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a quick post

by bezzle

Hi I am making a quick post about uni life so far

Commerce is sucking my soul and turning it into ideas of efficiency, retained profit and successful workplace management, or rather it would if I was a good student that did their homework and went/paid attention to all their lectures.

Trying to dodge seeing people I know in uni (obviously not all of you)

Chilling and catching up with people I do know uni really mellows people out hmm

Eating weird things because I am a penniless student

Catching buses to places I’ve never been in my breaks

My Tuesdays are great

Occasionally dropping in on people at USyd can I just be jealous that you are within walking distance of one or more train stations

Missing people

My opshopping affection is now getting dangerous each time is a poor financial decision today especially

I will never wear what I buy the universe has made this rule

Pretty acrylic sweaters make me cry tears and blood


solidarity forever

by bezzle

On Wednesday, I joined my first protest: the National Day of Action against university fee increases, course cuts and deregulation.

The UNSW people were going to meet at 12pm to join the contingents from other universities outside UTS, so they were going to drive there.  They were one seat short, so one sweet second-year guy called Matt offered to catch the bus with me.  Matt had made a sign for the protest, and we carried it around with us on the trip there.  It was really heartwarming to see strangers who would stop us – as we walked through Central a CityRail worker told us he supported our cause and mentioned that he went to uni, there was a guy who stopped us near the top of the escalator to take a photo of the board ‘as part of his society and youth project’ – it was a pleasant surprise.

So we walked to the outside of the UTS main building and waited for the USyd group which came marching down Broadway (as in actually on the road where all the vehicles drive), speeches happened (Lee Rhiannon gave a speech!) and then off we went, down the same route to USyd.

We passed a construction site, and we waved to the workers there who cheered back; some people who would drive by would honk their horns or cheer in support which was awesome.

There were a bit more shenanigans, and lots more police, but the protest ended well, and Xink and I left at around 3pm and I managed to score a free sausage sandwich as well.

It was really exciting, and it’s hard to put into words the atmosphere of a protest; it’s something I encourage you all to try one day!


bad habit

by cloudier

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on shutting up

by bezzle

Today some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to our door and carried out a conversation with my mum.  It was, as expected, evangelical in nature.

My mum was quite amiable to them, and they weren’t aggressively pushing her to ‘sign up’ or whatever the correct term is.  It was quite chilling for me to overhear the whole conversation though.

(On a sidenote, they pulled the whole ‘nationality’ card again.  I doubt saying ‘Jehovah’ in Mandarin means much to most Chinese-speaking people, especially those who aren’t Christian at all.)

I generally abstain from talking about any religion at all, but the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ visit to our house just then has unnerved me quite a bit and I thought I might as well blog about it.

Going to O Week, I think everyone’s at least walked past the large variety of various Christian stalls.  I’ve been…well, I wouldn’t say accosted…approached! That’s the right word.  Approached by people who obviously want to talk about Jesus and why they believe and why I should at least think about it.  (The other religious stalls, if any, have yet to talk to me.  Many thanks.)  Each time I’ve been noncommittal but firm enough to reject their offers, but I guess all this Christianity overload in one week is making me think about things.

Firstly, I don’t really like talking about religion, or more specifically whether God exists (THERE ARE RELIGIONS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE ‘GOD’) and the same tired old topics for several reasons.  None of which I have thought about distinctly, but I’ll try to verbalise a few neatly here.

Absolutes: Debates about religion involve things like God either exists or doesn’t (Schrodinger, anyone?) and other absolute statements that quite frankly are unresolvable.  One either has to believe, or totally reject the idea.  I’m partial enough to be firmly on the side of God/gods not existing, but if God/gods exists for you, I’m not going to do anything about it.

Evangelists: I understand, evangelists are rarely the sum total of a religion, but if you try to convert me because your religion tells you so, I am further unable to agree with your views.  Your religion sounds suspiciously like a pyramid scheme.

Beliefs: when people disagree about religions, they are disagreeing with what is quite often an important part of people’s livelihoods.  I may not believe in your god(s), but I am not going to insult your intelligence, disrespect your religious texts or continually attempt to discredit the spiritual beings you believe exist.  And likewise, you should not attempt to convert me or assail me with reasons as to why I should believe.

(Call me out if I ever do this stuff.  I get the feeling I’d snap if I came across a Scientologist or something.)

questionable plastic objects

by bezzle

WordPress image editting is the worst (it said it saved my crop!  And then the image reverts back to the original!) so here is the original screenshot: