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three days’ madness

by bezzle


I got up at BEFORE the crack of dawn to get to school.  Had to catch the bus to UWS.  Originally, we were all hardcore studying on the bus (which was quite empty), but I think we began to give up, mostly just due to sheer laziness.  Well, that was what I was doing.

Got to Granville station, picked up people and continued off on the journey to Campbelltown.  

Victor had gotten out his portable speakers, and was playing his music, when he went to the front of the bus to go talk to Richard.  Matt and Ben hijacked the speakers, with Victor still oblivious to the fact that Glee and Baby were playing at a rather loud volume…

The brain bee was held in the school of medicine on the UWS campus, and when we got there all of us really stood out – all the other schools had about three or four students, and there was this mass of about twenty people signing in and collecting free t-shirts :)

Went into the lecture theatre, and everyone did round one of the individual quiz – the questions were on a powerpoint, and it was over really quickly – about 20 minutes!  Forwarded out for morning tea with random tarts and fruit and sandwiches.  The bread is SOOO soft and tasty there.  And the tart had some sort of clear jelly on top that tasted like jam. 

Got some talks from a professor making bionic eyes and some honor/masters students about the joy of science, and then came the team challenge, where Richard, Beryl, Rachel and Vaish were in.  They came third, after the winners Baulko and the runner-up Presbyterian. 

Lunch!  The last third of the line (including me!) got vegetarian lunch boxes, but they were really nice!  The bread (and some Turkish bread too?) was really soft again…ahhh… and quiche!  I love quiche!  And some sort of caramel slice.   :D

Activity after lunch – shocking nerves.  Went into some computer lab, with massive HP touchscreen desktop computers.  Claudia fiddled with the tablet for a bit.  Ben volunteered to be the victim who got their nerve shocked with a current ranging from 8-20mA.  The transformer was connected to the computer, and all the data was automatically entered too.  Was cool.

After came the team challenge final, and the individual final.  The team placings ended up the same as what they were before, and the individual one was won by a Baulko guy, with a Presbyterian girl coming second and Jim coming third (good job :D).  Note the order was the same ==

However, the prizes were pretty neat.  Teams who came second and third got 2gb ipod shuffles, winners nanos.  Individual division third got shuffle, second nano and first a touch.  They all got a brain textbook too.  The poor guy who came first has to study this massive textbook for the next stage (nationals?).  Ahh, the price for coming first…

Bus home…


Science and Engineering Day!  Got to Macquarie Uni quite early, waited till the thing actually started (our school was the only one there in the beginning…wondering if we were gonna end up going against ourselves…) and off to activities!

I was in a full day activity – mission to Mars.  Involved building a ‘buggy’ that would traverse an extremely bumpy surface – the highest bumps were 4cm tall O__O  So that took the whole day, and we didn’t do too bad (Tree, Sandra, Steven Phan and me).  OOOOH orange tree!  TEEHEE SORRY.

At the end of the day, bridge tests!  Just at the end, our school got usurped by Roseville College in points, so we came second and got a glass trophy and a framed award that had a picture of some students from last year ==

I think it was cool how all of us joined together in playing a game of sit-down volleyball – even the scorers joined it :D

Caught a bus to Epping with Sydo.  On the way, a large group of boys in school uniform got on.  And then Syd noticed Timothy O_____O  He’s a former classmate, who I hadn’t talked to/seen since the end of Year Six.  We shiftily watched as he boarded our bus and walked past out seat, ending up just a seat away across the aisle (but people were in standing in between because the bus was packed).

So we both loudly debated whether or not to say hi – Sydo on the affirmative, as she’d feel ‘guilty’.  I thought he wouldn’t recognise/remember us.  Soon, Tim says hi to Syd, who he does remember and they start a conversation. 

Soon we’re at Epping, and we all disembark.  Timothy begins to walk away, Syd rebukes me about how I should have said something.  I say that he won’t recognise me.  So Syd runs up and pushes me over, and asks Tim – “Do you know her?”.  To which he goes “Errrr….”, and I helpfully supply “Hi, I’m *insert name here*.”  His eyes widen and looks shocked.  ==”

Syd cracks up.

So far, this fits in with my previous meeting with a primary school classmate.  Beginning of the year, I said hello to Annie and she didn’t know who I was either.  “You look familiar… do I know you? Charmaine?!”  I introduce myself.  “OHHH…!”  [note: not the Charmaine from our school]

I conclude my face is much different from my Year Six days.


