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by bezzle

After receiving threats from both of my parents forcing me to use only my government-issued laptop, I have begun to realise the stupidity of blocked websites.

Okay, no one likes the DET block.  I get that.  But I don’t get why stuff like email and blogs are blocked.  Especially hotmail.  Heck, I guess we struck it lucky that gmail isn’t blocked.  And blogs.  Even visiting one isn’t allowed. 

I never really cared so much, until the aforementioned threat.  HOW WOULD I BLOG TO YOU MASSES OUT THERE?  What is the worst part is the underhanded way our teachers, at the information night last year, planted the idea that these laptops would be enough for all our computer needs.  Please.  Filtered internet in our own homes? 

At my friend’s all girl school, the internet isn’t even blocked.  AT ALL.  My point is, I think we do need filtered internet, but some things should be unblocked.  For convenience.  Especially when it tempts people into the area of teachers’ accounts and stuff.

A random fact that shall be noted here: record time from getting up to leaving house is now fifteen minutes.

OOOHH there was a song I was going to embed here, but it’s not on youtube, so I will just tell you the name here:

Summer nights, by Vanessa Amorosi

It’s so nostalgic, I like the chorus.

This morning was weird.  Had to get up early to finish off a thousand words for ag assignment, so I set the alarm for 6:15.  Woke up randomly and decided to get up anyway.  Reached for the clock, it breaks as I press the light button to see the time.  I look at the clock outside, it says 6:16.

Today was beach excursion!  I didn’t get to touch the water though…PSSSHHH what is the point of going to the beach then?!  It was at Collaroy.  Very nice view on the walk up to the top, and a lovely refreshing cool sea breeze~  view up the top was great AND sydo has a new nickname – squishy?

Hehehehehe what an awesome nickname.

Our tour guide was pretty cool, did we even get to know his name?  Attempted to find our school on a massive map was very fail.  And then the walk down from the top was even more fun/refreshing.

Ehhh the rest of the day can be summed up with one word: SAND


i shall try and get some photos from ben/make him post them up himself.  he definitely has a lot of them.


Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.
 – Bernard Berenson



by cloudier


in the geography notes i posted earlier i said something about wind.

it’s correct but it’s not the full story.

‘wind direction’ is the direction wind is coming from.

so, if the dot is on the west side of the tail, the wind direction is easterly.

good luck!


by cloudier

click: geography notes (.docx) [files removed due to age]


  • skills (except construct land-use map)
  • issues
    • spatial inequality
    • coastal management

also. i love crystal castles

(experimental dance)

here is suffocation from their second album called crystal castles

moi and toi

by bezzle

last last night i had insomnia and eenie meenie by sean kingston and justin bieber stuck in my head at a quarter past 11.

last night i had ke$ha and miley cyrus stuck in my head, at 12, and got woken up at 3 to the sound of my mum yelling at my sister, who i am unfortunately temporarily sharing a room with.

i’ve been capped for a week now grrr cannot go on youtube and watch ouran high school host club :(

which is SO FUNNY AND CUTE.  best anime i have watched so far.

today was a long day.  had to catch the bus to school.  geography test second period.  wasn’t too hard though.  then anzac assembly.  it wasn’t too bad this time.  poor matt xD and AHAHAHAHA chris

science was funny. 

after school, physics.  well you all know how much i hate/am struggling with it.  BUT NO LONGER :)


that’s gonna come back to haunt me, right?

i suddenly like physics a lot more, and that’s a good thing :)  good job alice!

on a sidenote, richard and chris, your table is very loud.  as in louder than what you think it is.  poor jowa (and the rest of us !!) was stuck listening to disturbing ideas about their sex lives, ratings of girls, etc. ==’

the bus was half an hour late.  i was stoning throughout the wait.  i didn’t mean to bar you guys, i was (and still am) very tired and was not really in the mood for conversation.  when their bus finally came, beatrice’s parting words to me were: “don’t get mugged.”  it was getting dark.

then along came bryan and jason wen, from musical and ag. 



you guys are so fun to talk to – heehee we discussed her fantabulous costumes, hairstyles, songs HAHAHA dame edna :D

oh yeah saw a yellow volkswagen beetle!  I LOVE BEETLES!  old and new (but i think i’m more partial to old).  new ones look sexy.  old ones look nice and scruffy and retro and cool.  this one was an old one.  i wrote down the phone number as it was for sale:


hope it goes to a good home.

as i was getting on the bus, i said hello to the bus driver as i was dipping my ticket, and he answered (as most people do) with ‘how are doing?’ and i replied ‘fine, what about you?’ with a ginormous grin on my face and very cheerfully, and then the bus driver goes ‘why are you so happy?’.  indeed.  the bus was 40min late, i had been stuck in a situation i didn’t like for that amount of time and i was tired and going to get yelled at when i got home as i was late and it was dark and i could get mugged/assaulted or something. 

there’s something nice about buses when it’s dark… it’s all light inside, and outside just goes by very darkly… it makes me feel like i’m in a video clip?  i can see my reflection clearly and you can’t tell where your stop is… bus trips are nicer at night.

just took a shower.  ran out of regular bodywash, so had to use men’s.  now smelling like eau de guy.

sorry if that didn’t make too much sense.  still sleep deprived.

maybe i should invest in some earmuffs. 


by car.

today was mentally chaotic. It felt like somebody died and i didn’t know.

in com, as we were entering the room, a guy in the class asks “sir, when are our laptops coming?” then the teacher whipped around and started screaming at him. amongst many things, he called him an “arrogant, insolent moron” and slammed the textbooks down onto the table. it was dead quiet after that. very scary. maybe something went wrong in the morning, or the whole laptop thing was bugging him, but, as my friend sed, it’s unethical for a teacher to take it out on a student like that. half the class had geo with him next, and were going “ohgosh, aiyaa”, but he’d mostly calmed down by then thankfully. we did more sketching ^^ here’s last time’s school farm =) (its blurring from the scanning…sorry)


school farm sketch


we got our maths yrlies back (cant they take longer to mark them!? haha) and at recess, heaps of ppls were crying. i guess i cant empathize with them, since i dont have strict parents and i dont set such high standards for myself. yay, i improved :] but hey, all those who were unhappy with their mark prob beat me… at the beginning of recess, i felt high (prob coz of the choccy i was eating) and by the end of it, i felt like crying too =( gosh, it was depressing. i wont say anymore, coz then u might all think im insensitive =/

heyy, its the 20th anniversary of the taking down of the berlin wall today, i think. we spent a while in german reading up on articles about it… and talked about clothes in deutsch. we spent a while talking about the difference between jumpers, jackets, windcheaters and sloppy joes. ARGH. I like wearing a t-shirt, shorts and thongs -> Ich trage gern ein T-shirt, Shorts und Flip-Flops. see? it’s pretty easy =P

and wats wrong with “servus” ?? (besides it sounding like servant in latin…)