Whole New Look

by car.

Haven’t reeli blogged in a while….ok….

dienstag ~ got braces taken off – they dont feel as slimy as everyone says. and got a haircut. so now i have a bit of a side fringe and shoulder length hair. O_O very long day that was.


mittwoch ~ um….wat did i do?! i think i just bummed around the house…and played comp/wii games. ohh, i went to dinner at this awesome place in belmore. oh wow, i dont even know wat its called, but i remember its address?! weird. *looks up place on google*

AHA! ok, its the Canterbury Leagues Club (wow) and we ate at the Dynasty (chinese restuarant). the architecture is amazing. i cant even find a proper picture of it, and it’ll prob not do the place any justice, so u’ll have to go there to see it. arghh!!!  oh, and the food was ok.


donnerstag ~ the big day. uh huh, 5 hours of window/prezzie shopping at parra. so yeah cloud, me and becca got u a prezzie (suggestion = dont open at skool) (its nothing bad, ppls, just something tooooo good) ;] 

so yeah, after we got cloud her prezzie, we went to sportsgirl coz vase had to use her voucher….a year old voucher o.O but like chewbey (becca) sed, wat can u get at sportsgirl that vase would wear?? and thats not big and poofy. i swear, heaps of clothes there poof out at the sleeves or the waist, then is skinny at the end agn – u know that type?? well, we came back later coz vase couldn’t figure out wat to buy, and we took piccies of us in different hats/ funky headbands. then the lady told us we weren’t allowed to take piccies. hmmm. and she kept advertising the 15% sale that was on ‘today only!!! we rarely have these sales, so yeah!!’

in between those two trips to sportsgirl, we walked all along that level, and basically walking into any store that had dresses. we catergorized these dresses yeah? the ‘nice soft silky’ ones, the ‘omg wat is that?!’ ones, the ‘OMG WOWEEE’ ones,  the ‘look at the price tags’ ones, the ‘slutty’ ones, and the ones that made u wanna twirl around in summer in the middle of a meadow. so we oooh-ed and ahhh-ed and made chewbey model a lot of them…well, she has the best body ==’  wanted to take those dressing room piccies (==’) of us three, but then somebody (ahem VASE) wouldn’t come out wearing any of the dresses coz she sed she looked hideous in them. we’re NOT going formal dress shopping with u >=( 

hehee jokes ^^ and oh yeah, we pretended we were actually going formal dress shopping, and dont u find it annoying when those sales ladies comes up to u and ask you ‘how are you’ & ‘do you need help’  ?!?! so we just go ‘we’re good’ & ‘just looking’  ARGH. too much customer-service-ing is a bad thing.