First day of school for the term!  Started off with a nice 1.6km run in nippy noodle weather.  Urgh.  I should have known several weeks of inactivity would take some sort of toll.  Did some more fitness testing.  Had a sub for English and breathed a sigh of relief – I hadn’t finished the assignment.  Recess was intense – had to find Julia/talk to the head of science about the speech in two periods time/write the speech/fix up commerce project/do maths enrichment.  So was also very glad when we didn’t have to present our comm today, so spent the time writing a very hasty speech.

During assembly, sat at the front with Johnny and Rachel, who were talking about brain bee, and Tree, who was doing the speech about science and engineering day with me.  He’s awesome.  Talking in front of the whole school is a bit weird.

Today was such a horrible day stress-wise, so when I found out today is 7/11 one dollar day (Kettle chips, flavoured milk, mother, Cornettos, donuts and other baked stuff all one dollar!) I decided to take the opportunity to *reward* myself.  My normal walk to the bus stop (on which 7/11 is en route) was joined by a mob of people eager to get bargains too xD

By some stroke of luck, the counter had NO QUEUE when I got my double choc Cornetto.  Except for three Cumbo guys, who kept buying packets of Kettle chips ==  They kept taking armfuls of packets, and running back for more.

Got home happy as I ate my icecream on the way.  Except it dripped on my shoe.




i was tempted to quote a taylor swift song, but i’ll refrain/ EASTER SHOW!!!

by bezzle

today was my birthday.  i don’t feel any different from being fourteen, and i keep forgetting.  HAHAHA i feel young XD  thanks to all birthday wishes!

although matt did comment on the irony of my birthday on senior day at the easter show.

so i went to the easter show today, along with carmen, albert, richard, emery, geoffrey and matt.  daniel was supposed to come, but don’t know what happened to him. [ARGH MY ‘B’ KEY IS STUCKKKKK]

as i was walking to the bus stop, i saw emery on a bus, and i think we both looked confused.

got there, and carmen and i finally realised what the overflow was.  that waterfall thing.  BECAUSE IT OVERFLOWS!

(yeah we’re slow.  shhhhh)

all four guys (matt was late) were wearing black, and looking very gangster.  carmen tried to take a photo as they all walked in a line, but noooo geoffrey wouldn’t… bummed around, then went to the MJ tribute show, which i think was meant to be for seniors, but meh.

and it involved an old woman called joy in sparkles [her name was joy], and lots of awesome dancers doing routines to songs.  they were mostly in sync and looked very good.  YES ONE OF THE DUDES LOOKED LIKE KURT FROM GLEE AT A DISTANCE [YES CARMEN NOTICED IT FIRST.].  and then when we were going joy was telling us not to ditch her and i felt a bit sad.

woolworths fresh food dome?  nothing happened the first time we went in, except for albert and richard trying the 10++ chilli.  albert ended up finishing his entire bottle of water and richard had to buy a $6 dollar ice cream cone >:D and the icecream lady said “you look like you’ve been eating chilli, your nose is red” HAHAHAHA

managed to dog matt, albert and emery, who managed to dog matt ALBERT.  we made our way to the main arena to watch the hilux stunt drivers, who i thought were pretty talented, but that didn’t manage to stop me from yawning.  then the bmx freestylers, one of whom mentioned facebook, and matt cringed.  but they seemed to defy gravity, and there was this girl near us who went “AHHHHHHH” every time they did a jump.  and then robosaurus!

who also seemed to make me tired.  I MEAN HE DIDN’T EVEN EAT THE CAR, JUST CRUNCHED IT.  but the hosts were funny – “MAYBE IF WE PUT ON A SAFETY VEST, IT’LL BE SAFER…THERE WE GO, SAFE AS HOUSES”.  and he wouldn’t roast anything until the end. 

we looked at those tacky t-shirts with stuff like i’m a #%%#$ing ray of sunshine, i have a PhD, people tell me i’m like a god, too bad it’s buddha, etc.  you know, those shirts.  i can’t remember them all, they’re better with pictures.  oh and the moove and dare people with this big jet pack full of milk!  they’re cool.

then went on rides!!  albert, matt and emery split off from us again, so geoffrey, carmen, richard and i went on the ferris wheel, which i think was the best value at the easter show because we went round about six times.  it was a good view of a yucky looking swamp and midgety people and an awesome looking rollercoaster that went 90 degrees and loop the loop.  it was cold up there.  and windy.  goosebumps.

and carmen wouldn’t go on the haunted house one, and we didn’t really want to anyway, so spent the rest on dodgem cars!

i opted for the passenger seat, as did carmen, because i suck epicly at bumper cars.  except for this one time when i gave my dad a bruise on the knee.  anyway, geoffrey, you’re very pro at driving :)

met the 10k people at the outside band place but no one was listening to them anyway.  we left soon after to go see diving pigs, and albert was telling richard to go get alice’s friend’s email XD and cue general guy teasing/shipping. 

the queue to watch the diving pigs was humongous, so carmen, emery and i left to catch the bus home.  i saw a leopard-print nanny trolley bag.

good job to all that read up to here!  i think i should type with the first letter of each sentence capitalised as it’s easier to read, but i’m rebelling against letters i think are useless except for emphasis.

the only thing i know that happened on my birthday is that teflon was discovered.

happy birthday ray!


~ almonds2 edits ~

which taylor swift song, bezzle?

and i still think ‘the overflow’ is a stupid name.

yes, i shall soon upload a photo of the guys minus geoffrey looking gangster. unless i decide the richard-only photo is more gangster >:]

bezzle has a weird obsession with that woman ‘joy’. she reminded me of dame edna minus the glasses. and the dancers were NOT in sync, and were hideous in fluro orange and pink costumes, altho their black and white gloves were doubly cool :] AND I NOTICED THE KURT GUY FIRST!!!

its blurry coz they were all dancing so fast… doesnt he look a little like kurt?!?!

tut tut, we dogged matt, albert and emery, and they dogged ALBERT, who apparently was being a cheap asian and kept being surprised at $3, $4 and $5 things.

the stunts were boring. i was not wowed. the motorcross was o-k, but the hilux stunt ppls werent very stunning. they managed to drive backwards in a line with less than a metre between them, for a lot of the show. woohoo.

the robosaurus!!!!

LOL the ferris wheel xD we chose the rickety old one, coz it seemed more… scary. plus, it went faster, and cost one coupon less :P great photo opportunites once up there in the air, but nooooo, u guys wouldn’t smile. bezzle: “nobody smiles when u tell them to smile for a photo. duh..” me: “DONT SMILE” richard cracks up. *click*

*ahem* i wouldn’t go into haunted house, coz we only had enough coupons for um, 2 of us? i am NOT going on a ride alone with richard. plus, it’ll be a let-down for him, since i dont scream like chewbie or alex do. but somehow, i ended up in a dodgem car with him. ahhhh…. and i didnt ‘opt’ for the passenger seat. just that both the guys wanted to drive, and we only had enough for 2 cars ==” but mehh. an experience ill NEVER forget xD

K PEOPLES!!! that bit was awesome :] so we joined them for a little bit and swapped stories. the guys were playing with fake weapons which still looked pretty dangerous to me, while the girls were just… talking and stoning xD  i forgot to take a photo at this point =(

nooooooooo missed the diving pigs again. at least ive seen them years b4, but poor bezzle *patpat* not to worry, we have yr 12 x)


darn, doesnt that font get any bigger? i forgot how to do it… bezzle, pls fix it for me x)

and btw, im sure u’ll love ur prezzie x)\


~ bezzle edits~

ahahaha we shall just have a conversation here.

duh, fifteen.

underneath the buttons for bold and italics and stuff there’s something that says paragraph, yeah?  click the down arrow and there are different ‘headings’.  the size is a bit different when you publish it though.

no, joy was awesome >:D


~ almonds2 edits ~

where?! there’s bold and italics etc, but underneath is this box, where im typing stuff… weird. darn it bez, just make it bigger ==” and it sucks how we cant have multiple authors on one post

and i cant believe we forgot to mention the geese!!!! they were the cutest, most-adorable-est, silliest little gooseys ever


by bezzle

this week has been quite uneventful, but in a reassuring sort of way.

the loudest people (no offence, it’s in a nice, not-in-your-face kind of way) were away at a camp thingamabob for three days, so the class was a bit more empty too.

thursday was quite funny, as our science teacher attempted to get our class to shut up (haha nice try) to get a low reading on the decibel-measure-o-meter, and we didn’t get below 42dB, and the loudest remaining dudes in our class made noises at the decibel-measure-o-meter and it apparently measured 122dB, and then broke.  and 120dB is the threshold of pain.

today was bludgy, managed to play big two with ben, carmen and geoffrey during a maths double!  during PE we watered trees and our teacher said people were stealing trees.  o.O WHY WOULD SOMEBODY BOTHER DOING THAT???  prickly stuff kept on getting stuck in my socks, and then we had ‘free time’ and so carmen and i played badminton under the sails, then moved onto the road, where i generally will not go on as THERE ARE CARS! but yeah it got fail so we went back into the storeroom and i saw pooper scoopers and it turns out they’re actually lacrosse sticks.  oh.

double history, watched a movie called hitler: the rise of evil.  it was good, compared to other history movies i have unfortunately have seen in my life. 

i like basketballs.

i’m listing to the radio right now and the hosts are trying to get bert newton to DJ.

