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fourteenth day

by bezzle

two weeks gone.

i like the number 14.  i find myself subconsciously drawing it with my finger sometimes, because there’s so many right angles?

i’m having mixed feelings about looking forward to school.  there’s an air of bludginess in term four, because all the cool excursions and stuff happens.  except for yearlies, of course.

my gosh we’re going to be year 10s next year!  then (gulp!) seniors…  hope we don’t drift away.

was very sick yesterday, stayed up watching tomorrow never dies.  i’ve watched the car park chase scene before (why is it always in a carpark?) i love the trick with the jacks, and how the rocket goes through the two holes in his car.  but his phone looks so old (i think i have a similar model at home!) and when he was steering the car i thought it looked like he was playing ds.  didn’t watch the ending though.  haha during the ad break dad told me off for using too many tissues (actually toilet paper – tougher).

today i couldn’t be bothered eating cereal so i ate a muffin and had a cup of cold milo.  i like milo but i don’t like the weird aftertaste in my mouth.

monopoly tally is 9-5, my way.

every holidays i end up in seclusion, because my best friend lives far away and i can’t visit her very often.  i’m shy, i’d rather shop by myself, and i’m terrible with public transport.  so yeah, i only have myself to blame.  but i actually do have to babysit my sister, even though she’s not a baby.

this leads me with a lot of time to ‘self reflect’.  to find child-like happiness in small pleasures in the world, like picking and eating a strawberry, or finding an egg laid by a chicken.  to be myself, without restraint.

except i can’t really even define my own personality. 


gee i’ve just spent too much time thinking, haven’t i?

thirteenth day

by bezzle

some days ago i made this recipe because i had no butter so i decided to make cheese and onion muffins but then i found one piece of mouldy cheese among the shredded stuff so then i had no cheese either, but i had already fried my onions so i found another recipe for spinach and onion muffins that did not use butter or cheese and they turned out really nice, even though they took a very long time to bake but wait there was mean to be parmesan cheese on the muffin tops but whatever.

whew.  talking without full stops is fun. 

talking of parmesan cheese, reminds me of at the sleepover when my best friend was putting parmesan cheese on her sister’s spaghetti and i say “you know parmesan cheese has the same stuff [as in a chemical] as vomit?”  and then she goes “oh yeah, it does smell like vomit…”  so now we call it vomit cheese.

i’m feeling paranoid now, because i ate heaps of these flavoured baby peanuts which came from china.  because of the contamination thing.  and how dodgy the labelling can get and all.  i’m still hungry.

got addicted to risk last night, and got busted for playing computer games by my dad.  but sometimes i think the computer’s against me.

monopoly tally is 7-5, i’m winning!  wait, why doese 7+5=12 but this the thirteenth day of the holidays???

the whole week i’ve been waiting for thursday, so i could watch glee, but now all i can think about is that i have three days of holidays left!

i hate chapter 3 science.

when i watch glee on the tv, everybody looks pink – rachel’s face and hands and finn’s face especially.  is there something wrong with my tv or are they just really embarrassed? 

can you hold my tomato?

by bezzle

first of all, 

Pink Cake Box Cake

yes, see the above website for pictures of cakes that are very colourful and gravity-defying and look too good to eat.

i will remember to give you a present…

for breakfast, have been eating light ‘n tasty, which is actually tasty.  my bag of cereal has lasted surprisingly long, considering the fact i’ve eaten it everyday for breakfast, and so has my sister.  just then, though, she opened the tub of butter to put on her toast, and it there was mould in there (but not on the butter itself).  but i got scared that there would be butter pencillin spores on the butter so i chucked it away.  and so now i can’t bake anything.  another past time gone.

while i was trying to make the happy birthday message bigger, i realised our font is times new roman.  i always thought it was something else.  and i figured out how to make the font big!  headings.

last night, during an hour of tossing and turning attempting to get to sleep, i was, once again, thinking too much.  i started calculating how much time i’ve spent at school.

6 hours a day x 5 days a week x 10 weeks a term x 4 terms a year x 9.75 years

= 11700 hours

= 487.5 days straight

= 1 year 120.5 days straight

yes, it has been a short holidays.  the first days, i’m excited about free time.  now, i’ve got too much.  i’m beginning to look forward to doing maths past papers.  that’s a sign of something wrong. 

i think i need a hobby.  whenever i think about hobbies i think stampcollecting.

