“The Company”

The inspiration for the blog title comes from a nonsense poem written for English: The Sad Tale of Mr McGee.


there’s one word that fits u perfectly –


oops, that’s two.

ur completely random at times, but everyone i know thinks of u as the coolest person (besides me :P) around!!! :D ur also HEAPS unique and ty for being such a great friend ^_^ ty for letting me tag along with watever ur doing, and for bashing up the guys sticking up for us girls when guys annoy us x)

the thing i love about u is that ur never afraid to speak out and show ur opinions :]

and of course, i love ur hair… so smooooth. plus u always smell so nice x) hehehehee

claudia, been in your class for six years now.  i still don’t know all about you, but you’re so chill.  you aren’t afraid of anyone, and are always there to tell us (in particular me!) when we’re being crazier than normal, unless of course you’re joining in XD  i can’t even begin to describe you, because only ‘awesome’ comes up.  your love of aesthetics is cool.

Half the time you’re quiet and in a second you become so random and passionate about things. Never stop drawing and designing. we might have a future fashion designer here! Cloud, the thing I like best about you is your love of manga. We both love shoujo and romance manga. Kyaah! Moe!


1. a female given name: from a Roman family name meaning “lame.”
2. original, stylish, appreciates beauty, unique, special.
3. sometimes klutzy, does silly things *like turn the heater on too high at night and wake up the next morning with a fever*, but always manages to overcome her obstacles and is a funny fun person to laugh at with :)
4. responsible, reliable, a leader behind-the-scenes. Knowledgeable, wise and gives up explaining things to people if it seems that they’re not inclined to understand or agree. Accepting and open-minded.
5. TBC…


BEZ!! yeah k, bezzle.

ur one of the wittiest ppl i know. also one of the most sarcastic, but ur frequent lame jokes are totally hilarious. ur funniest when ur mad. hehehhee

ur also very straightforward, and u know absolutely EVERYTHING!!! it’s crazy.

and ur ability to get along so well with bubbles also amazes me…

whenever i hang out with u, i laugh so much that my stomach and my cheeks hurt >.< but yeah – no pain no gain xD

my world would be srsly boring without u

Your lame jokes are the greatest. I’m using some too! You’re rubbing off on me. Noooooooo! But the joke’s on you, you’re starting to become like me. Welcome to the Dark Side. I’m rubbing off on you! MUAHAHAHAHAA!

Why do we fight and argue so much? Why can’t we all just get along?  My school life would never be the same without you.

bezzle’s stats

  • knowledge of random facts: 40938
  • sarcasm: 680
  • lame:2046
  • entertainment rating when raging: 10/10
  • bookworm: 54390
  • fringe: 309
  • dirty girl: 48209 8D 8D [what the hell?!] [hehehe, i like (Y)]
  • affinities:
    • ben zhu: entertaining +22078 laughing +39587
    • victor yang: cute +2794 entertaining +50 bashful +18


carmen, carmen, carmen.  i am infinitely grateful that you were called that, and not [removed by administrator].  always tactful, and logical when i need it.  you are amiable to everyone and downright funny, although sometimes you don’t realise it.  and yes, one day i will think of a good nickname for you

C.c. You’re the glue that holds us together. We wouldn’t all be friends without you. C2 could be an awesome nickname. Well Almonds, I don’t know what else to say. You’re the greatest!

carmen’s stats

  • gossip: 48003
  • nicknamelessness: 377
  • nickname-inventing: 47590
  • is-a-car-ness: 28910
  • supportive friend: 80790
  • i-heart-sydney: 50009
  • annoyed-by-hair: 300…THIS IS SPARTA
  • affinities:
    • ben zhu: pissed off +38 gossip +3984
    • geoffrey: super gliu +819 alliance-against-ben +32 [im reeli not as against ben as you all think i am >.> great, that means i have to act nicer to him == ] [no you’re wrong xD bezzle has taken over in this race ~][what race?]


sup! i aint gonna go around calling u ‘lavenderbluf’, so im just gonna say bubbles on this.

even though a lot of ppl find u heaps annoying, i dont think you are. you just get reeli excited when you’re talking about stuff, and you like to exaggerate a little… but it’s been pretty fun being ur friend and watching the arguments between u and bezzle is HILARIOUS. u guys never seem to stop talking xD and its funny when u start ‘giggling’ like crazy with bezzle, coz that means we’ll all prob start laughing too hahaha

geronimo suits you perfectly.  i don’t know why either.  we are such similar people, despite your gender, lack of morals and random movie trivia.  you never cease to amuse me. you are such a polarising person, but you really are a softie at heart :)

bubble’s stats

  • funny-nicknameness: 89028
  • height: 20
  • youtube-posting: 60980
  • spiky hair: 299
  • knowledge of American TV shows/movies: 70819
  • entertaining: 62145
  • anime/manga addiction: 75490
  • hypochondria: 92810
  • affinities:
    • bezzle: entertaining +22047 laughing +39280
    • car: predictions-on-love-lives +332017 annoying +20 stolen-text-colour +180298
    • cloud: maitre-‘d +3309 [THANK YOU BEN.]



u are the HIGH-est friend i have. no joking. u continually amaze me by ur never-ending hyper-ness and ur beautiful smiles :] i love it when we start singing random songs and skipping together (with cloud too) x)

ohh, and ur uber nice to everyone :P

ty for being that happy sunbeam in the fog :]

sydo, you radiate sunshine. (but you aren’t the sun.)  you are always so enthusiastic about everything, it’s infectious.  you are willing and brave enough to try anything, and always there to laugh with.

Someone needs to cut you off from any more sugar, Honey.

squido’s stats

  • musical awesomeness: 80915
  • highness: 78500
  • random: 398
  • enthusiasm: 60982
  • interesting love-life-ness: 20981 ;D ;D
  • entertaining laugh: 20984
  • pandaness: 289
  • affinities:
    • ben zhu: yog-hurt +79480
    • cloudier: badge +3908 loves sydney +2384 panda-kinship +498

the Company

i srsly love u all!! not in the lovey-dovey way, mind u >.>

but whenever i hang around u guys, i ALWAYS have a good time, even if we dont have a crazy laughing session or watever. i feel ‘real’ when im around u ppls (and Geoff… why isnt Glue on this blog?!?!?) and i dont feel like i have to be smiling all the time. i can be just me :]

hi all!  i love how you’re all there to shoot looks at me when i’ve gone off my meds.  in the end, you guys do care about me (and my mental health).  you guys make me happy :’)

  • glue -39822
  • happy 2309105
  • high 56049
  • punny 60879
  • school: interesting +178029382
  • disclaimer: arbitrariness of stats +5890809

Hi y’all. You peeps are the best at controlling my psycho sadistic side (or at least giving me a punching bag to work out on. *cough cough* Bezz Lightyear). I really hope we can be friends even after school and when we’re all in uni (probably in the same one).