Short termbreak much.

by car.

uh huh. the title says it all. second week already, like bezzle mentioned. didn’t even feel the first week pass. >=(

alex’s bday party yesterday…uhm. her bday was a couple of weeks ago?? heh heh. singstar O_O yeah, not my thing. but it was fun =) omgosh, luv ur cozzies, mexican lea & nerdy shaz & granny-looking lj & slutty skool girls ahem i meant rach and becca & vase’s harry potter drawn-on glasses ;) *high5* to the rest of us looking normal xDDD ohhh and fairy alex.

omgosh alex’s sister is so pretty. =O and her guy friend/bf?? i dunno…he’s funny.

didnt do much else cept have dinner at friend’s house… yeah…

ohohoh, so proud of myself for finishing maths and updating half my ag book… (i was stuck in washington navel b4…) =) happy happy happy

i think this is the first termbreak that i will actually start making notes for yrlies and tests coming up o.O ahhhh, so proud.