~edit~ monopoly tally is now 5-5

ninth day

by bezzle

wow, one week of holidays gone!  and i need to finish my maths homework…  anyway, back to another week of babysitting my sister at home. 

hm, i still have a bruise on my forehead from when i was herding a chicken back to the coop and i banged my head on an unseen handle of the cement mixer. 

since friday night i’ve been at a sleepover at my best friend’s, was her birthday (happy fifteenth!).  played wii pretty much the whole day, and my cousin came over to visit, but she mostly played with the dog, who is so cute. 

his name is cookie, who is one of those puppies with upside down triangle ears.  so adorable, except he kept trying to get into the house.  and he likes feet, so he bit mine, and now i have a homer simpson bandaid on one foot and a bart bandaid on the other.

so we played mario kart on and on (stupid mushrooms/deep water/cows/roopas/crabs/penguins/buildings!) and the game i got her for her birthday, de blob, which was addictive.  oh yeah we also played card games like heart attack and piglet and spoons – so much tension.

when it was bedtime we started talking about people that were younger than us at our old school and we felt so old when we tried to imagine them now in year five and six.  this is our tenth year of school!  i’ve spent ten consecutive years of my life at school!! 

i think i’m having the teenage equivalent of a mid-life crisis…

i’m home now.

today dad decided he couldn’t be bothered cooking and took us to mcdonald’s at dural and went plant looking too.  i was reading good weekend while eating.  dad bought this cool-looking plant:


at maccas dad ordered a mcchicken but he got a big mac.  reminds me of the time i told dad to order a filet o fish but the person at the counter probably misheard and gave me a burger i didn’t even knew existed, the mcfeast.

this post was originally titled ‘seventh day’ but it isn’t the seventh day anymore when i post this.

okay, i haven’t got much else to say. 

a quote from thursday’s glee:

finn: “you know you can just borrow books from the library?”

~edit~ omgosh why is my tag mcdonalds automatically published as McDonalds???

~edit~ monopoly tally is now 4-4

sixth day

by bezzle

need to make a birthday card, but can’t buy one and i think printed ones look a bit tacky.  but i think they get chucked anyway.  sort of depressing, if you think about all those cards, with happy messages in them, lying among the other bits of recycling (or, if the person is lazy/not ‘eco friendly’/doesn’t own a yellow bin) or rubbish.

i’m really not in the mood for trig.  actually how can you be in a mood for trig???

books my sister has introduced me to (and i highly highly recommend):

– captain underpants ( this was only last year, heh heh)

– geronimo stilton (same)

– diary of a wimpy kid (same)

-tintin (this holidays.  funny funny funny captain haddock funny funny funny)  will definitely borrow when i get to school

if you haven’t read any or some or one of the above, go read!!!

ate a tim tam yesterday and today, at least one every day.  will definitely start the school term with an emptier pantry – mum bought packets and packets and packets of tim tams and crackers and stuff.  it was like a siege!  yeah she also bought a twelve pack of baked beans, and i see them and go ‘???’ why so many?  and mum says that we like baked beans (um, not enough to eat a twelve pack of beans in anything less than two years…).  and they were of the canned ones which require a can opener, which i cannot, for the life of me, make work.  i know it’s easy, ok? 

what makes love story so singable?  so catchy?  the lyrics? 

things that get stuck in your braces:  most things.  ok, specifically:

– multigrain bread.  which is a pity because it’s healthier than white bread and tastier, etc. etc. 

– corn kernels.  and i’m pretty sure ‘kernel capped’ teeth are not a good look.

– broccoli.  did i spell that right?  yeah, so, there is so much of those little flowery bits.

– cooked leafy greens.  like spinach.  and the ones with stringy bits that get caught between your teeth regardless of orthodontia.

– same goes for meat.

– orange pulp

– strawberry seeds

– oreos.  stain your teeth.  or is it just me?

feel free to add your suggestions.

as we were playing our daily games of monopoly (tally is now 4-1, i’m still losing), my sister raised a valid point.  there is a chance card telling the player to advance to barossa (or kings avenue, depending on your board – the most expensive property) and it says ‘collect 2M if you pass go’.  but it is impossible to pass go!