i’m feeling whimsical, so here are some drool-y pictures:


i don’t watch australian idol, because it’s so overrated but no one rates it anymore, if that makes sense, but i like this song:

and this is for ben.  the song tik tok, which i have previously mentioned but never found out how to embed videos:

and the song fireflies, about insomnia (very relatable, i must say…) it’s awesome, and the video clip is cool – there’s a moving model of brum!

heehee more videos to come!

word of the day/week/a long time to come: wampee

wampee.noun. a chinese fruit tree species that my dad has bought two of and planted in the backyard.  should be spelt wongpai to correct pronunciation, as most people unfortunately unaware of the cantonese name call it by exactly how it looks like.  which is why it is the word of the day/week.


by bezzle

history we studied ag and matt came up with a good/lame/awful joke:

victor: [testing us] what are some uses of corn?

matt: to make corny jokes!

chorus: ahhggg!

commerce was bludgy as we had a sub teacher and she told us to do work or sleep.  talked about parental profanity while driving and language, blogs, horror siblings, veins (oh my gosh johnny has veins that spell out his initials, one on each hand!!) and the guys started comparing their fitness (why??).

nothing really happened today, had one period of english quiet studying which i did not need as i can’t study in dead silence and by myself.  made lists with cloud and carmen instead on paper.

top 10 icecream flavours:

1. vanilla

2. mint choc

3. cookies and cream

4. lemon sorbet

5. banana

6. triple choc

7. mango

8. raspberry split

9. coffee

10. neapolitan

top 10 confectionery:

1. toblerone!

2. strawberry clouds

3. ferrero rocher

4. rondnoir.  yay cockroach poo!

5. lindt truffles

6. bueno

7. gummi worms

8. aero

9. nerds

10. sour straps

then talked heaps with carmen, cloud and sydo about unicycles, flying, handstands, vertical slides and friction burns, popping kneecaps, all sorts of random stuff fun! (edit by almonds2~ i had a suicidal thought…bout jumping off the library balcony bit, coz i felt like flying…)

after sport, took a walk, sat down and made a very disturbing story.  sydo scared us by telling us with something about the hygienity (is that a word?) of the toilet seats at school…  played big two.

my spelling’s shot to bits. 

weels weels weels.

wait, why did i edit this again?  right.

i realised that ‘almonds2’ can be read as ‘almond<3’.  right. 

fifteenth day

by bezzle

have just finished eating a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles.  tried looking for a picture on google, but they come nothing close to the simplicity.  i have concluded that:

– vanilla is one of the best flavours of icecream

– the red coloured sprinkles last the longest

– it is depressing when the colour melts away and you get the murky red grey colour

went to the airport to pick up mum and brother this morning.  we went in through this entrance right outside maccas and dad said he wanted ‘breakfast’ even though he had already had some.  but it just passed 10:30, so no hashbrowns and coffee!

sat down outside the gate and waited for mum and brother, watched other people.  among others there was a guy with a bunch of red roses (for his girlfriend?).  aww.

welcome back!  house seems a lot less empty now, thank goodness, and me less lonely.  or my posts might have gotten more nonsensical.  [such a pretty word though.  it looks, fun?  like whimsical.]

ack i keep on adding stuff to this post.  so, went to yum cha at ‘mr chao’s’ and waited for one hour and watched more people.  i saw the trolley with the mango pudding and white chickens’ feet (love them) but when we were eating it wasn’t there anymore so i couldn’t order it.  and then, when i was leaving the trolley came back out.  grr.

trying to do my commerce project i just rediscovered two days ago.

i came within two rounds of winning a game of risk!  i think it was mainly because i got the whole of south america by default at the beginning though.

i can’t remember what i was going to talk about now.  it’s niggling at me.  argh!!!  or maybe there was nothing in the first place, and i’m imagining there is.  argh!!!

i don’t think this was it, but whatever.  for those who watch the chinese kung fu dramas with flying moves and mystical poisons and killer swords and stuff ( i love them!) you might get this.  anyway, the antidote to the ‘deadly’ poisons always looks like a malteser.

wait, there was something!  i can remember it now!  we were driving home after going to my best friend’s house (tap tap!) and we were listening to mix 106.5 (do not listen people.  you will find out why.) and dad pulls over to refill the petrol tank.  when he finishes and turns the car back on, guess what song the radio is in the middle of?  that’s right…

…the song i did my hiphop routine to.  i am serious.  it’s an old song, too.  trust it to come on that radio station.  so, i was gnashing, chattering my teeth and trying to block it out.  it was terrible because the radio is turned up very loud.  pity because it is actually a good song.  but i can’t listen to it anymore.