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summer lethargy

by bezzle

I am totally in the summer mood!  Make that Christmas too!

School feels redundant now, because I don’t think anyone can be bothered doing anything now. 

I’m beginning to realise what a manga otaku I’m becoming.  I see manga plotlines in all these random situations O_____O maybe this is slightly unhealthy.

Fingers crossed we’ll find a blog theme to stay with for another long time.

So now, have a 3OH!3 song filled with lots of girls in bikinis.  The cool part is how the video clip is like a massive website 8D and the song is catchyyyy.

OH and if you’ve watched the Telephone music video (how can you not have!) you might notice the prison warden going on the dating website – which also features in this clip xD

I love the chorus to this song…

If you love me let me go
Back to that bar in Tokyo
Where the demons from my past
Leave me in peace
I’ll be animating every night
The grass will be greener on the other side
And the Vampires and Wolves
Won’t sink their teeth

Victor’s quote corner:

Skill without imagination is craftmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets.  Imagination without skill gives us modern art.” – Tom Stoppard



by cloudier

n., pl., -ties.

  1. The condition of being susceptible to bribery or corruption.
  2. The use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.

ow-ww, you poked my eye, muhh-mmy

by bezzle

right now:

– my brother is playing with his hot wheels ‘shark park’ present and the shark is saying ‘bugger off’ repeatedly

– my sister wants me to play ‘tumbling monkeys’ with her

– my dad is debating that tomorrow is a public holiday

today was rather fail.  it saddens me to realise that describing something as ‘fail’ has become part of my vocabulary, along with the battered and bruised ‘like’.  so, back on to what i was saying.  went to parramatta on an attempt to find some bargains.


as if that was going to happen. 

yesterday, i went to cabramatta, to eat the very-often-eaten vietnamese food.  my friend’s dad suggested it over the phone, and as soon as my mum relayed it to me i instantly thought my dad put him up to it.  because that’s what my dad used to say every weekend.

so, we got there and ate.  and ate.  and ate.  ew, my mum forced bamboo shoot noodles on me, because none of the other kids would eat it.  the noodles smelt exactly like sheep poo.  maybe if i ever smell bamboo shoots (because i’m not going to eat them) i’ll get a feeling of nostalgia or something.

christmas, i went to palm beach.  i found a five cent coin in the dirt next to our picnic table and was overjoyed.  dad came back with a twenty-cent coin find.  later, on the beach, my sister found a lump of sand that turned out to be a greenish two-dollar coin.  so all in all, a profit of $2.25.

dad bought a jukebox a week or so ago.  and it doesn’t look that cool, just like a black stereo.  and dad borrowed the aforementioned friend’s dad’s cd and plays the first song on the cd over and over again.  i originally thought it was a good song.  however, the song is about lost love and the singer begging his girlfriend to take him back (yes, narrows it down to a couple million or so?) and now i’m beginning to feel sad, even though i haven’t lost love and begged a girlfriend to take me back.

if i had a wii, i would get just dance.  you know, the game with the ad on tv where people follow dance moves?  people who know me might think i might be the last person to enjoy dancing, but the game looks fun.  like singstar, but with dancing.  i would just play it if i knew no one else was in the same room.  because i get the feeling me dancing looks really yuk.

seguing into another topic.  over-modesty.  one of my hates.  because it’s so easy to do.  society dictates that we need to have modesty, but it’s so easy to go overboard.  sometimes we need to be proud.  because you might think you’re being rude, or hurting the person’s feelings by acknowledging your awesomeness.  no.  saying that your brilliant work of art sucks makes other people with inferior stuff feel bad.  trust me, i’ve experienced that feeling plenty of times.  instead of ignoring your own talent and flattering another person, maybe we should just thank them for their compliment.  and give one back.

quote from andrew daddo’s column on the 20th december, 2009:

“According to, to qualify as a dad joke, a joke must

a) not be funny in the first place to anyone except a dad

b) become rapidly less funny through constant repetition (except to the dad telling it)


‘I was talking to my dad the other day and he asked me what I’d like for Christmas.  I said I didn’t know.

He said, “I was thinking you might like a new butt, given yours is cracked.  But then I thought you’d just sit on the new one and crack that, too.”‘


by cloudier

more links that i couldn’t be bothered formatting properly

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*i think most words ending in -ic should actually end in -ix, it makes them sound like SUPERHERO NAMES ! like TELEPATHIX, GIGANTIX, MANECTRIX (POKEMON I KNOW, BUT IT CAME TO MIND WHEN I WAS SEARCHING FOR -IC WORDS.) POETIX, ABIOTIX, LOGISTIX [wth dom. OMG I HAVE STARTED TO TALK TO MYSELF. WTF.], APOLOGETIX, [my this is one sad list of -ic words. i cant think of much >>] OHOHOH MAGNETIX, ULTRASONIX, SONIX !, TRAGIX, NEUROTIX, I THINK THATS ENOUGH WORDS-IX. kay good luck reading that. so many interruptions dom. [THERE IT IS AGAIN.] okay ill bold in an attempt to make it easier (:

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[six] (almost) Foolproof! A Pictorial Guide to Avoiding Camera Loss


by cloudier

Mr Wong tells me that this is the new music room, under construction thanks to K-Rudd’s stimulus package. Looks like the gymnasium has become the next Duke Nukem Forever.

[May Contain Bolts: Post-HSC not-so-liveblog, random thoughts and unfinished posts compilation, December 18, 2009 at 7:47 pm]

I was bored. Here are some life lessons we can learn from certain video games. If I can be bothered, I will update this. But that’s unlikely.

[after the lobotomy: lessons from video games, Friday, December 25 – this is funny whether or not you’ve actually played the games so go read]

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but your words in my head

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–  ’nuff said. linly: 0. pool noodle: 1.



Recycled Christmas Cards

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