New Moon

by car.

went to watch New Moon after skool today, coz it’s carbon kids week…no hw basically


third consecutive school day sitting in the lecture theatre doing nothing. well, trying very hard to listen and take it in. i know global warming and climate change is a big deal, but…you just cant force somebody to be interested in it. numbers after numbers of statistics, countless programming/engineering/technology recounts. i woke up at 8:15am this morning (pretty late…), and i couldn’t refrain from yawning all through the day. wat a shame it was raining… measuring trees is better than being stuck in the lecture theatre agn! i think i might start counting the number of bricks in there next… *FOCUS!!!*


so eight of us went to watch New Moon. you shoulda gone bezzle, coz there were sooooo many bad puns in there, like “well, now the wolf’s out of the bag!” and “i’ll be back, after you take the dog out” i shoulda sat next to chewbey, who was commentating through-out the whole thing. it was worth the $8 just to go and see/diss it together xD anyhoo, me and squid were also doing our own commentating…syd: “omgosh, they all have chin dimples!!” me: “stop staring at their chins!!” | me: “hey, jacob’s got a winnie the pooh nose!” syd: O_O ” why are the wolves topless? gee, put on a shirt…” me: “they’re supposed to be like that… *long explanation*” syd: “ohhhh, right. but still!!”

there were heaps of other stuff and comments that was passed around. we agreed that vampires generally have a good sense of fashion, but hey, why do they always wear a scarf?!?! *ahem @ carlisle and alice*  the suspense almost kills you, in the way that it’s PAST the good suspense length…they basically slow-mo everything… oh, and at one stage, syd sed to me “ewww, edward has chest hair!!” and i sed to has, “edward has chest hair!! gross!!” and then has passed it to becca, becca to rach…. etc, until the whole row was going “gross!!!” and then there’s a scene at the end where edward is topless… GROSS OMGOSH YUCK. arghhhh, my eyes!!! and jacob’s shoulder muscles looked weird =/ and no, im not obsessed with their abs/flabs, unlike some ppl further down the row….=P


ahhhh, you guys should go watch it. for entertainment, dissing it, the guys, the romance, the mega lame lines, or simply the pure enjoyment. (Y)