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Month: August, 2009


by cloudier

(i) awesome-phrase o’the day: ohyes.

add a ~ tildy or a ! exclamation mark for extra sluttyness.

(ii) Fontplore

shower me with love, its an embedded video!

Fontplore Showreel from Mphasize on Vimeo.

(iii) Punctuation – Wikipedia

and check out that sidebar on the right. so much useless information~

(iv) loving radiohead. apparently experimental/alternative

picks from in rainbows:

  • weird fishes/arpeggi
  • videotape
  • 15 step
  • nude
  • faust ARP

don’t forget to listen to no surprises – OK computer. and, if its not too much of a bother, tell me if the rest of the album is good.


waffle, rambling, baloney, etc.

by bezzle

seen on a packet of peanuts: ‘may contain peanuts’.  well duh.

was absolutely excruciating waiting for my VERY VERY slow internet to load.  arghh!!  especially because i had to fill in the last book for the premier’s reading challenge.  which no one our age or just below seem to do anyway.  but every week in the newspapers there’s always pictures of smiling kids with stacks of books around them.

i have no idea what it’s like at other high schools, but our’s values senior priority very much.  tried to use the drama room for hiphop, and ended up sharing after kicking year 12s out.  cue dirty looks.  and it wasn’t like we managed to do much. 

someone should do a comprehensive study on high school students.  they’re like a metaphor for society in general. 

oops, been doing too much deep thinking today. 

right now, reading jodi picoult books.  she’s a great author and soooo deep.  everyone knows her now, because my sister’s keeper is now a movie.  [is it still showing?]  tv?  watching this hong kong show about snooker.  yes, snooker.  quite brainless, but entertaining stuff.  tv does that to most people’s tastes.

which led me to pool.  i used to play pool, and now i can’t remember how.  something about don’t hit the black 8 ball unless it’s last.

my favourite thing right now is PVA glue.  that stuff is awesome.  or maybe superglue.

reminder: need to fix broken compass.  find superglue!


by car.

School was chaotic. Found out in the morning we had a geo test ==’ Then in com, the teacher had a pile of neat, stapled papers, and everyone panicked.

“sir, you sed the com test was on friday!!!”

“we didn’t study!!”

“see, i told u it was today, ppls!”

“oh nononono!! ARGH!!!”


then the teacher just smiled and told us to take out a pen, and started putting the paper face down in front of us. when he got through about half the class, somebody shouted “HEY IT’S A WORKSHEET!!!”


==’ he fully enjoyed that.


Right, predictions. Uh huh. What’s wif everyone and predicting things?? So I was sitting in maths, bored to death and buried under tons of maths sheets that we had to do. Becca was bludging and chatting like always, and then alex says to me “omgosh, im gonna have a nosebleed!! i can feel it…now my nose is blocked and i cant breathe!!…” 2 minutes later “ARGH!!  im gonna have a nosebleed. is my nose bleeding yet?? i cant breathe.” repeats monologue till end of period.


then english. ben predicts a WHOLE lot of random stuff. well, not completely random. he was predicting future relationships. it was quite amusing actually. now i can say i know cloudier when she gets rich ;]


deutsch double. one pd spent on listening tests…!! and another marking. DUDEE. mitdemFlugzeugmitdemStrassenbahnohwaitimeantmitderStrassenbahn



catchy & very awesome song: How Much by Mandisa

“Take the depths of the deepest ocean and go deeper
  Take the top of the tallest tower and go higher
  Take the best day that you’ve ever had
  Try to imagine better than that…”


by cloudier

(i) sushi clock

Sushi Clock

"It's twenty past egg."

(ii) framed clock

ink flourish clock

ink flourish clock

(iii) more clocks

mystic wall clock

corona wall clock, mystic wall clock, grandfather clock

(iv) sexy concept phone

Nokia Aeon - concept phone

Nokia Aeon - concept phone

(v) clocks. so much room for innovation. i like the qclocktwo (see previous post) alot more than these ones, because you don’t have to think to read the qclocktwo.

(vi) phones.

  1. touch phones are very sexy in general, although some of them are quite bulky.
  2. flip phone are also very attractive, but the flipping is inconvenient.
  3. candybar phone are in general, comparatively ugly. i’m not saying that candybar phones are ugly, its just that when you put a E51 next to, say, an iphone, the more attractive one would definitely be the iphone.
  4. swivel phones are very skinny.

(vii) listening to:

  1. circle – vision creation newsun – ボアダムス (boredoms, V∞redoms)
  2. in rainbows – radiohead


by car.

such a boring day.


1. went to hornsby girls  multicultural fair coz my sis wanted to go. so while she was there, i went shopping at westfield and bought material for the ag model. and nicked cardboard boxes from aldi ;]

i luv ALDI =P


2. ate at maccas. DUDE, guess who i saw at maccas?? ANDY KONG. okok, this is only for primary ppls and those who know him (ie. dopey). he recognized me, even tho i think i look different from primary =/ STILL. weird.


3. played badminton and nintendo DSi. yay.


4. now blogging. and attempting to do ag. GAH. i think i need more wire…

see? there reeli isnt much to talk about today.