a quick post

by bezzle

Hi I am making a quick post about uni life so far

Commerce is sucking my soul and turning it into ideas of efficiency, retained profit and successful workplace management, or rather it would if I was a good student that did their homework and went/paid attention to all their lectures.

Trying to dodge seeing people I know in uni (obviously not all of you)

Chilling and catching up with people I do know uni really mellows people out hmm

Eating weird things because I am a penniless student

Catching buses to places I’ve never been in my breaks

My Tuesdays are great

Occasionally dropping in on people at USyd can I just be jealous that you are within walking distance of one or more train stations

Missing people

My opshopping affection is now getting dangerous each time is a poor financial decision today especially

I will never wear what I buy the universe has made this rule

Pretty acrylic sweaters make me cry tears and blood