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It Finally Happened!

by lavenderbluf


I was making eggs this morning when I discovered one of the eggs had two yolks! I ate that thing like it was the last egg on earth and relished the extra nutrients as well as the extra bad cholesterol.


That’s How You Smear

by lavenderbluf


For all you wannabe rock climbers out there, take a note from a mountain goat’s repertoire. SMEAR

Pokemon XXX

by lavenderbluf



by lavenderbluf


This was the first photo I have ever posted on a public Facebook page and it got over 1000 likes!!!

BTW never attempt squats in cargo pants you WILL rip them

Thanks to Jerry, my sister’s boyfriend for providing me with such a funny picture moment

You lied to me !

by bezzle

Tuesday was not a very good day.  Started off with me missing my bus, so had to go back and drop my sister off, and on the way this person crashed into our car, so I had to take her to school, and then wasted more time waiting for Dad to pick me back up, then got to school hoping to make it a ‘good and proper’ late.  But noo, the roll call bell rang as soon as I entered the building.

English was stressful.

Watched Run, Fatboy Run in PE.  It was funny and cute (and a bit weirdly gross) and scabbed cashews off Ben, in exchange for Soothers.  Cold season is now in force, surprisingly late this winter.  So now my indulgence is blackcurrant Soothers, and I have a pack-a-day habit for tissues.

Commerce was just bludging around, and then after school physics was so…guilt-trippy.  None of us pay full attention to Jowa, who is such a nice guy and a good tutor too.  It’s just too easy to tune out, especially because his whiteboard markers have run out and it’s too hard to see the board.

Was adding songs to my library, and came across this song that I used to (and still?) liked a lot:

Also, I find the first verse of this song very witty/funny:

That’s why I might just celebrate tonight
and if you aint down with it then get on your bike
to saint elswhere, who the hell cares
I’m in great shape, you need healthcare
If you cant say something nice then keep quiet or come to the club, there’s girls there

Random thought: why don’t people put wardrobes in bathrooms?  Because it’s so annoying when you’re taking your clothes in for a shower, and you leave something out/forget. 


Uh, it’s Friday now, and I’m happy.  Had two and a half days off school, so it’s like two weekends in a week 8D  It was Ben’s birthday today –


and yes, I hope you appreciate your gifts, and have fun explaining the bear to your parents~  Just try to show that nice guy side more often, ‘kay? 

The bear which we sprung on Ben with at the beginning of science, and he was amazed that he didn’t find out about it.  Not surprising, seeing as I had it, and came to school today during recess. 

Ehehe I have somehow managed to make Jeffrey want to break a collarbone.  He says he wants to experience getting knocked out by anaesthesia, after questioning me during science.  It was somewhat amusing.  Here’s what happens:

– if you inhale happy gas, you inhale…nothing really happens…then you wake up after the surgery like nothing happened.

– if you get it through an IV needle, you feel it going through the vein in your arm.  Then you’re out.

Who’s going on ag camp?  I have somehow decided to do ag, and I don’t know anyone going…

What also makes me happy is something that happened after school today :)

Wait…that sounds dodgy.  IT’S NOTHING DODGY.

Victor’s quote corner:

Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking.
– Dave Barry