have lots of colours and designs.  still, check these out


i found this written on a tag in one of my t-shirts:


in case you can’t read it, it says: ‘strawberry is the best icecream flavour’.  that’s propaganda, i reckon.  any ice cream flavour is the best.  so long as it’s icecream.


dad woke me up two minutes before my alarm clock.  my porridge was stone cold so i heated it up.  it was boiling hot.  as i put the empty bowl into the sink i zapped the sink/the sink zapped me.

had a katakana test first thing in the morning, and found out that i was going to some sort of focus group to discuss PDHPE in period six later that day.  so i freak out.  year twelve graduation assembly was on – it was very poorly organised, i think i’m also going deaf/the microphones were stuffed up.

focus group wasn’t too bad, although the principal mixed up all the girls’ names and my voice sounded like i was about to cry and/or there was something in my throat.

later on went to best friend’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday.  came home at ten thirty.  so tired…

on sunday we went to matthew’s house to practise and choreograph (!) our hiphop routine.  i caught the train at epping and managed to look very stupid.  was later sitting the carriage with carmen and ben, and thought: “this is so surreal.  it’s like a dream.  i’m stuck with carmen and ben in a train after waking up early and feeling half asleep.”

got out at burwood and went into hungry jack’s so matt could pick us up.  carmen and i watched ben eat for half an hour.  i slept with my eyes open

managed to get work done after matt showed off and ben and geoffrey shot at each other playing resistance on ps3.  later on it was lunch, matt’s brother richard bought us pizza and people started playing heavenly sword.

we almost finished that day!  matt’s mum took us to the station and we all talked in cantonese but ben couldn’t understand so he got annoyed.  also, in shanghainese public transport sounds a bit like public toilet

went back home on the train the same way.

Hippity Hoppity

by car.


okok, i should explain the title. cant remember much tho….nobody could be bothered posting this. ==’


so we went to matt’s house on sunday to choreo the rest of our very fail hiphop routine. for bezzle, it was a very history-making moment as me, her and bubbles travelled on the train together (i understand the horror of going with bubbles, but me?! haha jks) we were there for 7 hours – ok, practiced hiphop for 4 hrs and spent the rest of the time playing PS3 and eating pizza. YUMMY.

its crazy how many weapons they can have in one game. and omgolly, those graphics were good. felt slightly sick after a while tho – from dizziness watching the screen; oh, it couldn’t possibly be the violence.


very windy day, but we practised outside coz there was more space. and OH SNAP, we worked out the rest of our routine =) cant think of much more to say…cept that we performed today (after 1 hour of lunch & 1 pd of practice) and i think we did aiite. i mean, they all sed we were in sync for most of it…yay


oh yah, matt, ur comp is so awesome =) and that yellow hoody is VERY….mango-like ;]

OH. AND. MWAHAHAHA. talking in canto to matt’s parents while bubbles and geoff sit there stoning is good. HA. sorry guys =P but sure does make bubbles shut up for a bit.


~ edit ~ bezzle looked hilarious, coz she was carrying a carton of eggs for matt as a thankyou prezzie ==


by cloudier

(i) kerrie, stop using IE6.

you know something is wrong when Google is helping Microsoft.

(ii) music

currently listening to: Chillout Sessions XI (2008), first CD.


