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Month: April, 2011

a little pick-me-up before i start cramming

by bezzle

Fanservice~ SOU SOU SOU :)

Matsuzuki-sensei, why have you made it so hard to choose whether to ship Uru with Shindou, Sou or Ichirou?!  ><‘

Even though it’s pretty much given she’ll end up with Shindou :L

brain spew because I’m boring at writing recounts.

by bezzle

Today I went to Luna Park with my family (minus Mum, because she was at work), Kevin and Henry (and their families).  It started off with us trying to find Henry and his sister Maggie as they had already bought their passes and were in the rides.  It took a while, but eventually we met up in Coney Island with Kevin and his brother Raymond as well, and set off on doing the little slides and mazes and stuff inside.  After that, we went to the dodgem cars, where it took us more than half an hour queueing, and I let my sister drive because I haven’t had any good recent experiences with bumper cars D: and she did a good job!  So I took over for a couple of laps and I didn’t stuff up ^^

By then we were cracking hungry, and sat down to a very nice picnic that Kevin and Henry’s parents had brought, and Dad strangely bought some muffins and a box of hot chips, which were an instant hit with us kids.  It was the first thing to go.  I also had iced tea for the first time, I think it was peach flavoured, because it tasted like…peach juice.  On the first mouthful.  The second one had that not-exactly-bitter tea taste.  All the while we were eating, Kevin and Henry’s parents were talking about their kids (in Shanghainese) and I just sat there, bemused and trying to catch on to the gist of the conversation.  It wasn’t one of those vitriolic, comparing-type conversations were academics were measured up and the like, but harmless talk about stuff like height and braces and whether we brushed our teeth before or after eating breakfast (after FTW!) and the difference between fat and not skinny.  It was nice, they’re nice people 8D

After that, Kevin was being a chicken nugget and so instead of the Tango Train we went on the carousel.  I ended up riding backwards on the chariot with my brother, while noticing that Henry had somehow sneaked off without us noticing.  Next was the Ferris wheel, after a lot of dawdling around.  Kevin somehow managed to psych himself up to go…but five minutes into the queue, he said he needed to go toilet, and when he returned, he decided not to join back into the line ==

So we (my sister, Henry, Raymond and I) went, and all this time Maggie was off with her friends which all appeared at least several years older than her O:  By this time all of us couldn’t be stuffed waiting for rides, and spent another half an hour half-heartedly waiting in line in the sun for the Spider (which I had already ridden by myself earlier that day >.>) and afterwards Raymond and I were the only ones who wanted to go on the Ranger.  BUT eventually he chickened out/decided not to go, so I didn’t either, because then I would be lonely.  Meanwhile, Kevin was just sitting with our parents, playing on his phone.

All of us (except for Maggie, still out at large somewhere with her mature-looking friends) just sat with our parents and mooched the remaining Grain Waves and SUPERSUPERSUPER sweet mini Easter cupcakes that Henry’s mum had brought, and none of us dare touched after eating one, as they were basically ‘sugar with a little bit of cake’.  As a side note, the chocolate Easter cupcakes, also from Coles, are quite scrumptious.  Well, the top mostly, because the cake part is just your average supermarket chocolate cake.  The top a thick crust of chocolate ganache with small flakes of chocolate in it ~__~  But back to today!  Sat around doing nothing for an hour, then Kevin’s mum came back with three snow cones.  I have never had a snow cone, and never will if it’s a stall-made one.  Hygiene reasons, not sure if I’ve mentioned the story on this blog before, but I definitely have to some people.  Anyway, wasted another half an hour or so waiting for Maggie, who seemed to get a turn on the Ferris wheel at least two time longer than the one we had >.> and it was getting dark.  So when Maggie finally decided to come back -.- we left to take the train to Town Hall, to have dinner.

