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Month: November, 2009


by bezzle

for these past few days i have been watching this anime called ultra maniac, and i’ve never really watched stuff in this genre before, except for pokemon (the best ever!) and sailormoon, when i was five or something.

Ultra Maniac Pictures, Images and Photos

i think it’s very good, but like i said, i wouldn’t know how it compares with other anime.

Nina Sakura is a trainee witch who has come down to earth to find five Holy Stones, as whoever finds them will marry the Prince of the Magic Kingdom.  She meets Ayu Tateishi, a fellow seventh grader, and Nina reveals her secret to Ayu, and they become best friends, with Nina trying to help Ayu with her love for Tetsushi Kajii.

Nina’s childhood friend from the Magic Kingdom, Maya, also comes down to earth to find the Holy Stones before her, and Nina has to try to stop everybody else from finding out she is a witch.

nina’s the blondish one…  and her cat is really cute.

and after dad told me off for playing bubble spinner (well, it is a sad game.  but warning, it can be very ADDICTIVE)
because it’s one of the only games that manages to load really quickly even when i’m capped, i realised that i’m suffering from a bad case of nothing-to-do-and-nowhere-to-go-itis.  it feels quite depressing, that the only thing that really matters right now is the hsc.  i’m beginning to understand hikikomori, all that pressure and stress.

things i want to do in the upcoming holidays:

– swim, swim and swim

– survive the car trip to and from the gold coast

– somehow get rid of my sock tan (thank goodness i wear anklets, at least)

– go out with a friend at least once

– chill

– find a hobby (hard, this one…)

i’m glad for school.

and i tried reading twilight last week.  the first, what, fifteen pages bored me out of my brain, and it’s not in the library anymore, so i’m not going to bother. the latest topic is not the twilight saga or new moon the movie but rather the craze itself. 

Psychologically it’s hard for girls to resist the idea of a vampire, a good boy but ultimately bad, attracted to you but having to stay away for the sake of your life.



by cloudier

Perfume: The story of a murderer, by Patrick Süskind, is one of the strangest novels I’ve ever read. (I’d like to see the movie based on the book.)

Found a beautiful stepping of Acid Vision, plus video. Sucks that I can’t play it without constant on.

I should remember to tag my blog posts.

Geometry and Art Intersect in Outer Space

I really want to say something poetic, but I can’t think of anything. Maybe I’ll get some song lyrics. I hate that I can’t share how I feel about a song, only the trigger for that feeling – most people will probably ignore my massive amounts of youtube-mv spam.


by bezzle

yet another carbonkids day.  gawsh, everyone used to be so excited at a week of bludge, and now i think most people want school back.  so it’s not only me who’s nuts!  (if everybody has the same problem, is it a problem anymore?)

also, everybody generalises our school.  that’s because its got an academic reputation and all, etc.  but the unfair expectations of people who visit our school (and sometimes people inside it) is really annoying.  we are ordinary teenagers.  we are sometimes rowdy, especially when you do not need our attention.  we are not people who are obsessed with maths (well, not most of us).  we are not all living in poverty.  we are reasonable if you listen to us.  sometimes all we need is a bit of respect.  just don’t treat us differently.

we were supposed to invent something to ‘stop climate change’.  but you can’t get creative juices running on demand.  so most people just did other stuff on their laptops.

and about ‘climate change’.  the global climate is constantly changing.  please use a more descriptive term.  and carbon does not do anything to the atmosphere, as far as i know.  correct me if i’m wrong.  it’s carbon dioxide that we’re worrying about. 

we’re all just getting so jaded to this ‘global warming’ thing.  YES I DO BELIEVE HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING IS IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE THE TOP OF OUR PRIORITY LIST, WITH THE ECONOMY A CLOSE SECOND.  however, with everyone telling us this and all the information and warnings bombarded at the public in general, maybe this is contributing the inaction of some people. 


wait, i’m not finished…


okay i think i’m finished.

stupid moment of the day: picking up a ball in the bushes, and getting stabbed a centimetre from my eye with a stick.  it was in front of me and still i got scratched.  hmph.


by car.

There are so many things that you wish you could control. So many things you want, so many you wish would disappear. So many things I’ve done that I’m proud of, lots of things that’ve made me happy. But then there are those times when I wish I could take back something I’ve said, or something I did.

And like I said, so many things I want. Simple things, like being happy, safe, wishing for this week to be over (…or are they not so simple?) And then maybe other things that are impossible in this life, like wanting to fly. I’m not one to wish for top marks or winning an award. Why do I think they’re less important?

Maybe I’m having this little reflection now because I’m having the boring-est week ever. Or maybe I’m listening to glee songs. Or because that’s just who I am.

Remember the personality test we had in SLP? I don’t know if it’s completely accurate or just a load a crap, but if my friends could guess which one I am…

“People with _ _ _ _ preferences have a gift for intuitively understanding complex meanings and human relationships. They have faith in their insights and find that they empathically understand the feelings and motivations of people before the others themselves are aware of them.”


But I thank God for everything I already have.


by cloudier

almond is having a bad day today.

another random piece of interesting.

i was standing there and she was like ‘this is an invitation for me to kick your ass. Actually i rather keep my shoes clean’

nancy, Tuesday 24th Nov 8:56