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Dear Belated Mother;

by Squido~

Usually, when your daughter locks herself in her room, it is not an invitation to open the door with a key and come in,


Iron Stomach.


cleaning up my room

by Squido~


Dear Tuesday, October the Fifth,

by Squido~

I kind of realise that I’ve been kind of lazy and inactive and uncooperative on this joint blog so today, I thought, “why the heck did I want to become an admin so badly” and now here I am, proving my worth. Okay, here goes. By the way, I apologise in advance for not following standard procedures or writing random things that the rest of the world reads, pauses, and wonders “why on earth did this ‘squido’ … oh never mind. I just wasted another 30 seconds of my life asking myself a stupid question.” And to answer that question in advance, “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask my mum?”

This morning I woke up at 09:00. I felt sick. I felt sick because I knew that it was due time I picked my butt off the floor and got to work. This was it. I was going to… Naww, too early in the morning. Too numb in the body. I rolled over and before I knew it, I had begun drooling on my pillow in my comfortable lethargy. The next time I pried open my eyes again, it was 10:11. I sat up, stretched, and slapped myself awake. This was it. I had to. I leapt out of bed, a little too enthusiastically, and a dull pain shot up my legs. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, had ‘Chong You Bing’ and watched one episode of Inuyasha, one episode of Naruto. Really need to wean myself off anime soon. The conversion had begun.

After the morning rush, I spent a dull 3 hours at the library doing trigonometry homework that was due 5 months ago. Managed to catch up ’til the start of June. “Not good enough,” I told myself. “Meh,” myself told me. Walked home, had lunch at 15:00, watched some more anime, back at the library at 17:00 and spent half an hour on one circle geometry problem. I was feeling pretty stupid after the first 20 minutes, and if that wasn’t enough, I discovered that my brain had linked the diagram for question 28 with the problem in question 27 ten minutes later. Stupid brain. It was trying to be clever, and changed the wording of question 27 so it seemed to cohere with the diagram of question 28. And then it tried to solve the problem. Stupid brain.

By closing time, I had solved that troublesome problem and was on to 29. Stuck on 29. Drawing frantic diagrams with my 5-cent compass who wouldn’t obey me to the orchestral tune of some Beethoven symphony. In a fury, I gave up and shoved everything into my pencil case. In a hurry to leave. In the meantime, an old Chinese man had come to read Chinese newspapers, got told off by the librarian that they were about to close. The librarian left after the man disappeared, but he reappeared at the next table reading a newspaper. Sneaky.

I was distracted. I tripped and made a loud noise on this in-the-ground power outlet/ethernet cable socket lid thing. Stupid thing shouldn’t have been sticking up like that. I’m not clumsy. Rushed out of the library to be welcomed by a cool breeze. Suddenly felt self-conscious. Was wearing a yellow hoodie, black tights, yellow shoes, and a yellow spongebob bag. Might as well have had a board around my neck saying “Mug me now!”.

Beep. Access granted. Safe in the elevator. Looked in the mirror – I had come back from the library with a new hairstyle. Going to the library for long periods of time is never good for my hair, my fringe especially. Have a bad habit of running my fingers through it when I’m trying to read or solve a maths problem. Always ends up sticking out at odd angles. Sleep tonight will fix it. Before you know it, I’ll have bed hair again. Admired myself in the mirror until the elevator reached my stop. Distracted again. Fumbled in my bag for keys. Found, instead, my wallet, a book, pocket packet of Kleenex, my wallet again. Got the keys, put them in the lock, twisted the lock, heaved open door, turned around, dropped my bag, walked right into the door. BAM.

I staggered on the spot for a moment. Both the tenant and my mum heard it. Poked their heads into the corridor, “What happened?” What did happen? I wasn’t so sure. Heaved the door shut, turned around and sank my weight against it. A dying thought crept into my brain. “The door is hard.”

“Are you okay? What happened?”

“Oh. Haha. My hair is too long and I didn’t see the door.”

The silence broke with their laughter and was filled with gnatty Shanghai dialect as they tutted in a flutter of “I always told her that a girl her age should pull her hair back-” “-aah yes yes but children these days all have hair everywhere. It’s the latest fashion-” “-but it’s ugly. Those children would look much better with hair out of their eyes. They will go blind if they-” “-ahaha she just needs a haircut-” “-and I have been trying to tell her that for some time now. She really needs a hair cut, but she insists on cutting it herself…”

Forgotten. Felt my way into my bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Checked to see that my nose was still there, that my head was still there. Don’t remember what happened to the stuff I was carrying. The pain gradually subsided and I realised with a bitter smile that I had accomplished an amazing feat today. Something unprecedented  and unheard of in the human world. I had walked into an open door and almost knocked myself out.

