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four days left! soldier on…soldiers…

by bezzle

I AM ONE HAPPY CHAPPY :D  I have just place my order with an English yarn company and bought some lovely yarn to make me a nubbly bag!  They had the exact yarn I need, even the discontinued colours 8D  Here is what it should turn out like:

It appears the webcam on my BRAND SPANKING NEW computer is broken.  Will ask sister when she gets back from camp if she has any idea what is going on, she uses the thing to take luvos and luvo-videos…  I shall go fiddle with my camera.

It’s out of battery.  Am waiting for it to recharge.

Here have some music:

I’ve heard this song lots of times on the radio, but I love the beginning and the chorus because Skylar Grey sounds good (Y)  But her parts work pretty okay with Diddy’s parts, because often I think the slower (usually the featured female singer) parts don’t work with rapping parts.

Oh here we go:

YAY bobbles!  Hope I’ll get the hang of it, and this picture shall be a reminder for me to finish this project once I start it, because knitting is one of those things you forget about totally if you get lazy.



I was walking to Carlingford Court, to record my good ol’ beef prices, and behind me (about 2-3 metres away) was an old lady, and she had this really strong perfume-y smell.

And it really reminded me of primary school – there were a couple of older ladies who worked at my first school as teachers and helpers.  I can’t put a name to the scent, but it just gave me a nostalgic feeling.

And no, I didn’t know that lady.

It also got me kinda freaked out as to how this woman (and presumably a lot more out there) have the exact same scent.  Is there a brand of perfume that is popular with old women?  A brand of soap?  It’s very distinctive.

While I was walking through the shops I heard ‘Breaking Free’ playing.  That’s right – that High School Musical song.

I love those price reduction stickers on the baked food section in Coles/Woolworths :)  And the flavoured milk :)


Shopping highs

by bezzle

I’ve just come back from my siblings’ school fete, and boy am I happy!  Bought lots of stuff, and like school fetes should be, it was very cheap.


– 3 guesses at the lolly jar at 20c per guess = $0.60

– 5 handmade REALLY REALLY GORGEOUS scrapbook style cards = $5

– 1 baby sucking bottle sherbet thingo = $1.30

– 1 Garfield mug, with the older style drawing of him saying ‘diet is die..with a t’ = $0.50

– 1 game called Loot – it said Mensa on it, so instant attraction xD, but missing instructions = $2

– 2 silicone baking moulds, one bundt, one friands = $2

– 1 recipe magazine, 1 english school cert book, 1 ‘Joys of Cheesecake’ hardback book = $2

– total spent = $13.40

GAHAHAHA I feel accomplished/smug.  And the mug and cheesecake book :3 I have a thing for vintage stuff – especially cars.  Also, addition to my bakeware!  Yayy!

And it’s a bit saddening comparing today’s fete (which happens once every two years at the school) to our school’s 50th anniversary fete last year.  Our school’s was a lot more expensive and a lot less fun, although that may be because we are *teenagers* and wouldn’t be interested in that sort of thing, but seriously, today was awesome.

Except for that purple and white starry bag that cost $38.  TT^TT

Victor’s quote corner, back from an unofficial hiatus because of my forgetfulness.  Many apologies.

The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps” – Benjamin Disraeli


Edit: WAHHHH burnt my tongue eating too much sherbet ><“

Those days of innocence?

by bezzle

My sister just told me a story:

“An older girl went up to a kindy kid, who had a $2 coin, and offered to swap a 50c coin for it, saying “Look how shiny it is!”  The kindy kid went along with the change.  The older girl ended up spending the money on iceblocks and chips at the canteen.”

I think the girl in the story is someone she knows. 

Anyway, the story has made me feel extremely angry towards her.  Especially because I can totally imagine a kid who doesn’t know the value of currency and different coins being proud of getting a shinier, larger coin.  And that just kinda broke my heart, because I can also imagine my brother being cluelessly scammed like that, actually, any little kid, and someone laughing off with the profits and showing off to their friends.

This is why it is not such a good idea to have smaller coins being worth more.

