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Month: June, 2010


by cloudier


2010 Custom Built Motorcycles Pro Street Light Cycle CBR R1


mir ist so langweilig.

by car.

which does NOT mean ‘i am so boring’, but ‘i am so bored’.

humbuggy. i like that word (:

this is how boring my life is becoming… i was rambling to myself in german (or attempting to) while the jap students all revised on their eggplants and mushrooms and watnots.

victor, ur such a thief. thank goodness i found johnny and gave him four tickets instead of five. otherwise u would’ve gotten a free ticket. bleurgh.

skool photos D: ach nein! im in second row this year mwahahhahaha NOT because i didnt wear stockings :P i would’ve been in second row anyway :D

goodbye laptop! see you next term… does it reeli take three weeks to wipe our laptops?

ive reeli got nothing else to say.

life keeps moving on, and there’s not enough time to remember everything that you’ve done.


church play this week – so excited (: will be sorta fail, but also very awesome at the same time…

oh yeah! RICE is coming up (: those who want earlybird tickets to both events (Fever and Rally = $25) come to me with ur money by the end of this week… otherwise it’s $15 for each event. Mind you, i prob wont be able to give u the tickets until after the hols, unless im seeing u during the hols… (: plus i have pamphlets for RICE yay


bam bam bambamnita

bambam bambamnita (Y)

chocolate fudge self-saucing pudding

by bezzle

Here’s some more random detritus from my jumbled life at the moment – like a snapshot? 

What I’m making:

I used a slightly different recipe from a puddings cookbook, but there’s a copyright on it, so here’s a substitute.




1 litre milk (full cream will give a richer taste)

4cm piece of vanilla bean or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

6 eggs (at room temperature)

2 egg yolks (at room temperature)

1/2 cup caster sugar

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg



Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.  Grease a 1.5L dish with a height of at least 5cm.  Also, a roasting dish or larger oven dish should be lined with a tea towel.  Place the 1.5L into the roasting dish (it should fit quite easily).

Pour the milk in a saucepan and add vanilla seeds (inside bean) then place on medium heat uncovered for 5 minutes.  Cool milk for 5 minutes after heating, so as to not cook the eggs when they are added.  If using vanilla essence, after the 5 minutes cooling, add.

Using a fork, mix all the eggs, egg yolks and sugar.  Gradually pour in the milk, while whisking.  Then strain the mixture to remove any large particles (such as vanilla seeds).  Pour into the 1.5L dish.  Sprinkle the nutmeg on top of the custard mixture.

After putting roasting dish (with the smaller dish in it) on the middle shelf of the oven, fill the roasting dish with boiling water till it reaches halfway up the smaller dish.  This method of using two dishes, with the outer one holding water, is called bain-marie, or water-bath.

Reduce the oven temperature to 140 degrees.  Bake for 45-55 minutes, or until a knife inserted into the custard comes out clean or with some soft set custard clinging on.  Cool for 5 minutes.



What I’m reading:

-A puddings cookbook.  Half the fun is just looking at the pictures in a cookbook, and especially with a desserts one.  I just wish Mum wasn’t so paranoid about ‘fatty’ foods, and that I could use a full tub of cream without it going to waste.  *siiiigh…  It all looks so TASTY.  And nostalgic.  LIKE RICE PUDDING.  I LOVED THAT STUFF WHEN I ATE IN PRESCHOOL.

-Various manga.  I’ve ‘finished’:

Shiawase kissa sanchoume – Uru’s smile is SO CUTE.  AND THAT LOCK OF HAIR THAT STANDS UP.  They all fall in love with her; it’s a love square ==”

Akuma to love song – Hana reminds me of Annie, from the movie Annie.  Just more evil.

1/2 Prince – I like this one especially.  It’s so random, especially in the latest chapter, where Prince asks her childhood friend how to pee as a guy.  To explain that would be too long, just read it.  Very funny :D

Vampire knight – I ended up rereading the last 10 chapters or so, because I thought I hadn’t finished reading it but it turned out I did.  Musing: why don’t vampires ever crack jokes or laugh?

Kaichou wa maid sama! – this is another really good one.  Gosh, I need to learn more adjectives.  But I especially love the three idiots.  They’re so….idiotic :D  And Usui+Misaki is just pure awesome :) :) :) 

Ouran high school host club – I remember watching the first ep in Japanese in class once, and ended up watching the rest of the anime, then read the manga.  Another awesome one for laughs.

Perfect girl evolution – I love chibi-Sunako.  The setting is a lot like Ouran; Sunako is forced to live with four HOT guys and they attempt to transform her into a lady, etc. And she and the main guy (the hottest guy out of the four – he can’t even hold down a job because he gets sexually harrassed by his bosses of both sexes!) form a superhuman team whenever working with each other, a LOT like Usui+Misaki…

Hana ni arashi – out of all the others I’ve read, the only complete one.  9 chapters, it wasn’t that interesting, but of course you can’t have major plot in such a short span…

Yes I realise all are shoujo manga, I did read a bit of Fairy Tail, but I think my attention got diverted, and sometimes the art is hard to read and ‘messy’ to me.  Also the popular ones like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece are just too long.  I’m kinda pedantic about starting a manga from the first chapter and not reading any other till I finish the one I’m on, so reading those would be quite problematic.

– 206 bones.  I wonder how long Kathy Reichs is gonna continue the Temperance Brennan series – I like it though.

– random fanfics, when I can tear myself away from manga xD

What I’m listening to:

Lady GaGa fan stuff!  I love it when I find songs that aren’t released as singles that are really good!  And this one is no exception – it’s like all of her other well-known songs; electro pop.  Like the other songs on her second album, it’s a bit darker.  Just listen to the chorus!

He ate my heart;

he a-a-ate my heart;

he ate my heart.

Off to go back up my netbook and do that ag speech I’ve been procrastinating~

And we musn’t forget the controversial Victor’s quote corner!  I give up on typing ‘shameless plug’ each time, so SP from now on :D

“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”
Horace Walpole (1717 – 1797)


by cloudier

Menu Mind Games

In his new book, Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It), author William Poundstone dissects the marketing tricks built into menus—for example, how something as simple as typography can drive you toward or away from that $39 steak.

Puzzles, anchors, stars, and plowhorses; those are a few of the terms consultants now use when assembling a menu (which is as much an advertisement as anything else). “A star is a popular, high-profit item—in other words, an item for which customers are willing to pay a good deal more than it costs to make,” Poundstone explains. “A puzzle is high-profit but unpopular; a plowhorse is the opposite, popular yet unprofitable. Consultants try to turn puzzles into stars, nudge customers away from plowhorses, and convince everyone that the prices on the menu are more reasonable than they look.” Poundstone uses Balthazar’s menu to illustrate these ideas.

1. The Upper Right-Hand Corner
That’s the prime spot where diners’ eyes automatically go first. Balthazar uses it to highlight a tasteful, expensive pile of seafood. Generally, pictures of food are powerful motivators but also menu taboos—mostly because they’re used extensively in lowbrow chains like Chili’s and Applebee’s. This illustration “is as far as a restaurant of this caliber can go, and it’s used to draw attention to two of the most expensive orders,” Poundstone says.

2. The Anchor
The main role of that $115 platter—the only three-digit thing on the menu—is to make everything else near it look like a relative bargain, Poundstone says.


[via UX myths]

“You’re the straw to my berry”

by car.

ahhahahahahah im giggling like crazy listening to this very very cheesy albeit cute song xD

enjoy (:



~ edit ~

omgosh, listening to it again…

is it just me or does she sound like justin bieber at the beginning?!!?