company of three, black peppermint tea

sentimentality time

by car.

ahh this blogging rustiness. I don’t know what made me click on this after two years, but I just wanted to say, we had a good run.

Thanks for all the fun times and wackiness and helping me drag my table every o’reilly class so we could be a rebel row of 3 :D I feel like I have forgotten so much.

Oh by the way, I still enjoy reading The Sad Tale of Mr McGee sometimes hahahaha


end of year

by bezzle

It’s been a while.  Since uni began, we’ve definitely moved apart as we meet new people, make new friends and study at different places.  Even though we don’t see each other much or at all, you’ll always be special to me.  Here’s to the six of us.

the story behind stumpy

by bezzle

Why pigeons’ feet are often missing toes

Finally, an answer.

kill bill

by bezzle

Bloody awesome and I have no words to do it justice.

by cloudier

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