Sat up and decided that I needed to take my mind off the pain, or rather, take the pain off my mind. Called my mum to see if she wanted to practise some singing. Started off slowly, ended up with me teaching ‘Memory’ (from the musical, Cats) to mum and our tenant. It was somewhat disappointing. They couldn’t move their jaws fast enough to sing ‘falalala’ in one crotchet beat, so I tried some physical therapy that involved clasping your hands together in front of your face, and shaking them back and forth as fast and violently as you can while loosening all your facial muscles and letting the tension just ‘flap away with your skin’. They somehow made the exercise look stupid. And they couldn’t master it. I was disappointed. It was often hard for them to keep up with me, and in the end we sounded like a chorus of dying cats. How ironic.

Had dinner. Went on our new school forum (thanks to didi) and created yet another group. Formal Committee – committed to organising the formal. Maybe I should stop at two now, since there’s only a total of about 8.

Plan to end the day with some more anime. Oh hey, that rhymes kinda nicely :O

Please let Wednesday be more productive.

Syd~ wandering if anybody’s going to read all of this.

P.S. My head hurts… which reminds me, I read a pretty awesome quote on iGoogle once.

“Egotism is the anaesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity” – Frank Leahy

Now, I don’t know what ‘victor’s quote corner’ is about, but I would hope that you can all agree with me in saying that this quote applies to him :D

I’m joking, by the way. Nothing personal.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah i’m still not over it XD okay a random thing that ticks me off

by bezzle

i am going to do a short post on one thing that annoys me insanely.  it might annoy a normal person a bit, but for me it JUST DRIVES ME NUTS when people (almost always my sister) starts eating loudly near me.  inside i go BALLISTICMUS.  it is worse when they do it almost nonchalantly.   occurs worst with:

– cornflakes

– apples

– cartilage (gosh i hate it when my sister does this !  ARGH STOP CRUNCHING ON BONES FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE !)

– chewing gum (yes i reserved that for you GUM-CHEWER !)

i realise i’m being a hypocrite, i like eating cartilage and apples (not together though) but yeah.  the way my sister does it almost rudely loudly at me just really irks me.

slurping doesn’t really don’t annoy me though…

tell me i’m not alone xD

moi and toi

by bezzle

last last night i had insomnia and eenie meenie by sean kingston and justin bieber stuck in my head at a quarter past 11.

last night i had ke$ha and miley cyrus stuck in my head, at 12, and got woken up at 3 to the sound of my mum yelling at my sister, who i am unfortunately temporarily sharing a room with.

i’ve been capped for a week now grrr cannot go on youtube and watch ouran high school host club :(

which is SO FUNNY AND CUTE.  best anime i have watched so far.

today was a long day.  had to catch the bus to school.  geography test second period.  wasn’t too hard though.  then anzac assembly.  it wasn’t too bad this time.  poor matt xD and AHAHAHAHA chris

science was funny. 

after school, physics.  well you all know how much i hate/am struggling with it.  BUT NO LONGER :)


that’s gonna come back to haunt me, right?

i suddenly like physics a lot more, and that’s a good thing :)  good job alice!

on a sidenote, richard and chris, your table is very loud.  as in louder than what you think it is.  poor jowa (and the rest of us !!) was stuck listening to disturbing ideas about their sex lives, ratings of girls, etc. ==’

the bus was half an hour late.  i was stoning throughout the wait.  i didn’t mean to bar you guys, i was (and still am) very tired and was not really in the mood for conversation.  when their bus finally came, beatrice’s parting words to me were: “don’t get mugged.”  it was getting dark.

then along came bryan and jason wen, from musical and ag. 



you guys are so fun to talk to – heehee we discussed her fantabulous costumes, hairstyles, songs HAHAHA dame edna :D

oh yeah saw a yellow volkswagen beetle!  I LOVE BEETLES!  old and new (but i think i’m more partial to old).  new ones look sexy.  old ones look nice and scruffy and retro and cool.  this one was an old one.  i wrote down the phone number as it was for sale:


hope it goes to a good home.

as i was getting on the bus, i said hello to the bus driver as i was dipping my ticket, and he answered (as most people do) with ‘how are doing?’ and i replied ‘fine, what about you?’ with a ginormous grin on my face and very cheerfully, and then the bus driver goes ‘why are you so happy?’.  indeed.  the bus was 40min late, i had been stuck in a situation i didn’t like for that amount of time and i was tired and going to get yelled at when i got home as i was late and it was dark and i could get mugged/assaulted or something. 

there’s something nice about buses when it’s dark… it’s all light inside, and outside just goes by very darkly… it makes me feel like i’m in a video clip?  i can see my reflection clearly and you can’t tell where your stop is… bus trips are nicer at night.

just took a shower.  ran out of regular bodywash, so had to use men’s.  now smelling like eau de guy.

sorry if that didn’t make too much sense.  still sleep deprived.

maybe i should invest in some earmuffs.