she’ll be apples

by bezzle

Big congratulations to everyone!

I slept in this morning and momentarily forgot that HSC results came out today.  Spent the morning agonising over whether to dash it all to hell and check today, or wait for the ATAR tomorrow.  I was sitting in front of the computer deciding when my best friend’s mum called and excitedly wanted to compare, so I swallowed my fears and went on the Board of Studies website.

There were no nasty shocks for me, just a few letdowns and one or two pleasant surprises.

Also, thank goodness for positive rounding to the nearest number which has saved my bacon multiple times.

Well done RUSE12 who topped the state overall (and in maths AND english) in number of top band achievements!

Shelley is amazing, and bonus Daniel Guo and Jia Lu.  Both of them don’t seem to have changed since primary school :’) but I must admit I cracked up when Jia Lu came up on the screen.  Good job you guys /all the congratulations and applause