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Month: January, 2013

The Downside Of Modern Medicine

by lavenderbluf



Australia Day Party

by lavenderbluf

Yesterday was Shelley’s Australia Day Party, and yes I know it was the 29th and not actually Australia Day or the Long Weekend but it was a party nonetheless. There were some unfortunate incidents that transpired like the power being out until 5pm because of roadworks nearby or Steven Paredes being attacked by the girls and given a makeover but it was really fun.

But the most creepy thing happened after I left. I was driving home and was on Copeland Road turning onto Pennant Hills Road when I noticed a car behind me. Thinking nothing of it at the time, I just kept driving but halfway down Carlingford Road I could still see its headlights in my mirrors. Was it following me? I thought to myself. When I deliberately sped up so did it and when I slowed down it copied my driving as well. This was on an empty street I might add and any normal driver would simply overtake the person in front of them if they were driving too slow but this particular car copied all my movements. It got to the point when I was only one street away from my house and I could still see it tailing me! So in a last ditch effort I intentionally made a wrong turn near the roundabout close to my house to check if I was being paranoid or if the car was actually following me and luckily the car went in the other direction so I breathed a sigh of relief, made a U turn and headed straight home. After I parked however i noticed in the dark that across the street from my car in front of my neighbour’s house was the exact same car that was following me all along! I sprinted up my driveway and locked the door behind me as soon as I opened it so the imaginary serial killer which I thought was following me couldn’t get it.

It took another 2 hours of chills and cold sweats for me to finally fall asleep as all I could imagine in my head was a long slender hand coming out from under my bed, forcibly covering my mouth so my scream was muffled and then relentlessly stabbing me until I bled to death from my injuries and the last image I would ever see was his cold wicked grin as he relished at the thought of my violent death


bubbs you ok

by bezzle

I forgot to post this earlier but I got the best socks while on holiday




Just in time for New Year

Aren’t they naff

Kiss You

by lavenderbluf

Check out One Direction’s new music video of their song ‘Kiss Me’ from their album Take Me Home Tonight

OMG Niall and Louis are so hot in this!!!

And it’s so funny that the reason Niall is wearing sunglasses in the car scene is because when they were shooting he flipped the visor up too quickly and gave himself a black eye! LOL

That’s How You Smear

by lavenderbluf


For all you wannabe rock climbers out there, take a note from a mountain goat’s repertoire. SMEAR