  1. Doesn’t Matter (Trentemøller Remix) – Kasper Bjorke feat. Allison Pierce: Love this song. Best part is (4:12) – it has some kind of xylophone and sounds extremely bittersweet.
  2. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi – Radiohead: For me, In Rainbows (album) is love.
  3. TeardropsJosé González: Easy to listen to.
  4. So Sorry Feist: Not as catchy as 1,2,3,4, although that definitely isn’t a bad thing.
  5. Neapolitan Dreams – Lisa Mitchell: Cute name. Cute song too and feels quite happy, even though the lyrics are more on the sad side.
  6. What’s a Girl to Do – Bats for Lashes:
  7. Falcon Job – Ratatat:
  8. Made in the Dark – Hot Chip:
  9. If I Know You – The Presets:
  10. Black & Gold – Sam Sparro:
  11. Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun: If you have never loved Walking on a Dream at some point in time, there must be something wrong with you. (:
  12. Electric Feel – MGMT: Electric Feel gets annoying after a while; I like Weekend Wars more – it’s in the Bonds ‘tee’ ad.
  13. Feel the Love – Cut Copy: I have never heard this song before listening to this compilation. Happy and fun.
  14. Divine – Sébastien Tellier: Not sure why it’s called Divine. Also I’m not this cheerful anyway, I like it.
  15. Erlend – Ted & Francis: Seems jazzy but with a strong beat. Somewhat depressing.
  16. Heartbreaker – Metronomy: Whenever I listen to this song without concentrating on listening to it, it gets on my nerves. Otherwise I’ll like it. Strange.
  17. Ghosts (Modwheelmood Remix) – Ladytron: Almost sour/bitchy but heady. Catchy too.
  18. On My Shoulders – The Dø: The singing keeps on going up and down and it gets on my nerves, but the refrain is beautiful.
  19. With You Forever – PNAU:

[NOTE: tracklist will be updated when i’m bored.]

The tracklist seems ridiculously long until you see tracklists for albums like Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – 30 tracks from one band.

Overall I like this CD though.

(iii) va assignment

A: alphonse maria mucha portrait of woman with peacock feather in a decorative frame 1899

(iv) time – timbaland feat. she wants revenge

she’s too invested in the hours that pass her by

i’d pay attention if i thought it was worth the time

i told her easy but her hands they find a way

confusing passion for the love he never gave

youtube now has a redder favicon.

(v) any patterns?

i wanted each post to have the same amount of points as its name, but putting restrictions on things like that is…restrictive. so it’s not always going to happen anymore.

(vi) blogroll

i’m basically the only person who adds links on the blogroll. just comment or ask if you want to be linked or removed. i also like awesome pictures, preferably 100 by 30, but it’s not required.

blogroll et cetera:

(a) if you leave your mouse over a picture, the name of the blog will come up

(b) also, a screenshot of the blog will appear

(vii) text figures are awesome

(viii) RIP shuttershades.

hopefully i’ll revive you soon.

red shutter sunglasses

red shutter sunglasses

don’t blame it on the sunshine

by bezzle

end of the week, ahhh….

thursday was the accidental death of an anarchist which was sublime.  enough said.

today started on a fail note and then it was awesome!  was attempting to practise hiphop in morning but dudes kept on arguing and everyone was too shy (me!) so got nothing done.  then sharon told us that kiran said mrs m gave us another lesson!!  so happy because we hadn’t even finshed choreographing (yeah i know that is serious procrastinating).

commerce we just looked up pictures of cool stuff because we had to make an ad.  i like those novelty usbs: see


for 2GB it’s USD$125.  but it looks very cool, aye?

but i think the food ones look cute/funny:


it stores 8GB for USD$21!  i would totally buy it!

but the original one i was thinking of was this one:


instead of double history after lunch we were attending the launch of ‘shades4aids‘, a charity where people wear sunnies to raise money which helps HIV positive and negative children in cambodia.  sat next to yvonne and i got my photo taken, grr.  right when i happened to be looking at the guy’s camera.  practically no one asks questions when asked.

learnt what the six step was off chi wai – that guy’s dancing is sooo awesome (i think i’m beginning to run out of adjectives).

came home after waiting for the bus and playing cat’s cradle at the bus stop (and on the bus) with ben, geoffrey and bryan.  reminds me of the simple old days of primary school…

was in the backyard folding the clothes and i had let the chickens out of the coop.  they had got into the strawberries and i shooed them out and one did a poop and i forgot for half a second – turned around and thought  “uh-oh, did i step on the poo?” couldn’t find and then looked under my shoe. 

but that wasn’t the only incident today involving bird poo.  was folding pillow cases and found a crusty bird poo on my pillow case.

reading: gossip girl