Which was at a Japanese restaurant called Yutaka.  It had very good sushi, but everything else was not so good.  The buffet had hot chips!  And pasta salad!  What the hell?!  And another thing I also tried for the first time was miso soup, which is made from…forgot.  But it was something, when I heard, thought sounded unpleasant…but miso soup sounds nice ><  So I had a bowl, and it was bleh.  I somehow managed to crack open my disposable chopsticks neatly yay! The eel was so tasty!  Why can’t Chinese restaurants do that, huh?  That’s why I have such a bad image of eel, because every time we ordered it at a Chinese restaurant the meant wasn’t particularly soft/enticing and there were SPIKY THIN BONES.  Kevin doesn’t like raw fish, but Henry’s mum made him eat one of those slice-of-salmon-with-a-chunk-of-rice-underneath sushi thingos.  We binged on the jellies (you know, those ones in the round plastic cups like the ones we get in Jap class, but rounder) and made a tower, which Kevin tipped over.  I found a dead fruit fly-ish thing under my tofu pocket sushi :x  I’m glad someone got my bad jokes today, thanks Henry.  But you’re still lame too.

Left for a ‘walk’ in Hyde Park, which, now that I think about it, was really just a shortcut to get to the train station so we could go home.  Guided by Henry’s dad’s excellent sense of direction, we didn’t get lost while in the city, but after Henry’s family left for the St. James station we needed the maps on Kevin’s iPhone to get us to Wynyard xD  We managed to get there, and caught the train home.

I think my lips are sunburnt.  What?!

Easter show on Thursday

Went with Sydo to the Easter Show on Thursday, and it took us a while to find each other in the beginning ^^’  We didn’t know what to do first, so we headed to the place all people who go to the Easter Show should go to – the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome!  We loved the Woolworths stalls – so many tasty samples!  And free apple slinkies!  I want one of those machines O_o And the two dip stalls, both of them were so delicious.  Aioli dip is soo nice!  Babaganoush heehee I love saying that word it’s so funny.  And got some discount coupons and a strawberry shortcake recipe, before walking around a bit more for samples, then going into the home and craft section!  Anaconda was having a sale, but I didn’t need another metal bottle ($8.95 O____O that’s less than half of what I paid for my bottle which isn’t from Anaconda though) and I spotted the Carlingford Music Centre stall and Syd had a chat with a guy she knew there.  We spent more than half an hour browsing the artwork and handicraft competition entries, and a lot of the paintings and drawings were MINDBLOWINGLY intricate and beautiful.  There was this immaculate drawing of a nude lady (the artist had done just shading to create depth for her back…it was so light and careful and her hair was so lifelike and thin and the whole picture was so true-to-life) and a colour pencil drawing of a gorilla (which was also impossibly intricate and lifelike) that stood out to me (there are a lot more stored in my temporary memory, just can’t be bothered describing because it’s too bothersome and you’ll get sick of hearing the same words).

Er I can’t remember too well what we did after that, I think we sat in a bench and ate biscuits and Starburst for a bit, then it was…oh yeah we tried to find the flying pigs.  But Syd lost my map, but we managed to get one off a nice old lady who didn’t want hers (haha no we didn’t bash up an old lady for a map) and it turns out that there were no flying pigs that day.  So we sat in the cattle judging tent and watched a football-for-kids training session.  I don’t know why either.  Soon we were bored and we went to see Fonzy, Australia’s tallest steer.  I wonder if i hadn’t gone to an agricultural school, would I go around calling steers cows?  The people behind Sydo and I were…and I managed to catch myself doing it too.  It’s also because there’s no common word for an individual for cattle…’a bovine animal’ sounds too scientific…

After that we went to watch the Psycho Sideshow, after I had missed it when going to the Show for two years in a row, and it was late and we were early too and we watched the usual dance troupes perform and they were pretty good.  And then came on the acrobatic gymnasts, who were spectacular!  They could bend till their heads reached the ground (their body in an arched U-shape, feet facing out) and all these jumps and balancing on each other.. their strength and agility and flexibility amazed me, and made me feel like a fat lump of rock sitting on a seat. There were these very dangerous looking throws that the one guy did with this little girl member.. and they did it to the instrumental? version and the original version of Lady GaGa’s Born this Way xD  among other songs.  So when the Psycho Sideshow came on, I was not that amazed by the ‘world-famous’ contortionist who looked to be one the same level as the teen/tween group we had just seen before.  But the rest of the show was still entertaining and very ‘freakish’, just not particularly creative except for the foot juggling, because that’s cool 8D

Then we went to the Wool Fashion Parade, which was half an hour late and opened to a half-filled audience.  Before it started, Sydo and I looked around the stalls inside the pavilion and we saw spinners and knitters of wool, they’re soo cool 8D  Watched the fashion show, which got better as it went on (but I feel sorry for the males, not many interesting styles for them ._.).  It was getting late, so we headed over to the twisted chips stall to buy our curly fries!  Man, we felt so unhealthy after that, especially after seeing those dancers ><‘.  We left and went to the train station.

