good things come when you wave

by bezzle

there was originally a lot of stuff here, but i deleted it all because i can’t do drafts.

i know today’s sunday, but bear with me, okay?

first day of school:

– stupid extra two minutes of school in the morning.  messed up my schedule, ended up just in time for assembly.  felt guilty as first thing principal says is ‘don’t be late next week’  NOTE TO THAT PARENT WHO DROPPED OFF THEIR KID IN THE MIDDLE OF A TURN ON A ROUNDABOUT – NOT ONLY IS IT EXTREMELY LIKELY THAT IT IS ILLEGAL, BUT VERY ANNOYING FOR THE PERSON RUNNING LATE BEHIND YOU.

– i half like/dislike seeing everyone again on the first day.  it’s interesting seeing how people look different (was my tan really that obvious??) and the feeling of familiarity.  very bludgy day.

– yes!  everybody in our year 9 class in our year 10 class, but no newbies.  oh well.  sydo is now in our class!  yayayayay!

– speaking of newbies, annie (from primary school) is now at our school.

– little homework.  only got three questions for maths homework!


– chewbie, sydo, ben and geoffrey walking to my usual bus stop.

random things i have thought of/agonised over these past few days:

– why is there a magnet stuck on the ceiling of the verandah?

– whether i should rule my margins starting at the top of the page or at the top of the lines

i guess i’m not in a paragraph sort of mood.  it’s much easier listing, to me.

why did my dad label MY CALCULATOR???? 

oh yeah, that’s right.  it’s my life.
to be honest, i’m getting sick of jokes about the students at our school, and some of them are made up by us ourselves.  they aren’t really true or funny. 


if it’s a monday, you’ve gotten your uniform out of the folded clothes hamper and it’s covered with dust and the dust brush happens to be missing, your mum’s old stockings work very well in lieu.