On another much more positive note, I have found a copy of The burning wire in Carlingford library and borrowed it!  Ok, intro:

The burning wire is the latest sequel in the Lincoln Rhyme series, which is in the forensic murder/thriller genre.  I love it!  It has hairpin plot twists, a lot of science and corpses full of clues.  Will be bingeing for the next day.

You lied to me !

by bezzle

Tuesday was not a very good day.  Started off with me missing my bus, so had to go back and drop my sister off, and on the way this person crashed into our car, so I had to take her to school, and then wasted more time waiting for Dad to pick me back up, then got to school hoping to make it a ‘good and proper’ late.  But noo, the roll call bell rang as soon as I entered the building.

English was stressful.

Watched Run, Fatboy Run in PE.  It was funny and cute (and a bit weirdly gross) and scabbed cashews off Ben, in exchange for Soothers.  Cold season is now in force, surprisingly late this winter.  So now my indulgence is blackcurrant Soothers, and I have a pack-a-day habit for tissues.

Commerce was just bludging around, and then after school physics was so…guilt-trippy.  None of us pay full attention to Jowa, who is such a nice guy and a good tutor too.  It’s just too easy to tune out, especially because his whiteboard markers have run out and it’s too hard to see the board.

Was adding songs to my library, and came across this song that I used to (and still?) liked a lot:

Also, I find the first verse of this song very witty/funny:

That’s why I might just celebrate tonight
and if you aint down with it then get on your bike
to saint elswhere, who the hell cares
I’m in great shape, you need healthcare
If you cant say something nice then keep quiet or come to the club, there’s girls there

Random thought: why don’t people put wardrobes in bathrooms?  Because it’s so annoying when you’re taking your clothes in for a shower, and you leave something out/forget. 


Uh, it’s Friday now, and I’m happy.  Had two and a half days off school, so it’s like two weekends in a week 8D  It was Ben’s birthday today –


and yes, I hope you appreciate your gifts, and have fun explaining the bear to your parents~  Just try to show that nice guy side more often, ‘kay? 

The bear which we sprung on Ben with at the beginning of science, and he was amazed that he didn’t find out about it.  Not surprising, seeing as I had it, and came to school today during recess. 

Ehehe I have somehow managed to make Jeffrey want to break a collarbone.  He says he wants to experience getting knocked out by anaesthesia, after questioning me during science.  It was somewhat amusing.  Here’s what happens:

– if you inhale happy gas, you inhale…nothing really happens…then you wake up after the surgery like nothing happened.

– if you get it through an IV needle, you feel it going through the vein in your arm.  Then you’re out.

Who’s going on ag camp?  I have somehow decided to do ag, and I don’t know anyone going…

What also makes me happy is something that happened after school today :)

Wait…that sounds dodgy.  IT’S NOTHING DODGY.

Victor’s quote corner:

Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking.
– Dave Barry


by car.

yeah, im feeling very confused and muddled up. stressed since i think know i should be studying, but i reeli cant be bothered. but weirdly…happy.



omgosh, some idiot woke me up at 2am last night. fully swearing and shouting in the street outside my house. i remember wondering if the police were awake at that time, and whether somebody could arrest the guy for disturbing my sleep. he kept me up for 15min D: horrible, yes.

especially since i had my first paying job today :DD yeah!! back where i had work experience (: pay’s not sensational, and yes, i could get more if i did private tutoring, BUT it’s the fact that i could be bothered going and working that counts (:

plus, i got pay for standing around and doing mindless jobs… LIKE PHOTOCOPYING A 150-PAGE BOOK!!! soooo mind-numbing. but ehh… i had plenty of time to just think about random stuff… and the book itself was actually quite interesting hahaha

i finished photocopying the whole book in half an hour (:


i remembered one of the reasons why i feel happy. the couple of weeks b4 musical performance nights, u get this… aura around u. like, everybody knows all the moves (or most of them :P) and u know where they fit into the whole musical… and you get to see the yr 11’s do their bits etc. its so hard to describe. excitement? u sort of want it to end, and sort of not.

i feel like rambling about something completely pointless.