I’ve just had an idea for another post later.  Hope at least one of my fellow bloggers blog by then.  *pointed glare*

here and there

by bezzle

It might just be the pervasiveness of agriculture, but there’s this alarm bell in my head that goes off every time I see people following each other on tumblr and reblogging each other’s posts and stuff because it reminds me of inbreeding D:  I don’t have (a) tumblr, but it from most of the ones I’ve seen (i.e. people of similar age to me) it seems like an exercise in reblogging pictures of:

a) pretty girls with usually hipstery/floral/nude coloured/cute clothing;

b) corny couple pictures;


d) teenage angst related bits of text;

e) pictures of high-heeled shoes;

f) screenshots of movies with funny/life/love moral captions;

g) what is seen cannot be unseen and stupid but mindblowing questions 8D

I was reading Crystal’s blog (and Amanda’s linked post) and I felt very admiring of their articulate-ness :D

We were at the dinner table, and my mum was talking to my sister, when I noticed a cockroach on the window ledge.  I drew their attention to it and we all watched for a bit as the cockroach edged forwards slightly as though judging the distance, stepped backwards and then leaped off for dear life towards the ground as my mum got up to get a tissue to squash it.

And of course, this made my day:

As did this NGAWWW ><

Also suit pyjamas sound awesome.

My most proud achievement this holidays is getting a 150 point bonus in Arcade Mode Fruit Ninja – bomb lover, nine fruit combo and combo god 8D

four days left! soldier on…soldiers…

by bezzle

I AM ONE HAPPY CHAPPY :D  I have just place my order with an English yarn company and bought some lovely yarn to make me a nubbly bag!  They had the exact yarn I need, even the discontinued colours 8D  Here is what it should turn out like:

It appears the webcam on my BRAND SPANKING NEW computer is broken.  Will ask sister when she gets back from camp if she has any idea what is going on, she uses the thing to take luvos and luvo-videos…  I shall go fiddle with my camera.

It’s out of battery.  Am waiting for it to recharge.

Here have some music:

I’ve heard this song lots of times on the radio, but I love the beginning and the chorus because Skylar Grey sounds good (Y)  But her parts work pretty okay with Diddy’s parts, because often I think the slower (usually the featured female singer) parts don’t work with rapping parts.

Oh here we go:

YAY bobbles!  Hope I’ll get the hang of it, and this picture shall be a reminder for me to finish this project once I start it, because knitting is one of those things you forget about totally if you get lazy.



I was walking to Carlingford Court, to record my good ol’ beef prices, and behind me (about 2-3 metres away) was an old lady, and she had this really strong perfume-y smell.

And it really reminded me of primary school – there were a couple of older ladies who worked at my first school as teachers and helpers.  I can’t put a name to the scent, but it just gave me a nostalgic feeling.

And no, I didn’t know that lady.

It also got me kinda freaked out as to how this woman (and presumably a lot more out there) have the exact same scent.  Is there a brand of perfume that is popular with old women?  A brand of soap?  It’s very distinctive.

While I was walking through the shops I heard ‘Breaking Free’ playing.  That’s right – that High School Musical song.

I love those price reduction stickers on the baked food section in Coles/Woolworths :)  And the flavoured milk :)


by bezzle

Come on, you know it’s the cutest thing ever.

Chiba-kun (Y)  And it’s so sweet how far they go for her :3

Also, the most emotional and thrilling manga I’ve read so far goes to Mars. It’s a high school romance, but it’s got so many dimensions – a psychopath underage killer, illegitimate parentage, sexual assault, sibling suicide – it was a rollercoaster and even though now that I look back at it it’s probably rather heavy on the dramatic, dark stuff like the aforementioned, but in the end their love is beautiful and much more believable and soul-connecting.  ARGH can’t really find the right words but it’s a 15 volume series but the art is wonderfully simple (it’s a josei/shoujo romance, but the ideas and art are of the more realistic and mature josei genre) and not at all a dragged out story.  I loved it.

There’s a Taiwanese drama, but the main characters didn’t look that attractive to me, and the manga was more than satisfying anyway.

I would also like to say that I am looking forward to Kaminomi season two coming out in less than two weeks :)